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  • Im In Love - Bang Tango
    "Darlin', does it feel good? Darlin', does it feel good? I'm waitin', waitin' for you I'm waitin' up in your room 'Cause I'm in love, I'm in love Perfection is under your skin Well, your affection should"
  • Im Gonna Love You - Jennifer Love Hewitt
    "Angel in disguise Stories in his eyes Love for every true heart that it sees. Was it just a lucky day That it turned to look my way Or is it Heaven right before my very eyes. He showed me all new things The"
  • Im Not In Love - Enrique Iglesias
    "Are you ready? You call me on the phone I act like nothings going on We're drivng in my car I pretend that you don't turn me on Ah ah ah you sexy thing and Yeah you know it yeah Ah ah ah you move it"
  • Im Failing In Love - Weeping Willows
    "I saw you just the other night I couldn't get you out of my sight You got me inspired I felt a desire Underneath the dancefloor lights Slowly but surely I found myself thinking I'm falling in love again You"
  • Im Not In Love - Gemini
    "Lucille, won't you do your sister's will? Oh, Lucille, won't you do your sister's will? Well, you ran away and left, I love you still. Lucille, please, come back where you belong. Oh, Lucille, please,"
  • Same Ole Love - Anita Baker
    "Flashbacks of the times we've had Some made us laugh some made us sad We used to break up to make up All the fun that came from those love games Oh well, I think I need someone new Oh, it just won't"
  • Im In Love Wid A Gangsta - Kedash
    "Vers1> Dame he lookin to sexy Tatoos on his body an he all grilled up with dem gold(hastal)as he creeps in da cheava (real slow) yea.HE got my attention (yeae yeae yea)didnt really wanta mention (yeae"
  • Im in love with my guitar - Alexz Johnson
    "IM IN LOVE WITH MY GUITAR Ive been tryin too hard Ive been spinnin around Got people chasin me down I gotta find a way back To my world somehow, somehow Right now i wanna get lost Inside a song Where theres"
  • Im In Love With Your Sister - Chingo Bling
    "oye vieja ven paca porque estas enojada eh y u mad? well maybe if you stayed home more and didnt go out with your friends id be more happier so now i got to depend on your sister dont get crazy with"
  • I Wont Say (Im In Love) - Cheetah Girls
    "Cheetah girls Disneymania 3 I Wont Say (Im In Love) if there's a prize for rotten judgement, I guess I've already won that.No man is worth the aggravation, thats ancient history been there done that. Who"
  • Im so in love with you - Lonestar
    "Everytime our eyes meetthis feeling inside meis almost more than i can take baby when you touch me i can feel how much you love and it just blows me away ive never been this close to anyone or anythingi"
  • Im Still In Love With You - Sean Paul
    "sean paul: Well, in come a ting dem call a broken heart, dis blessed love will neva part it don't know it from da start; me tell dem say a dutty eh a Sean Paul and Sasha Come sing fo dem bebe sasha: boy"
  • I Wont Say Im In Love - Various
    "If there's a prize for rotten judgement I guess I've already won that No man is worth the aggravation That's ancient history-been there, done that! Who'd'ya think you're kidding He's the earth and heaven"
  • Im Still In Love With Youne - New Edition
    "Is this the end? Are you my friend? It seems to me, you ought to be free. You used to be mine when the chips were down. You used to be mine when I weren't around. Girl, can't you see how I feel? All these"
  • Im Never Gonna Fall In Love Again - Bad Boys Blue
    "Half away from having dreams On a Sunday, Sunday night Walking all alone in the streets On a Sunday, Sunday night But then an angel passed me by A little angel made me sigh Just when I wanted you A dream"
  • Id Rather Leave While Im In Love - Rita Coolidge
    "You've got a smile so bright You know, you could've been a candle I'm holding you so tight You know, you could've been a handle The way you swept me off my feet You know, you could've been a broom The"
  • I'm In Love - Ola
    "Stole my heart on Monday She had me deep on Tuesday Shut me up on Wednesday Rewind it back the day before Stole my heart on Monday She had me deep on Tuesday Shut me up on Wednesday Wish I was not Wish"
  • Love In Stereo - Ola
    "It's time to break the chain To bring the level up Beyond the people gain Higher and higher All our senses come together When we get it to the music It's lifting us up Give me love in stereo, give"
  • In Love - Pack
    "lil B: its for the ladies yessss l-i-b Girl u know that i wanted you forever,your sister, yo friend, was hatin watever wunt a rap star u can get it, im here love it, rub it, caress it and touch it textn"
  • Fall In Love - 4 In Love
    "Wo ting shuo ai qing xiang tai yang You shi wen nuan you shi tang, ou... Wo yuan hua cheng Yi lu wei feng Chui qi ni de sha Wei she me, wo de ta Zong shi shang de wo Qing pen da yu xia Jiu suan tian you"

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