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one day too late skillet

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one day too late skillet

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one day too late skillet
  • The Time Skillet
    "Uaah! We don't need no microwave. Skillet. Ha haa! Dance, now we're sizzlin'. Yeah, uh. Shock effect straight out the box. Whenever I want to rock and roll the groove a bit. Sexy shake from the heat I"
  • Black Sabbath Too Late
    "Soon it's never more When you've got to pay for Promises - made in the night Call the magic one And with the magic comes Forever chained to the flame It's too late Too late - for tears Too late - And"
  • Dio Too late
    "Soon it's never more When you've got to pay for Promises - made in the night Call the magic one And with the magic comes Forever chained to the flame Chorus: It's too late Too late for tears Too late And"
  • Jennifer Lopez Too Late
    "First you say that you have to go away I never should have been with you anyway Now you say you want to stay It's too late, 'cause I'm sending you on your way You say that you have to go away I never"
  • Kwan Too Late
    "I know as a fact that the sun dont always shine Gotta be optimistic, tomorrow itll be fine And it hurts, like the mother who is giving birth To the child full of innocence for life he has thirst But in"
  • Antidote Too late
    "Well I didn't go home when I should haveThe boys and me had a really good laughWe drank all night till the sunshine cameI went home pissed was completely lameNow it's monday morning, 7 o'clockTime to go"
  • Continental Drifters Too Little, Too Late
    "Graduation day and you sum up broke Shuffled your feet and then bummed a smoke You were so convinced that it all went great No one there to tell you it's too little too late Too little too late, she waited"
  • Barenaked Ladies Too Little Too Late
    "You say, "Why does everything revolve around you?" You say, "Why does everything I do confound you?" You say that I pulled the world from under you, You can't go through it this time And I could be good,"
  • Socratic Too Late, Too Soon
    "When I fall, I fall far. I guess that's what I get for standing tall. And when I see, I see clear. I'm looking but it's blurred. One day the world will turn and try to forget you. Just remember to have"
  • Lynyrd Skynyrd Never Too Late
    "(Gary Rossington - Johnny Van Zant - Hughie Thomasson - Rickey Medlocke) In this world that we all live in Its all takin' and there's no givin' Before its too late,somethings gotta change Go to work"
  • Bad Company Never Too Late
    "Bad Company Holy Water Never Too Late Last night, you said you didn't know what you wanted Baby that's all right, I can help you see this one through I know you won't leave him, you think it's all wrong Why"
  • Steadman World Too Late
    "What is this sharp elevation? Moving too fast to be seen Changes all life's imitations Pulling me out of a dream Making us all come clean I exceed my limitations Keeping control of my head You put me"
  • The Streets It's Too Late
    "She said 'Meet me at the gates at eight 'Leave now, don't be late' She said one day she'd walk away 'Cause I was always late Thought things were okay Didn't care though anyway Say 'Sorry, babe, I had to"
  • Saves The Day Tomorrow Too Late
    "Light beams through windows stream into my eyes my eyes explode like red balloons as it reminds me of you so long ago wind blows through a hole in the roof brings your perfume like lillies to me"
  • Syleena Johnson One Day
    "I'm not the one to wish bad things On someone who's done me wrong I like to think I can forgive and move on But I've seen it time and time again You lose a good thing then you want it back again But it's"
  • Delta Goodrem One Day
    "One day i'll learn to like myself One day i'll finally get it right And i'll try till time catches up with me One day i'll be too old to care OOH one day OOH one day it will be okay One day i'll speak"
  • Custom One Day
    "one day i'll be grown up you'll still be in my head i'll be all broken up and left to rot in bed one day i'll panic think that i was never good and think of all the things i woulda coulda should one"
  • River City High One Day
    "You tell me you don feel like you remember You say you look like May but you feel like December Why don we make plans for August again Why do we always change with the weather (chorus) Why don we"
  • Roger Daltrey One Day
    "w&m Gerald Milne 1979 Heavy Leavy Music Co. Limited Why do we run in this race with each other I can do anything better than you Do you believe in the laws of the jungle The weak can be strong, well"
  • Esham One Day
    "One day I'ma die, mama don't cry Ain't no heaven up in the sky One day I'ma fade away And set the world on fire, watch the sky turn grey 2x I was born to mourn,I guess that's why I live the life of misery Forever"

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