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oh to stary grat

  • Oh Star - Paramore
    "Oh star fall down on me Let me make a wish upon you Hold on, let me think Think of what I'm wishing for Wait, don't go away. Just not yet. Cause I thought, I had it. But I forget. And I won't let you"
  • Persona Grata - Joan Armatrading
    "Can you feel How close we are Can you tell That this is real Make up your mind 'Cos anyway you want it baby Hey you got it Power over me I'm your whipping boy I can positively say I am in love with you I"
  • Persona non grata - Gino Vanelli
    "Now the cry of the toucan for your man is historywelcome to heaven the land of the rich and the freethe water's so clean you can fill your canteen with it coldplease hand me your locket and I promise you"
  • PERSONA NON GRATA - Jacek Mezo Mejer
    "to nie jest czas dla ludzi jak ja PERSONA NON GRATA wraca to nie jest czas dla płyt takich jak ta PERSONA NON GRATA wraca Mezo – raper wyklęty wiecznie uśmiechnięty nie,. nie jesteś święty, nie, nie też"
  • Persona Non Grata - Napalm Death
    "Trodden down like shit underfoot Be the downside to others upsides Last one to the table - just starve You'll get what you're given This is set in stone from the ivory towers Perception above all - When"
  • Stary - Nieznani
    "Słowa: Zbigniew Studziński Muzyka: Ryszard Mokrzycki Złapał wiatr żagiel stary, Trzyma go ile sił, Niesie łódź przez ocean; To kolejny długi rejs. Szary jest żagiel stary - Chłonął sól z wielu mórz, Kąsał"
  • Stary - Nieznani
    "Słowa i muzyka: Dariusz ("Macoch") Raczycki Ref.: Stary żaglowiec stoi przy kei, Żagli już nie ma i steru brak. Choć kiedyś pływał po oceanach, Dziś zapomniany od wielu lat. Wodowali Cię wiele lat temu, Wiem,"
  • Star - Kate Walsh
    "Safe driving to Mars, safe driving to Venus My past dont mean anything to me Pray, twinkle again Pray, and I dont wish on you to hard 'Cause clovers dont care about me And I cant afford to lose you, star Oh,"
  • Star - Tamyra Gray
    "The mystery of trying To make it happen Struggling just to make ends meet You need a new change of space, a new direction Cuz this whole thing is so confusing to me I know you got Dirty hands from a dirty"
  • Star - Simon Webbe
    "All of the girls and the boys at the party And I'm the only one alone So I crossed the dance floor Heading for the back door Ready to make my way home But wait a minute what's this I see J-lo glow and"
  • Star - The Cult
    "Yeah, I believe in freedom Freedom is a vision Her found religion I humble myself Just to get some respect, yeah Get some respect, yeah I kiss her sandled foot She's my holy pearl The ghetto in your mind Is"
  • Star - 702
    "{Rap} What we had was a thing of the past and recall showerin u wit girfts u neva had to ask though love was a real damn near gave u my last braslet with the carrets drinkin drinks classed out that was"
  • Oh, Oh, Oh - Blood Meridian
    "Oh oh oh Well, we're living in a dream no one wants to see oh no no And we're feeling so besieged like a f*cking disease And we're buying all the things take away all the pains ohhhhh Just living every"
  • Oh! - Micky Green
    "Ouuuuuuuuh ouh ouuuuuuuuh ouh Ouuuuuuuuh ouh ouuuuuuuuh ouh I don't think you realise Don't think that you recognize Just how much you mean to me And that you made me so happy I wish that you were happy"
  • Oh - Laika
    "We talked like giddy schoolgirls It seemed we turned a corner I remember smiling It was a piecemeal resolution With only best intentions And i'm going frustrations Words designed to pacify It helps the"
  • Oh - Dave Matthews Band
    "The world is blowing up The world is caving in The world has lost her way again But you are here with me But you are here with me Makes it ok I hear you still talk to me As if you're sitting in that dusty"
  • Oh - Ciara
    "(feat. Ludacris) This is where they stay crunk, throw it up, dubs on tha Caddillac White tees, Nikes, gangstas dont know how to act Adamsville, Bankhead, College Park, Carver Homes Hummers floatin on"
  • Oh - Ludacris
    "This is where they stay crunk, throw it up, dubs on thaCaddillacWhite tees, Nikes, gangstas dont know how to actAdamsville, Bankhead, College Park, Carver HomesHummers floatin on chromeChokin' on that"
  • Oh! - Eric Hutchinson
    "I got arrested in the dark of the night the cop got restless as he read me my rights he told me "im always envious of those that i jail if i got locked up nobody'd come to help me post bail" and i said"
  • Oh - Richard Hell
    "So this is where it's got to after so many tries all the nights and crimes I spent and I fought to bent and I fraught to commit, and the highs then I step outside and Oh, the sun is breaking through"

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