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on your knees

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on your knees

  • Knees - Bebe Rexha
    "Sitting in a parked car We don't even fight no more We don't even touch no more Used to be my best friend We don't even laugh no more Barely even talk no more You wanna hold my hand then you won't You"
  • Knees - Bonepony
    "See me walkin I've got my hands in my pocket And I'm smiling at everybody I meet I hear all the people talkin' and everybody seems to know About the smoke in the air maybe they really do care How the story"
  • On Your Knees - W.A.S.P.
    "Dancing with danger right until dawn The sin that you buy and you sell Mom and daddy said "the life that you've led, You'll party you're way straight to hell" On Your knees, You shall be on your knees Cause"
  • On Your Knees - Firehose
    "a political contribution like the weeds in a garden eyesore for the future can you take my pardon? savage or a saint? automation has trances in my working state think I got a chance I've been on my knees better"
  • On Your Knees - WASP
    "Dancing with danger Right out your door The silk hat you buy And you sell Mommy and daddy said The life that you led Will probably lead your way to hell! On your knees! Are you sassy? On your knees! Cause"
  • On Your Knees - Riot
    "A slave to indulgence, a slave who obstains A slave to your pleasure, a slave to your pain A slave to a business, a mistress, a wife Slave to the bottle the needle or knife An accident of birth or a spin"
  • On Your Knees - Funeral Dress
    "Hey Mr President, calling out for war For Death and Glory? Just like before Shooting lies, we're target n 1 The clock is always ticking, terror has begun Time for an apology, get on your knees Time for"
  • On Your Knees - Paganizer
    "On your knees Confess your sins to me And you will be forgiven Open wide And swallow my affection You will receive redemption There's no blasphemy Within our stained agreement Receive my blessing any"
  • On your knees - Isis Gee
    "How could You go there again? Taken By the Bait again You're tempted by the nature of the beast again And I just wanna' better understand Better comprehend Your destination leading to temptation And if"
  • On Your Knees - Great White
    "(Kendall, Russell, Holland, Black, Dokken) I can take you up, I can tear you down I'm a heat wave comin' at you Takin' what I please, fallin' on your knees You need me, yes you do. From the moment I take"
  • On Your Knees - Rackets & Drapes
    "Tie, tie, tie you down The chains you wear They keep you bound Too long... Slap, slap, slap your lip When the master Cracks the whip You crawl... Get down on your knees That's where you all will be Dog's"
  • On Your Knees - Rackets And Drapes
    "Tie, tie, tie you down, the chains you wear they keep you bound Too long Slap, slap, slap your lip, when the master cracks the whip You crawl Get down on your knees, that's where you all will be Like"
  • On Your Knees - Pain
    "I'm going for a ride And I hope I'll never ever get back here again Numbing my body with drugs and lies Try to find a place where I can finally die Walk with me on the other side and i show what life"
  • Born On Your Knees - Napalm Death
    "Born on your knees Life in chains A slow death Into your graves Born on your knees Born on your knees Life of pain Existence restricted By material gains Born on your knees You fucking asshole Born"
  • Life On Your Knees - Neurosis
    "christ died nailed to a cross (life on your knees, get down on your knees) now he's an icon to the spineless mass (life on your knees, enforced reality) bring your mind forth and submit (life on your knees,"
  • Down on Your Knees - Holy Moses
    "Rise... Down on your knees The beats of blood and death will crush your empty mind I am full of hate but I can fuckin' see When you try to kill me taste the feel of who you like to be Lay the Fuck back"
  • Down On Your Knees - Kiss
    "Alright, ooh yeah Are you ready to rock, I'm talking about satisfaction So let's cut the talk, yeah, and get on with the action Better make up your mind, girl, 'cause its now or never It's getting down"
  • Get On Your Knees - Necro
    "Baby, baby Ill get down on my knees for you, if you.... (repeat 5x) (necro) Motherfucker you know the deal, ima rap on this porn shit So yo! suck it I lounge gettin blown by pj sparks at key west I need"
  • On Your Knees (Again) - Pain
    "I'm going for a ride And I hope I'll never ever get back here again Numbing my body with drugs and lies Try to find a place where I can finally die Walk with me on the other side and I show what life"
  • Get On Your Knees - 50 Cent
    "(50 cent) haha yo whoo kid man drop this shit man hurry up man i gotta go aah yeah 50 cent- g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g-unit haha (adlibs) (Chorus) baby if you get on your knees, put me in your"

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