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oh my pull on flexion

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oh my pull on flexion

  • Pull - Allrise
    "Better watch your step I'm coming closer Do what you got to do Better take a breath I'm just a friend And you got some boyfriend too It's about that time I'm crossing that line Between her and me Who knows"
  • Pull - Flybanger
    "If I took your mind and slowly replaced it with you what's in my head, you'd see right through lending all your thoughts so touching my fears and beliefs on breaking I'd need some truths Send me down"
  • Pull - Blind Melon
    "Pull you down nowKnees knelt, I got my arms open wideI got the shades turned, so the colors dieNo, don't hold too tight to the reelCause it's a big one boyIts' gonna pull you down nowPull you down nowNo,"
  • Pull - Candiria
    "CHAPTER ONE television the means of worldwide infection a gesture of illicit excursions relentless no sign of the defenses staggering militant advertising raping deep with the gift of persuasion an act"
  • Pull Away - Candlebox
    "Ohhhh Pull Pull away Away from everyone Is there some way out? Somewhere you can go? Oh no no no We don't have the answers, sailed a thousand years, that's on your own Is there one thin resolution? Are"
  • Pull up - Tanya Stephens
    "Cama cama cam,Cama cama cam on nowEverybody come on nowCama cama cam Woah, if you ready come on nowYe ye yeah...Da way oh you singin da bath nowMe knw tings a go get a little hot nowLeave me breathless"
  • Oh! - Obie Trice
    "(feat. Busta Rhymes) Yeah, Obie Trice, real name no gimmicks I came in the game, profane no image I came in the game, with a name I was given from a mayn who ain't give a fuck about his child-ren I"
  • Oh - Obie Trice
    "Yeah, Obie Trice, real name no gimmicks I came in the game, profane no image I came in the game, with a name I was given from a mayn who ain't give a fuck about his child-ren I proclaim the name though,"
  • Pull The Break - Astral Doors
    "Came out of speed and I knew that I'd won Turning the steel for the king and his crown Scared from the start, I could never be late Leaving the others for a lonely day You know I never needed love Don't"
  • Pull Me Through - Jim Cuddy
    "There's papers scattered on the lawn, birds up on the line. There's letters left unopened here, that never is the time. There's messages I should return, And people I should call. I'm still tripping"
  • Pull Me In - Kooks
    "I get this feeling sometimes Like theres nothing in the world that isn't mine And I could have it all Maybe I should have it all I'll take you out of your life Just the one sweet night And you could take"
  • My Oh My - Slade
    "(Holder & Lea:) I beleive in woman, my oh my I beleive in lovin', my oh my Don' a women need a man Try and catch one if you can I beleive in woman, my oh my We all need someone to talk to my oh my We"
  • Pull My Finger - Dog Eat Dog
    "If I pull my finger on You Would you pull your trigger? Bang clack clack pop pop How many have to drop before it stops Big man with a trigger What makes him bigger by blasting off a cap But how do you"
  • Pull My Hair - Ying Yang Twins
    "(Girl Talking) Hey You You know you been talkin a lot of shit Whisperin in my ear Makin me feel all hot and bothered and shit Makin a muthafucka horny You say you can fuck Prove it (D-Roc) Look bitch"
  • Pull My Hair - Bright Eyes
    "is the passion all gone? or is it still newly wed? if all this heat is doing is making us stick to the bed then there is no life to revive. but if the hunger is still there, buried somewhere inside covered"
  • Pull My Chain - Toby Keith
    "Got me on a short leash, tied to your screen door I used to run with the big dogs 'til I stretched out on your front porch Used to be a hound dog, chased a lot of fast cars Now I don't even bark when the"
  • Pull My Strings - Dead Kennedys
    "I'm tired of self respect I can't afford a car I wanna be a prefab superstar I wanna be a tool Don't need no soul Wanna make big money Playing rock and roll I'll make my music boring I'll play my music"
  • Pull Out - KillRadio
    "Pull out, pull out, pull out, it's gone to deep. Pull out, pull out, pull out, it's later than you think. I need your opinion like I need a bullet in my head. You didn't care then, so why care now unless"
  • Pull over - Trina
    "Whoop! Huh? What that bitch got all that ass for? Man pull that hoe over that bitch gotta get a ticket Whoop! Whoop! Pull over that ass is too fat Whoop! Whoop! Pull over that ass is too fat Whoop! Whoop!"
  • Pull Shapes - Pipettes
    "Dance with me pretty boy tonight Dance with me and we'll be alright There's a whole floor before us, just for you and me So follow my lead and we'll one two three Pull shapes! I like to Disco I"

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