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one and lonelly

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one and lonelly

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one and lonelly
    "mother's boy small and shy he's a boy in the cage a man of middle age wow i think he looks like his mother all his life a fashion show a hard man's job - oh no with a dress in a coalmine"
  • Robert Miles One And One
    "The sky isn't always blue The sun doesn't always shine It's alright to fall apart sometimes, mmm I am not always you And you are not always mine It's alright to fall apart sometimes After all is"
  • Trish Thuy Trang One And One
    "The sky isn't alway blue The sun doesn't always shine It's all right to fall apart sometime I am not always you And you are not always mine It's all right to fall part sometime CHORUS: After all's said"
  • Paul Van Dyk One And One
    "The sky isn't alway blue The sun doesn't always shine It's all right to fall apart sometimes I am not always you And you are not always mine It's all right to fall part sometimes CHORUS: After all is said"
  • Aztec Camera One And One
    "Words and music by Roddy Frame lead vocals RODDY FRAME and CAROLL THOMPSON. guitars RODDY FRAME. drums & keyboard programming ROB MOUNSEY. percussion CAROL STEELE. background vocals ROBIN CLARK, GORDON"
  • Linkin Park And One
    "Where should I start Disjointed heart Ive got no commitment To my own flesh and blood Left all alone Far from my home No one to hear me, to heal my ill heart, I Keep it locked up inside Cannot express To"
  • And One Only One
    "Nothing would be better When you turn away Give me a second chance So let me stay The smile in your face Tells it for sure I want to be with you No matter rich or poor No matter rich or poor Whats the"
    "Take this deadly tool And feel the daily routine You go to work for money and for me Metalhammer here,metalhammer there Metalhammer lovely tool Youll take it everywhere Metalhammer lovely"
  • And One One LOSER
    "If you got a message please send me a postcard now and if you show your feelings babe my tape machine will get it somehow if you got a problem dont't beg the world for help and if you need"
  • And One One CREATURES
    "We're back to creature Very hard to understand I can't imagine how it happened Impossible to comprehend I feel the danger What are things coming to They shut their eyes go into hiding "
  • And One One HYPNOTIZE
    "i want to swallow lies look into my eyes let me hynotize you what i see is what i want i'm craving for success let me hynotize you i will never be your lover that's beyond a joke let me"
    "he's walking where i'm afraid i don't no i see the firemen jumping from the windows (there's panic and i hear somebody scream) he picks up useless paper and puts it in my pocket i'm trying very"
  • Paul Brandt One And Only One
    "I thought love at first sight was a fate for someone else And you'd never catch me fallin' that fast myself But I didn't even need two seconds alone with you All it took was one and only one CHORUS: Now,"
  • Pet Shop Boys One And One Make Five
    "Have you heard the news? Everybody's asking who Is that man you've been seen with And why I'm never out with you Please, tell me that you love me Sort out this confusion Say our love is still alive For"
  • Sarah Connor One and one is two
    "One and one is two And the one for me is you Only you It's every time I see you I know I have to have you 'Cause baby you just drive me wild Can't get you out of my mind I feel just like I wanna lay So"
  • David Hasselhoff One and one make three
    "Standing with you on this dayI take your hand and feel you shakingOur new life will soon beginStarting with these vows we're takingFriends and loved ones gather roundSo much joy I can hardly bear itAnd"
  • Deep Obsession One And Only
    "You are the one the one and only You are the only one I need You are the one that makes me happy You are the only one I need When the night falls and heaven comes to earth Then all my worries suddenly"
  • Frank Duval And One Day
    "No love no word no future a child from the street a child from the street And one day she decided a fight and one day she decided to win she decided to win She's called Angel Face She looks at you with"
  • The Smashing Pumpkins One and All
    "("One And All", piosenka która zadebiutowała na łamach HuffPost Entertainment, to drugi singel pilotujący nowy album Smashing Pumpkins zatytułowany "Monuments to an Elegy"). "One and all, we are, we"
  • Vienna Teng Decade And One
    "Once when I was thirty-one I woke in the dead of night And heard the vastness of the snowfall outside Slipped downstairs in my bare feet Soon forgotten freezing And poured a milk glass full To wait out"

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