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  • Oliver, Oliver! - Oliver
    "( MR. BUMBBLE) Oliver, Oliver Never before has a boy wanted more Oliver, Oliver Won't ask for more when he knows what's in store There's a dark, thin winding stairway without any banister Which we'll throw"
  • Oliver - Bjork
    "I valholl til forna fagran dreng Peir faerdu fjotra i Peir negld'ann svo hatt a krysukross Og peir kollud'an praela py Oliver, kaeri Oliver, maeri Oliver - Nu rakna pin bond Oliver, ljufi Oliver,"
  • Oliver - Maroon 5
    "And the muggers that day Several million lovers of that dress that's in the window display And every day they'd say Oliver Oliver Oliver Oliver don't stay She was quite a woman Quite an understanding"
  • Oliver - Kara's Flowers
    "I was overblown by all the card sharks and the muggers that day And there were several million lovers of that dress that's in the window display And every day they'd say Oliver Oliver Oliver Oliver"
  • The Many Faces Of Oliver Hart - Eyedea
    "I'm here to break my own ball and chain Holding the plight to be completely sane Nothings to gain if image blocks the only chance for change When I expand my range the world shares it's judges But don't"
  • Sir Oliver - Freya
    "Sir Oliver Oh, Oh It's not fair, it's not even close to fair I Can't help crying, though I don't want to go there He was beautiful, he was special He would listen even talking to myself I will miss"
  • Oliver James - Fleet Foxes
    "On the way to your brother's house in the valley, dear, By the river bridge a cradle floating beside me. In the whitest water on the banks against the stone You will lift his body from the shore and"
  • Oliver twisted - Vaselines
    "Once I had a friend called Oliver Twisted,Who used to think he was a brand and gifted,Stupendisly handsome, Beautifully smart,He had no heart.On his own he was all alone,He wanted more than he ever got.Once"
  • Oliver Cromwell - Sarah Brightman
    "Oliver Cromwell lay buried and dead, Hee-haw, buried and dead, There grew an old apple-tree over his head, Hee-haw, over his head. The apples were ripe and ready to fall, Hee-haw, ready to fall, There"
  • Oliver Cromwell - Monty Python
    "The most interesting thing about king charles the first is that he was five feet six inches tall at the start of his reign, but only four foot eight inches tall at the end of it...Because of...Oliver cromwell,"
  • Oliver Square - Cadence Weapon
    "Yo, it's corrupt where I'm from: Edmonton, tough The swedes could speak about the heads we drums, rough! City life will leave you red with blood Punched holes in the wall, then they fed the the thugs lunch After"
  • Oliver Twisted - Sage Francis
    "Reminiscing of when I was living in fear Is he here yet? I feel sweat building on my upper back Children are under attack With every question mark When testing starts Hearts burn and stomachs knot Inner"
  • Fred Oliver - The Toy Dolls
    "Don't want to be Sylvester Stallone - don't push me Nev-ever gonna star in "Home Alone" Hamlet, MacBeth, I'm crazy for King Lear There's nothing more exciting than reciting Shakespeare (Chorus) Fred Olivier,"
  • Songs - Joan Armatrading
    "If I'm feeling down If I'm ever low I just think of you And the songs Filled with lots of meaning With everything I need Spiritually healing Words that comfort You told me that you cared You'd be there"
  • Oliver ( Eurovision 1979 ) - Anita Skorgan
    "(Vil du, vil du ha neste dans?) (Vil du, vil du ha neste dans med meg?) Dans med meg, Oliver, Oliver Dans, n er sjansen din Dans med meg, Oliver, Oliver La neste dans, la neste dans bli min Diskoteket"
  • Sweet Polly Oliver - Sarah Brightman
    "As sweet Polly Oliver lay musing in bed, A sudden strange fancy came into her head. "Nor father nor mother shall make me false prove, I'll 'list as a soldier, and follow my love." So early next morning"
  • Oliver Under The Moon - Pistolita
    "Hey bad man did you let him through? boardwalk scene man where you been could have used you in a fight or two hey oliver did you get the news? lone man lonely in universe with a veil a veil a veil"
  • Your Picture (Oliver Revill - Deep Voices
    "My love is here to stay Lay down The sky's so blue Your picture in the moon Stardust blown in your eyes Love broken glass of lie Go back to what you knew Go back you'll find it true Lay down the sky's"
  • Sudoku (feat. Oliver Olson) - Fonos
    "odkładam wszystko to co mnie niszczy jak feniks z popiołu powstaje pierd* żale i łamie enigmę, niewiele zostaje do brzegu jest bliżej niż dalej wciąż wypatruję swą falę przed siebie płynę, w tył nie patrzę"
  • Azkaban (ft. Oliver Olson) - Kacper HTA, Fonos
    "zamknięty jak w klatce choć twardy ma pancerz rysuje się grymas to zachodu jest warte gdy wejdę na skarpę mój bagaż to skrzydła kto utracił tę szansę to chmury jak harfę układam na wymiar cdn Utwór 'Azkaban'"

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