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one day i have a dream'"

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one day i have a dream'"

  • Have a day - One Hit Wonder
    "My heart fills with disgust a little more every day the taste of deaths not sweet no more honor among thieves CHORUS whats the problem with you! whats the problem with you! take my wallet, take my ride"
  • Have A Nice Day - Bon Jovi
    "Why, you wanna tell me how to live my life? Who, are you to tell me if it's black or white? Mama, can you hear me? Try to understand. Is innocence the difference between a boy and a man. My daddy lived"
  • Have a nice day - Melinda Doolittle
    "Why, you wanna tell me how to live my life? Who, are you to tell me if its black or white? Mama, can you help me? Try to understand. Is innocence the difference between a boy and a man. My daddy lived"
  • Have A Nice Day - Carlos Jean
    "Good morning guys and girls, here we are once again trying to figure out the secret of his mysterius person that we have all come to know. but today is the most important day of my life, because today"
  • Have A Nice Day - Kelis
    "I'm not really on a hustle But I must admit I still enjoy the grind Now traffic doesn't bother me at all 'Cause for once I'm not racing time Questions I used to ask myself Answers I needed now Problems"
  • Have A Nice Day - Crass
    "same old stuff, you?ve heard it all before, crass being crass about the system, or is it war? we ain?t got no humour, we don?t know how to laugh well, if you don?t fucking like it -- fucking tough! cos"
  • One Day - Custom
    "one day i'll be grown up you'll still be in my head i'll be all broken up and left to rot in bed one day i'll panic think that i was never good and think of all the things i woulda coulda should one"
  • One Day - Little River Band
    "ONE DAY WRITER GRAHAM GOBLE One day, we'll leave behind all this madness, we'll learn to live without sadness, we'll get the things we all wanted, I say we'll learn to love each other one day. So now,"
  • One Day - Simple Plan
    "Sometimes this house feels like a prison That I just can't leave behind There's so many rules I gotta follow Cuz you can't let go I don't wanna hear it And I just can't believe it All the stupid things"
  • One day - Uriah Heep
    "One Day, One Day, One Day, One DayOne Day, One DayDidn't I tell ya everything was gonna be all rightI never doubted it was just a matter of timeAnd though I've travelled across the desert of despairI knew"
  • One Day - Kelly Clarkson
    "You don't know how you shine I guess no one told you, So let me be the first to show how I Love your eyes when you smile Can't resist you even when I try One day you'll see One day you'll believe"
  • One Day - Kamelot
    "can you remember the morning I told you goodbye just when a new was dawning a piece of me died somehow I have to try to getting used to being alone If I could only hold you once again I'd never let go save"
  • One day - Kottonmouth Kings
    "Hi, my name is Sky Blue and one day I wish I lived in Disneyland and everybody would be happy.Bye.One day I'll be floating in the sky flying like a bird looking down at you. Wonder why I'm upHereAnd I"
  • One Day - Gary Moore
    "I've seen that look somewhere before Your sorrow's like an open door You've been this way for much too long Somebody must have done you wrong But one day the sun will shine on you Turn all your tears"
  • One Day - Aaron Shust
    "One Day I will leave this body and I will get a perfect one That day I will see His glory shining like the noonday sun One day, I'll take a walk with Jesus He might explain the mysteries of life Some"
  • Day One - Sugarplum Fairy
    "From day one I have wanted you And now I feel so all alone In the sun I am haunted too And now I feel so all alone Maybe we never succeeded Blame me 'cause I didn't see That everything I ever needed Was"
  • One Day - Fighting Gravity
    "(Lyrics, Music: Leitch, Triano, Peterson) A little child with larger eyes making faces from the clouds above so simple in so many different ways Mom and dad would fix his hair before he went outside to"
  • One Day - NRG
    "I can't forget about you today either, i just see the sky just waiting for you, all my senses are rolled up the one who wasn't worried about seperation was you the last person was you the one who watched"
  • One day - John Lennon
    "You are my weakness, you are my strength Nothing I have in the world makes better sense Cause I'm a fish and you're the sea When we're together or when we're apart There's never a space in between the"
  • One Day - Tony Rebel
    "-P. Barrett- I say don't hang yourself with no rope Have faith and continue live up in hope Chorus: Everybody bawling, one day, one day Everybody hoping somehow, someway Everybody bawling one day, one"

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