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on my way down

  • On My Way Down - Span
    "I'm eating grain as cakes I cough them out again and to tell you honestly I'd like to do this peacefully but they grab my back and they turn the speed to level hurricane I am falling out in a streetlike"
  • My Way Down - Chris Duarte Group
    "My way down Ain't gonna be nice Long road down All covered with ice My way down It's rough, you see All the troubles I threw off Comin' back at me Every Saturday night No lovin' and fights What can I do"
  • (Down) My Way - Pink Cream 69
    "Why don't you go to a place Where I don't have to see your face tomorrow, face tomorrow? I guess your bus is running late I hate to say you can't have friends to borrow, friends to borrow It's hard to"
  • Way Down - Elvis Presley
    "Babe, you're getting closer The lights are goin' dim The sound of your breathin' Has made the mood I'm in All of my resistance Is lying on the floor Taking me to places I've never been before Ooh, and"
  • Way Down - Status Quo
    "(Martine) Babe, you're getting closer The lights are goin' dim The sound of your breathin' Has made the mood I'm in All of my resistance Is lying on the floor Taking me to places I've never been before And"
  • Way Down - Accidental Superhero
    "stop me on the way down stop me on the way down can't stand my ground with you reach up or drown for you would have liked to known what to do feel like i've blown it with you stop me on the way down"
  • Way Down - Bobby Pinson
    "(Bobby Pinson/Jeremy Spillman) Way down at the bottom of the river There's a locket with a picture of me She drowned what I thought was forever She locked up our love and lost the key A friend of mine"
  • Way Down -
    "all the day all of the night flashing through my head like light’s in the sky an I gonna die? am I gonna be alright? and I hear it like a call from the wild and I keep putting coal on the fire if I’m"
  • Way Down - Skywalker (CZ)
    "Heading straight for disaster I put on a blindfold I tried to be my own master I tried to be ice cold But you can’t teach me a few new tricks Wear a face that fits Build a Wall of Ice When all we needed"
  • On My Way - Down Below
    "I am on my way I am on my way You turned your face into the darkness Believe me There's no light you'll see Won't you"
  • On My Way - Ocean Colour Scene
    "Father forgive me But I dont care Taking off the things they wear In lines Shes got a family Now they stay inside Dont think shell make it home tonight And Im on my way to the next town And Im on my way"
  • On the way down - Ryan Cabrera
    "Sick and tired of this world There's no more air Tripping over myself, going nowhere Waiting, suffocating, no direction I took a dive and On the way down I saw you, and you saved me from myself And I"
  • On My Way - Phil Collins
    "Tell everybody I'm on my way New friends and new places to see With blue skies ahead yes I'm on my way And there's nowhere else that I'd rather be Tell everybody I'm on my way And I'm loving every step"
  • On My Way - Phil Ochs
    "Well, sometimes I am happy, sometimes sad, Thinkin' of the good times I have had, Thinkin' of the places I have been -- Sometimes down, sometimes up, sometimes in. On my way -- to another workin' day. "
  • On My Way - Luba
    "I'm on my way you know I'd really love to stay and talk awhile but we have talked and walked one million miles I don't need your therapy no strange philosophy I'll dig down deep inside and pull me out"
  • On My Way - Axwell Λ Ingrosso
    "No time to pretend dust off and try again straight out of lions den strong as a thousand man that’s what I’ve been told since I was six years old duck down and count to ten I’m gonna hit the Lotto I’m"
  • On My Way - Oordaya
    "Looking for you whilst on my way Now that's a new you, back to the same old thing Looking for you whilst on my way Now that's a Feel up and speed it up up my chest like that It's a new present, I pass? Pray"
  • On My Way - Jadakiss
    "(feat. Swizz Beatz) Aiyyo Swizz check it out I'm shoot over to Cali, yknahmsayin? Check this movie out Then I'ma check honey out Then I'ma fly back to N.Y., see what's goin on in the projects Then I'ma"
  • On My Way - Charlie Brown
    "Move in circles at night You’ve given up the fight Like the streets that you’re always walking on You died inside And you don’t know why So you try to turn the light on But stand up and never say never ‘Cause"
  • On my way - Jont
    "You had me down and out, you had me broken like a bottle who'd lost its message and, was filling up with sea-weed You had me sinking, headed for the bottom I'd lost all feeling, I didn't feel like me Well"

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