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ole pilots

  • Pilots - Goldfrapp
    "Armoured cars sail the sky they're pink at dawn if I lived forever you just wouldn't be so beautiful as the sun when it shines allover the world we're pilots watching the stars the world pre-occupied we're"
  • Pilots - DramaGods
    "I know you but you, you don't know me Won't you climb aboard and I'll Take you on a little ride I'm your pilot and I'm your captain Listen ground control could you Take us out the speed of sound Hey follow"
  • Pilots - Nuno Bettencourt
    "I know you but you, you don't know me Won't you climb aboard and I'll Take you on a little ride I'm your pilot and I'm your captain Listen ground control could you Take us out the speed of sound Hey follow"
  • Stunt Pilots - Kill Hannah
    "It made a spark Don't let the radars get you Somehow send you down And crash the car But don't let the engine stop They're going to catch you *CHORUS* We ought to be all over and in the news We ought"
  • Blind Pilots - The Cooper Temple Clause
    "I hope you never change I hope you never go I hope you'll always keep Our little secrets though But how'd we get here At this height And what's this talk of Dead weight I know we always drink But we"
  • Ole - Tony Marshall
    "Ole ole ole ole wir sind die Champions ole. Ole ole ole ole wir sind die Chamions ole. Der Peter ist ein Stierkampf-Fan und trumt von Mexiko der Reiner schaut gern Affen an rennt dauernd in den Zoo. Der"
  • Ole Ole - Chucho & HCR
    "ole, ole, ole ole, ole, ole ole, ole, ole ole, ole, ole ole, ole, ole ruszamy dziś po swoje ole, ole, ole nasi strzelą gole ole, ole, ole leci orzeł w koronie ole, ole, ole A Polska wygra mecz Teraz"
  • Ole - Bouncing Souls
    "Bouncing Souls no one can beat usWe drink beer and wear addidasAnywhere we get the itchWe're off to find, a proper pitchFinish this song must get on outOf we go to kick it aboutWin or lose we still have"
  • Ole - Alabama
    "Ole' Baugh Road Alabama Album: Southern Star Round Ole Baugh Road it's a great place kids to grow Some grow up and move away Most of us decide to stay Round the ole'Baugh Road Hard working mom and"
  • Ole - Herman Finkers
    "Sorry, dat ik even stoor Maar een ding heb ik niet goed door Wat ik me afvraag U zei: Het is hier carnaval vandaag Maar al wat ik hoor Is sjiek En klinkt klassiek U kent niet van die bloemkolen, ben ik"
  • Ole - Blondie
    "Here's an idea, that I have been brewing We all feel like ruins, so what do you say? I've got these four wheels and who would could want for more wheels? Just throw in a suitcase, we're off and away Let's"
  • We Are Pilots - Shiny Toy Guns
    "Holding close my secrets Naked broken pieces -from the madness in what you do The fingers point right back at you What about my problems? The people try to solve them I guess I'm under the weather... Since"
  • Ole! - Bouncing Souls
    "OLÈ Bouncing souls no one can beat us we drink beer and wear adidas anywhere we get the itch we're off to find a proper pitch Lace your sambas get on out off we go to kick it about When we're lose we're"
  • Ole - Untergangskommando
    "Ooooollleeeeeeeeeeeee oooooollleeeeeeeeeeeeee wir wollen in der ersten Reihe stehn! Ooooollleeeeeeeeeeeee oooooollleeeeeeeeeeeeee wenn Deutschland untergeht! Ooooollleeeeeeeeeeeee oooooollleeeeeeeeeeeeee"
  • Ole Ole - Dschinghis Khan
    "Dort in den dunklen strassen am hafen Dort wo dich keiner fragt, wer du bist Dort ist kein guter platz um zu leben Wenn man ein kleiner junge noch ist Er hiess Miguel, das kind von der strasse Und seine"
  • I'm With The Pilots - Ladytron
    "time in hands, with the pilots and the traveling bands when you're down there, don't feel down and out you have something you can smile about Coke or gin, why are you boys frowning, have you lost something the"
  • Ole Que Ole - Alaia & Gallo
    "Mira, mira! Ole que Ole que Ole que Oh /8x Mira, mira ! Hay ven la calor! Mira ! Ole que Ole que Ole que Oh Mira ! /3x Ole que Ole que Ole que Oh"
  • Polska ole ole - Michał Bajor
    "Ref. Ole,ole piłka w grze polska,polska wygra mecz Ole,ole nie damy sie polska,polska,ole! 1. Do trzech razy sztuka, pokażemy jak sie gra, obudzimy ducha, który dawno zasnął w nas. Tak jak orły"
  • Ole Ole ( Eurovision 1985 ) - Izhar Cohen
    "Or vatchelet bashama'im Veyored lefeta yom Ananim hofchim lema'im Keshet ola bamarom Shlal gvanim ve'or shama'im Hatsov'im et ha'olam Veyafe hu shiv'ata'im Umechayech lechulam Ole, ole Hashir beyachad Kshe'hasimcha"
  • Ole' Mulholland - Frank Black
    "Hey, sleepy monster in the sand Time to get up and have a drink Pacific Rim has a tank that thinks That she is really something grand Let me tell you about When I was hanging out Just in my dhoti Running"

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