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oh clare

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oh clare
  • The Bates Donna Clara
    "In einer daemmrigen Diele tanzt die Spanierin jede Nacht. In diesem edlen Profile ist die Saharet neu erwacht. Und ein Geniesser aus Posen, er schickt ihr taeglich 'nen Strauss roter Rosen, denn er hat"
  • Donovan Clara Clairvoyant
    "Clara Clairvoyant Consultation 10 to 4 In the shadows Leave skepticism at the door Oh oh oh rap tap table tap Have you anyone to talk to Not quite living on the other side, contact Clara Clairvoyant"
  • Fairground Attraction Clare
    "My baby's love is called Clare Serpentine seductress, I can't compare My baby's love is merciless to me Wailing like a hussy and laughing drunkenly And over the rooftops when the stars prickle the skies London"
  • Annihilator Clare
    "Time keeps on ticking away Another day in disease I'm looking for someone special Crawling on my hands and my knees Somebody turn the lights on I can't breathe the air Won't someone help me find my Little"
  • Alexia Claro De Luna
  • Rudimental Not Giving In (ft. John Newman & Alex Clare)
    "Lost my heart And lost my soul Now it's time Baby, oh no Lost my mind And lost my goal Oh, not giving in I'm not giving in Not giving in Woh, I'm not giving in Ooh ooh, ooh ooh ooh This time,I'm gonna"
  • Suzanne Vega St. Clare
    "call on that saint and the candle that burns keeping her safe until her return plaster and paint holding the fire a poor woman's saint holding all man's desire bold little bird fly away home could I"
  • American Idol (You Make Me Feel Like A) Natural Woman-Kelly Clar
    "Looking out on the morning rain I used to feel uninspired And when I knew I had to face another day Lord, it made me feel so tired Before the day I met you, life was so unkind But your love was the key"
  • Seven Nations From Clare To Here
    "There's four who share this room and we we work hard for the craic Sleeping late on Sundays, well I never get to Mass It's a long way from Clare to here It's a long way from Clare to here It's a long,"
  • Ralph McTell From Clare to Here
    "There's four who share this room as we work hard for the crack And sleeping late on Sundays I never get to Mass It's a long way from Clare to here It's a long way from Clare to here It's a long, long"
  • Nanci Griffith From Clare To Here
    "(Ralph McTell) Four who shared this room and we caught up in the CRAIC Sleeping late on Sundays and we never got to Mass Chorus It's a long way from Clare to here It's a long way from Clare to here It's"
  • Sub Focus Endorphins (Ft. Alex Clare)
    "Every breath I take is heavy with the thought of you The moment I awake I'm chasing signs Never give up, I never give up It's never enough, it's never enough You're not the one that's scared that the sun"
  • Bakermat Living (ft. Alex Clare)
    "Stuck in a rut you can't get out There's too much causing you doubt No cash, no job, no self-esteem Me I'm takin' and I'm givin' If you got a head you should use it Opportunity, don't want to lose it Climb"
  • Clare Maguire The Last Dance
    "Today I feel the mood And I don't feel like talking oh ho a waha I wasn't ready to lose you You're the first man to move me yeah You help me feel alive Got me up from 9 til 5 oh ho a waha I could get through"
  • Alex Clare I Won't Let You Down
    "Just Another Grey Autumn Day You're The Sunshine Trying To Break Through No I Never Imagine That My Path Would Lead To You A Look In Your Eyes As They Met Mine Seem To Say We're The Same In So Many Ways Though"
  • Alex Clare Too Close
    "You know im not one to break promises I dont wanna hurt you but i need to breathe At the end of it all, youre still my best friend But theres something inside that i need to release Which way is right,"
  • Alex Clare Up All Night
    "Wakin’ up in someone else’s bed, Was what I was waitin’ for Oh my days what have I done, She saw me sneaking out the door What have I been waiting for, Been wasting all my time Watchin’ my youth"
  • Alex Clare Caroline
    "Leave your back door open for me and I Put your keys in under the door on time Seems we've been waiting for a long time My delay surely will be a crime You know that we can do anything I know that you"
  • Blood Meridian Oh, Oh, Oh
    "Oh oh oh Well, we're living in a dream no one wants to see oh no no And we're feeling so besieged like a f*cking disease And we're buying all the things take away all the pains ohhhhh Just living every"
  • Maanam Oh!
    "I feel a touch I see an eye Whisper shisper - - my oh my! I hear a sound I won't turn round Stop pushing-pulling me around Oh! Oh! whatcha taking up my time for? Oh! Oh! whatcha kicking up a fuss"

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