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on the dance floor

  • Blood On The Dance Floor - Blood on the dance floor
    "Slash gash terror whore I like you better on the floor Sock it to me ultra hot Danger! Danger! On the spot On the bed, give me head Make you scream, "Candy cream" Scene sluts like it super rough That's"
  • Dance Floor - Robbie Williams
    "get on the dancefloor come on get on the dance floor oh yeh get on the dance floor and dance with me yeh its disco time lets dance to the beat now dish your arms with your hand and your feet come over"
  • Dance Floor - T-Pain
    "I got the hat, I got the shoes, I got the outfit I go outside and pick the ride I'm gon' go out with But right before I hit the streets I gotta put on my dancing shoes in the mirror The hat, rock with"
  • Dance Floor - Eve
    "Looking like u glued to your chair It's a party going on in here Don't u dare leave no stay I just wanna boogie baby Just take your time and ease your mind And Let the rhythm take control You need to"
  • Dance floor - Jagged Edge
    "JE Yall New Shit What yall Know about it JE Yall New Shit St Nick I see you sitting there Looking like u glued to your chair Its a party going on in here Dont u dare leave no stay I just wanna boogie baby"
  • Dance Floor - Youngstown
    "Friday, my day, waitin' for the weekend 'Cause I wanna play I been stressin', but there ain't no question I'm gonna have me some fun Call the fellas and let'em know We gotta find a place to go I just wanna"
  • Dance Floor - Jermaine Dupri
    "(feat. Lil Jon & Pastor Troy) (Lil' Jon) (JD) Hey, hey, hey Since we always ridin' for this city, aha We gotta switch it up this time, aha And ride for the ladies Let's do it, J-D (aha), talk to my ladies"
  • Dance Floor - Bobby Valentino
    "dont wanna end the night right cuz the show's about to start wanna put her in a museum cuz she's a work of art she's the center of attention seems like everybody knows all the guys tryna get with her,"
  • Crying On The Dance Floor - Mabel
    "No teardrops on the dance floor, not tonight Yeah, you're way too beautiful, yeah Wife material, I'm for real Diamonds don't compare to how you shine No, I ain't never gonna let you fall So let me pick"
  • Blood On The Dance Floor - Jackson 5
    "she got your number she know your game she took you under its so insane since she seduced you how does it feel to know that women is out to kill every night stance is like taking a chance its not about"
  • Get on the dance floor - Ciara
    "Let's go Right about nowWe need all the ladies in the placeTo report to the dance floor Now I only got one thing to sayIf you didn't come to partyThen you can get the hell out of here I'ma dirty dance"
  • Crazy on the dance floor - Cheetah Girls
    "My girls, my girlsNeed to get awayMy girls, my girlsNeed to get awayGonna start todayI'm in the mood nowTo dance foreverThings are changing fastGonna take a chanceGot to move onLet's get togetherRight"
  • Get On The Dance Floor - Shippu Ranbu
    "toujou wa shimaguni Funky 4! 4 MIC tsunagaridasu Funky Sound! DP (& You) Get Funky! (Funky 4!) PURASU saikou ni (Fresh na Beat!) kamoshidasu Super Duper Flavor marude B-Boys bari no Action! 1, 2, 1, 2"
  • Death on the Dance Floor - Pro-Pain
    "listen to the sound of the underground your ears start to deafen your head begins to pound the crowd starts to move as the earth begins to quake your spine starts to give as your back begins to break death"
  • Demons On The Dance Floor - Tay Zonday
    "See that woman walking through the doorway Swinging her whole body like it's her day 'Grinin at your smile if she sees you Like she been-there-done-that and it ain't true Cause she's 'spendin dollars"
  • Dead On The Dance Floor - DAATH
    "feeling cold feeling dead inside if I was a hypocrite I'd find if I was to follow this straight line I'd fall down with hypocrites I'd die grounded to grounded to my pride grounded to grounded to my pride grounded"
  • Killer On The Dance Floor - Mannequin Mars
    "VERS 1: This beat goes through my brain like an 808 I'm not here to talk, I'm here to get some fuckin' fame I know you probably don't even know my name It doesn't matter how you do the mannequin You can"
  • Fucking ON the dance floor - Dirty Sanchez
    "Look at you with your new wave haircut Check you out with your airbrush make up Look at you Check you out Look at you with your white mesh half shirt Check you out with your spandex mini skirt Look at"
  • Killer On The Dance Floor - Private
    "Uh, come on let me be with you You got me in the groove So come on, i got to be with you We've got nothing to lose I wanna take you to a fancy bar Everyone around me knows you're a star Well i got the"
  • Dance Floor Darling - Kylie Minogue
    "Where you running Come and feel my loving Want you in the worst way It ain't even your birthday Back to midnight Promise you a good time Be those party people We bumping at the disco Would you be Would"

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