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one by one and i a caught and be

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one by one and i a caught and be

  • Caught - Nylons
    "I don't want to remember How you became my ball and chain Touched me with a burning ember I'm a prisoner of your pleasure and pain Every time that I try to escape you The passion pulls me back inside It's"
  • One By One - Kymani Marley And Cherine Anderson
    "What am i to do today... So i can leave, This world tomorrow? Knowing i've done all that i could, To heal the wounds, and lift all the sorrows... Let righteousness Be your guiding light, And let love keep"
  • One And One - Aztec Camera
    "Words and music by Roddy Frame lead vocals RODDY FRAME and CAROLL THOMPSON. guitars RODDY FRAME. drums & keyboard programming ROB MOUNSEY. percussion CAROL STEELE. background vocals ROBIN CLARK, GORDON"
  • One by One - Yoav
    "I am not the father of 2.3, And I am still burning to be free, No more time too long to drive my way, To the numbered hours at the end of the day. What's become of you? What become of me? It's all, we"
  • One By One - Ryan Adams
    "I've got lists of enemies Walks the window at night when it screams The howling wind and the pouring rain Sha la la la Sing us a song One by one we all fall One by one we all fall Into the lies that we've"
  • One By One - The Doobie Brothers
    "Bobby LaKind/Michael McDonald Where and why I'm destined to go Right here and now that's all I know On either side future or past Neither is real both fade so fast So one by one we're given these moments"
  • One by one - Doobie Brothers
    "Where and why Im destined to goRight here and now thats all I knowOn either side future or pastNeither is real both fade so fastSo one by one were given these moments to live just as one by one theyre"
  • One By One - The Calling
    "He stands alone outside the blooming yard All is calm there on the street The shadows pass him hung right over The pain on his face he knew he'd keep... His hair is long, and it's twisted, it's twisted Around"
  • One By One - Quick Step John
    "All at once the shadows come, theyre replacing what used to be. One by one, Im overruna forgotten place in history. You must have figured it out and wrote it all down for the world to see. Flipped the"
  • One By One - Cake Bake Betty
    "We've attacked and we're waiting to eat The sides are calm (The sides are calm) And we don't know if we're making our We are not sure what it is that you say We're waiting for our (waiting for our) Ships"
  • One By One - Tha Dogg Pound
    "Now I can't trust none of these hoes nowadays Cause they be runnin round with that shit called AIDS and every girl I meet nowadays is lit So I can't to do them what I would to do you, so... Another session,"
  • One By One - Billy Bragg and Wilco
    "One by one the teardrops fall as I write you One by one my words come falling on the page One by one my dreams are fading in the twilight One by one my schemes are fading fast away One by one the flowers"
  • One By One - Hootie And The Blowfish
    "Three In my family say "we've never been anywhere" "to the left sea can we go please we don't care we want to sit and stare at it" can we try to hold up our head feel the power of the land that we"
  • A Thousand And One - Blessid Union of Souls
    "I'm speechless I'm breathless I'm pulseless Kinda hanging on by a thin thread I'm out there I'm somewhere Caught between a dream and the real thing You ask me if this is something that I could forget"
  • One - Zion I
    "Planet Earth.. Are you there..? Are you listening? Are you prepared? I see mothership connection Deeper into spritual realms in a dimension Leavin some battalion, descending from Orion Travel 'til gone,"
  • And One - Linkin Park
    "Where should I start Disjointed heart Ive got no commitment To my own flesh and blood Left all alone Far from my home No one to hear me, to heal my ill heart, I Keep it locked up inside Cannot express To"
  • Caught Up - Kirk Franklin
    "(feat. Pastor Shirley Caesar) Caught up to meet Him Can't wait see Him When He cracks the sky Can't wait to hold Him By His touch I will know Him Together Jesus and I The trumpet shall sound We'll"
  • Caught Up - Usher
    "I'm the kind of brotha Who been doin' it my way Gettin' my way for years In my career And every lover In and out my life I've hit, love and left the tears Without a care Until I met this girl who turned"
  • One LOVE AND FINGERS - And One
    "mother's boy small and shy he's a boy in the cage a man of middle age wow i think he looks like his mother all his life a fashion show a hard man's job - oh no with a dress in a coalmine"
  • Only One - And One
    "Nothing would be better When you turn away Give me a second chance So let me stay The smile in your face Tells it for sure I want to be with you No matter rich or poor No matter rich or poor Whats the"

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