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oko demona the porrple

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oko demona the porrple

  • Demona - Dead Moon
    "I thought I could avoid you but I was wrong What seemed to be so innocent has long since gone You took me to dependency, I tried to get clean I'm not the only one who sais it can't happen to me You've"
  • Demon - Keith Richards
    "I'm just letting you in Mabye you know Let me tell you something It's painful to say Which way to go I don't know Demon in me Demon in me I can't live without it Every river must flow Shine"
  • Demon - Attak
    "The demon in me will rise again And I feel the power and I feel the pain Under pressure gotta get away Gotta break away I'm not here to stay The demon in me has rose again And I like the power and I like"
  • Demon - Entombed
    "Demon, come live in me possession, fill me with disease temptation, a fire set aflame feral instincts help me go insane Shameless, searching endlessly to appease the burning urge in me hunger of a thousand"
  • Demon - Shadow Man
    "Shh, do you hear that sound? It's death's sound over my shoulder, I grow colder Here it comes now flapping down You gotta be ready or it'll take on over Ravage my brain and destroy my soul Leave my heart"
  • Demon - Wolf
    "When you search for your inner light and you've opened every door I come to see you again, like so many, many times before I am the demon, in your mind, I will make you blind I will make you blind It's"
  • Demon - Sylvia Juncosa
    "I got a lover that's trying to kill me I got a shadow that I once called a friend I got a feeling I'm dying too fast Some animal instinct says I'm nearing the end I'm on the ground, my face in the dirt Can't"
  • Demon - London After Midnight
    "Through darkened streets and blackened gloom the candles dim in your bedroom rain reflecting shadows in the night the moon is full and through the mist I hear your voice I feel your kiss the line grows"
  • Demon - Darkest Hour
    "You and me were the same Asking for more, more than her numbing existence Offered us all What did they say? What did they do? To make you crawl back in Despite everything that you've been through, You're"
  • Demon - Trivium
    "Pull the blood upon your face Grip dementia I am now enslaved through hate Suffer my fate decide Decide Shot in their blackened tombs Death burning my eyes Invert birth great fiery womb Time to ever"
  • Demon - Scheer
    "Take me, dance for me. Think I'll put you with my demons, Think I'll nail you to the floor, I've been watching you for seasons, I've been watching you too long. Take me, dance for me. It's broken, Ahah"
  • Demon Demon - Koffin Kats
    "Walls are shaking and they're closing in Now they'll leave this place in ruins Holy wars fought on these grounds And the end is coming soon Sending out the minions Now destroy the mortal world God left"
  • OKO TOWN - 77 Bombay Street
    "I didn't sleep well last night I dreamed I was with Ben Roy in a fight He punched me right in my head I thought I'll be dead But I wasn't dead so I got back to my track I stood up and hit him he turned"
  • The Demon - Axe Murder Boyz
    "Oh shit We finally at the end of it all what do I see The Demon standing before me the end of the story How horrifying does he look I don't know he wears a cloak With wings out his back and his breath"
  • The Demon - Iron Savior
    "Silence Just the wind and a grave Sanctuary Where he can be safe Safe from the shadow Devouring his soul The haunting delusions When the demon was taking control Lost inside the realm of darkness Lost"
  • The Demon - Emily Jane White
    "If there was a demon would you hold her? And be a nurse by her side? I'll take a corset of your words, Tie them up high, and bind them. You seem like you've always been, Wrote a book that's already"
  • The Demon - Mungo Jerry
    "There's been a whole lot of trouble in the place where I've been, It's bothered the king and it's upset the queen, The knaves have been playing with the princesses' maids, The jester's been running 'round"
  • Delicious Demon - The Sugarcubes
    "Bjrk Heeeeeeee how! He how! He how! Einar One person calls someone To pour the water, because it takes two to pour the water, Bjrk To plough takes two as well, But only one to hold up the sky. Einar To"
  • Demon Lover - The Creepshow
    "Killer smile that you can't deny pure evil without a doubt A Creepshow horror gonna take you for a ride and you know there's only one way out Well you think I'm just a pretty face, boy you think it's gonna"
  • Your Demon - Kids In The Way
    "The curtain closes Nobody knows wheres she's going She runs into the night alone The moon will guide her Without a trace I won't try to find her 'Cause I don't know her face I feel it (woah oh"

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