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on the fance floor remix

  • Ocean Floor (Radio Remix) - Audio Adrenaline
    "The mistakes I've made That caused pain I could have done without All my selfish thoughts All my pride The things I hide You have forgot about They're all behind you They'll never find you They're on"
  • Floor - Hot Water Music
    "the rain is falling and my eyes are getting tired i hope i think to dream before i fall asleep i need to know who dies when we grow who pains when we gain what will it take to show when did it start"
  • Blood On The Dance Floor - Blood on the dance floor
    "Slash gash terror whore I like you better on the floor Sock it to me ultra hot Danger! Danger! On the spot On the bed, give me head Make you scream, "Candy cream" Scene sluts like it super rough That's"
  • On The Floor - Jennifer Lopez feat. Pitbull
    "It's a new generation Mr worldwide Of party people Darling get on the floor Darling get on the floor Let me introduce you to my party people In the club I'm loose And everybody knows I get off the chain Baby"
  • On The Floor - Brian McKnight
    "The bed gives The cover might break underneath you Hard as I try Oh, the table will shake And break a leg When I do what I do I use all of my mind Chorus: Consider the love we'll make When pleasure can"
  • On The Floor - No Secrets
    "Our jam is pumpin' on your radio. I know you see my brand new video. Our face is always in the magazines. Now here's a side of us you've never seen.repeat) Feels good comin' from your stereo Tonight getting"
  • On The Floor - Sponge Cola
    "The doorknob smiles at me alone But I will open the door again I've seen this happening before I've seen myself fall face first on the floor Crash and burn On the floor As I crash and burn So used to"
  • On The Floor - Wild Orchid
    "freaky our little secret thing, sneaky you keep coming back again, I know one time is not enough with me baby ooh wee...slowly take your time, moaning now you're mine, relax I'm in control speechless ooh"
  • On The Floor - Spitalfield
    "Just one last exploration, let's hit the town and watch it fade. Tonight is going nowhere. Lift me off the concrete. Save me... Please, put me back down on the floor and run me right over. Take"
  • On The Floor - Spongecola
    "The door knob smiles at me alone But will I open the door again I've seen this happening before I've seen myself fall face first on the floor Crash and burn On the floor So I turn Crash and burn Can you"
  • On The Floor - Tha Alkaholiks
    ""Get your ass on the floor - on the floor" "Get your ass on the floor - MOVE IT!" GET YO' ASS ON THE FLOOR! Uhh, yeah, yeah You know what time it is y'all Get your ass on the flo' It's the L..."
  • On The Floor - Jennifer Lopez
    ": (Bronx!) Boogie down You know who this is (Yeah) On the six, uptown : Me and, my girls Ready to rock the party Slide in, the club Pickin' up everybody Places hoppin' and jumpin' (censored)"
  • On The Floor - Frankie J
    "What's dime like you holdin' up the wall for You should be dancin'...uh yeah You should be dancin'...uh yeah All the guys in the spot Better yet...nobody's had the nerve To talk to you So let me talk"
  • On The Floor - Axium
    "True friends stab you in the front; you've got my throat And all I know is on the floor And as I watch my trust in you fall hopeless, I feel faint And I'm still begging you for more Devoted to you Devoted"
  • The Floor - Rooney
    "Well, I don't want you When you want me And I don't need you Like I need dough See those flowers? They were on sale And all that foreplay It was for me I never loved you When you loved me I never cared"
  • The Floor - Buck 65
    "I can remember being seven years old Having goldfish that circled around in a bowl I would watch the forest burn and listen to the wind blow I remember the table, the drapes, and the window The dark brown"
  • On Susan's Floor - Hank Williams Jr.
    "Like crippled ships that made it through the storms and finally reached a quiet shore The homeless found a home on Susan's floor I didn't feel so cold and tired stretched out before her fire Rolling smokes"
  • On Susan's Floor - Dickey Lee
    "Didn't feel so cold and tired stretched out before the fire Rolling smokes and drinking up her wine And I remember candle light and singin' till we couldn't sing no more Then falling warm asleep on Susan's"
  • Sleep On The Floor - The Lumineers
    "Pack yourself a toothbrush, dear Pack yourself a favorite blouse Take a withdrawal slip, Take all of your savings out Cause if we don't leave this town We might never make it out I was not born to drown,"
  • Sleeping On The Floor - The Pink Spiders
    "Rocks and salt, a small umbrella and I'm fine, But straight from the bottle might save me a little time I don't need no chaser, baby, I don't need no lime Are you there Jos? Is there no reason to your"

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