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one direction midnight memores

  • Direction - The Toasters
    "Too mnay people tell me What to do and how to be I got 97 channels but there's nothing on TV Information superhighway Modem is on full May as well hotwire a socket Right into my skull Direction! Direction!"
  • Direction - The Cribs
    "I may be leaving, but it's okay To say what you're feeling, but baby not for free It's called direction So many times I can see That the way that you are is rubbing off on me It's called direction Did"
  • One Direction - Sofa Surfers
    "I don't want the dream no more I just want what's at the other side Of the door Tomorrow is a way through today Through the creaking And the weighing down on my head-fettered brain As I fly apart Going"
  • Midnight Memories - One Direction
    "Straight off the plane to a new hotel Just touched down, you could never tell A big house party with a crowded kitchen People talk shh but we don't listen Tell me that I'm wrong but I do what I please Way"
  • No Direction - Simply Red
    "Singing hymns on roads and pavements Hungry jims, no-one saves them Walkin' north, talkin' south With firm intention And I don't know what I'm talking about It's firm intention In this dreary life,"
  • No Direction - Bad Religion
    "A sullen figure walks along a dusty road His life was holy and he couldn't bear the Load He left his people and simple life behind He raised his torso and he looked into the sky Shouting his questions,"
  • Right Direction - En Vogue
    "Standing on this dusty road Listening to my radio If you could see me, I'd know you swear I'm a thousand miles from anywhere Well it may seem stong insane to you, baby But I guess it's just what I gotta"
  • Direction: Perfection - Dragonland
    "Just one One more and I'll give in Say Why you stalk me Everlasting crave Fly through the light In nethern realms you will find No more deception Exception Now save your pride Walk this line And I'll"
  • Same Direction - Hoobastank
    "Whenever i step outside, somebody claims to see the light It seems to me that all of us have lost our patience. 'cause everyone thinks they're right, And nobody thinks that there just might Be more than"
  • Midnight - Thomas Anders
    "Midnight Under the moonlight You're sayin' with your eyes What I've always known Midnight Wherever you wander The star that you follow Is guiding you home Two hearts Wishing on one star Dreaming together"
  • Midnight - Natalia Moskal
    "I don’t need nobody I don’t need nobody but you want show me that you gonna love me I don’t need nobody I don’t need nobody They say hay baby girl be aware of the world [?] you got to love it for got"
  • Midnight - Omarion
    "Midnight....mmm... Uhhhmmm... It started out like any other day But it was any thing but Something 'bout the way the moon was shining Something seemed so different ooh Got in the car but didn't have"
  • Midnight - Jessie Ware
    "You’re special your truly you pull me deep into my deepest desire can you meet me in the midnight? call me cause I know you you know me when I’m fading you’re the only one who inspires maybe I love you maybe"
  • Midnight - Red Hot Chili Peppers
    "Things will never be the same Still I'm awfully glad I came Resonating in the shape of things to come Never waiting when I know there's only one. Messed it up but rest assured No one ever thinks they're"
  • Midnight - Ice-T
    "Midnight chillin' at A.M P.M. Coolin' drinkin' apple juice In Evil's BM The sound's up loud To attract attention rmoraled tires On a lowered suspension Nardi to steer with Alpine deck was glowin' Bumpinn'"
  • Midnight - A Tribe Called Quest
    "Q-Tip: The night is my mind The sun'll still shine But the night is on my mind So parlay while I drop this rhyme See, Jake be gettin illy when the sun get dark They be comin out the heads, but shit don't"
  • Midnight - Blindside
    "Fast lane, sane, insane this world is running And I'm walking with a cane Seek, seek you can be unique But whatever you do don't let your inside out But I've got to take a leak And I know You're alive"
  • In Every Direction - So Many Dynamos
    "Everywhere you look, in every direction. It's desolate now, It's creeping me out, It's everywhere you look. In every direction, there's needles in the air. There's one eye aware in every sleeping head, Everywhere"
  • The Wrong Direction - Ugly Americans
    "If you go downtown, Way down to Baltimore Street. You just might see my baby there. Yeah my baby might be someone you meet. Yeah if you go downtown And you take yourself a look around. You just might"
  • Looking For Direction - Subb
    "Devastated by the echoes Who'd ever thought that I'd know Overwhelmed by the words you said Make no sense in my head Understated more than one time Looking for the perfect line Still trying hard to keep"

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