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  • Pulse - Superheist
    "Burning ends in the situation Miss communication leads to complication Born, torn How do I feel huh My redemption's the best intentions I'm not degrading, anticipating And why this guilt you hold Cause"
  • Pulse - The Psychedelic Furs
    "my baby paints herself red she paints her hair her hair is dead she's living in the city with the bodies that scream we are all jesus we all dream see the dancer in there reeling paint the sky upon the"
  • Pulse - The Tea Party
    "I saw a face in the mirror That made my blood run clear I think I've waited to long I went along for the ride She complicated the slide I went to take her hand I couldn't feel a pulse Senseless is pleasure Nothing's"
  • Pulse - New Mexican Disaster Squad
    "The deep black, the bloody arms swing Suffering from severe dementia And they thought you were the one You were the one Some folks were never meant to last my friend Some people meet an early end Things"
  • Pulse - Kristy Thirsk
    "(Hiratzka/Thirsk) i know what you're telling me, it's over again it knocks the wind out of me, even though i should expect it weakened heart, my pulse is fine, but i feel like i am dying the way you hurt"
  • Pulse - Ani DiFranco
    "you crawled into my bed like some sort of giant insect and i found myself spellbound that night at the sight of you there beautiful and grotesque and all the rest of that bug stuff bluffing your way into"
  • Pulse - Cursive
    "i'll never go back there don't make me go back there... now that god is an athiest finally i can sleep at night in a hotel room with holes in the curtains i shivered as she slid up my leg she could convince"
  • Pulse - Common Children
    "She don't want me no more Gone are the feelings I ignore I don't wanna talk so what you gonna say now Maybe I'm lost so what you gonna pray now You string me up leave me there to die Gone are the reasons"
  • Pulse - Colour Haze
    "Be in a field now Between raging earth and racing skies Weed fingers reaching Lower your soul to the roots and seek the light Seed was spread to the mountains Brooded in the boiling seas Examine a dorp"
  • Pulse - Automorrow
    "When I met her on the street haphazardly juggling jigsaw pieces This femme fatale she must have moved my heart with Telekinesis Wearing dark clothes and glasses using her mind and moves alone I was shanghaied"
  • Pulse - Covenant
    "I'm falling out of cars Don't know when I'll hit the ground Hold me when I fall Headlights in my face My body's full of scars Words are lost and won't be found Stay until I'm gone Stumbling on my knees I'm"
  • The Pulse - Alisha's Attic
    "(Poole/Martin/Poole) Overload, oooh the pulse Anyhting you say to me, I will believe Rain on me Overload, oooh the pulse I won't stop till the passion spits And sweat drips Rain on me The greedy body"
  • Jungle Pulse - Saint Etienne
    "Many thanks to severine for this. my french isn't good enough to punctuate what she sent, so here it is verbatim. no accents, as I can't work out how to do them in a way that reads nicely for ev Dy. Hello,"
  • Electric Pulse - Static X
    "It's time to melt you down It's time to strap you in Your mind's about to be diminished I scream to get me off Air blast to pull you in You feel the atrophy Electric Electric pulse Nightmares to shut you"
  • Pulse 04 - Voyager
    "Time leads me into a sun of seas This isn't what I fear This is foverer! Bring me down up to a rising sound Traveled in all my life Can this be never? Try just to see me all alive Keep my pulse on 285 Keep"
  • Electric pulse - Static-X
    "It's time to melt you downIt's time to strap you inYour mind's about to be diminishedI scream to get me offAir blast to pull you inYou feel the atrophyElectricElectric pulseNightmares to shut you downStatic"
  • Pulse Rate - Whatever It Takes
    "(Verse) I should write a report on why we change day to day with hours and hours of research and humans locked up in a cage then tally the data with the results inconclusive damnit I ve been at this one"
  • Pulse Cannon - Mr. Lif
    "Insight (Mr Lif) {T-Ruckus} Its finished! Its finally tuned up Technical tweezes have Tightened the loose nuts (Now we can remove cuts as soon as they move up) {Ruck's in the back with the ax for the"
  • Ice-Pulse - Cocteau Twins
    "I am inauthentic That's me not knowing who he is I feel understands me You don't love me I take heart Because I haven't reacted To create hurt He mocks Before me I could have done something differently You"
  • Insanity Pulse - Sunna
    "I don't know if I can stand If you think you've made it with your God Far too much I understand If you think you're brainy then you're not I don't know if I've been dead Everything you've made it with"

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