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one directon-up all night

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one directon-up all night

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one directon-up all night
  • One Direction Up All Night
    "Liam: It feels like we've been living in fast-foward Another moment passing by (up-up-up all night) The party's ending but it's now or never Nobody's going home tonight (up-up-up all night) Harry: Katy"
  • Razorlight Up All Night
    "I lost the sacred feeling but I Made a couple of friends and now Our things have never looked so good Our things have never been so clear And now I'm alone with you I'm always up all night And I"
  • Hinder Up All Night
    "Saw a waitress, couldn't waste it Opportunity knocks and you take it Went to my place, got to get a taste A couple shots at the bar we were wasted You know she's all in, the room is spinning Probably shouldn't"
  • Suburban Legends Up All Night
    "Shake your booty Prepare for domination I know you'd like me I've got quite the reputation Here comes that feeling again Out pop my guts now I'm a mess Been up all night Wondering why Things aren't getting"
  • The Draft Up All Night
    "Don't be afraid to step inside. We'll get it right one of these times, cause the ones they thought they put to bed are up and dancing on their heads the whole night. Hey, it's just another night, and it's"
  • Beck Up All Night
    "When you get the rhythm and words all make you cold when they break it down and this world is all you know hands up you’re working it round now get yourself together when you call the dominos fall it’s"
  • Charlie Puth Up all night
    "Tekst piosenki: Well, I get the thrill run down my spine When I see you hitting me up Feelin' so electrified With the heat of a million suns You know just one touch can keep me high And I think I'll never"
  • Lionel Richie Up All Night
    "So I found me a little thing Wanna keep me up all night She told me don't be so uptight She wanna keep up all night Damn she might kill me I found me a pretty little thing Wanna keep me up all night She"
  • Unwritten Law Up All Night
    "Can we talk about automatic satisfaction Sittin' back relaxin' floored What's wrong with kickin it When you're bored and lit Lets smoke some cigarettes And catch up on the back porch Fire up another"
  • Taylor Dayne Up All Night
    "(Shelly Peiken, Steve Kimland, Kennan Keating) Up all night With thoughts I can't escape from All the things you said It's a one-way street this dead-end situation Keeps running through my head Now the"
  • El-P Up All Night
    "I'm from Brooklyn Vandal bedrock Scandal bedlam Broken burnt up New New York speak New speak, true speak Universe dirt, burnt a loose leaf Bomb the casba Bring the bleeders Sanity fist fuck such allegiance Born"
  • Mic Righteous Up All Night
    "Yo, looking like a tramp Camping in my caravan, with my man Just got back from Amsterdam There's always one that thinks he's action man Tell your sister and your brother and your mother and your father"
  • Never Heard Of It Up All Night
    "Another miserable day I didn't Sleep once again please tell me Why am I this way lately this is how it's been I've got so much On my mind I'm waiting for the Day to find the answers to my Troubles am"
  • Travis One Night
    "I wake up to find you lying awake with your hands in your head You cannot run can't escape from the things that you said And you can tell anybody Anybody who comes You can tell anybody But the damage is"
  • Bamboozled One Night
    "One night is all I need To make, make you, you mine One night is all I need One night, one night One night is all I need One night to make you mine One night is all I need One night, one night One night"
  • Profyle One Night
    "I be talkin' sexiest shit to my girl (Hello) Yeah baby what you doin'? One night is all I need To make, make you, you mine One night is all I need One night, one night One night is all I need One night"
  • Linkin Park One night
    "We stood upon the edge Eyes fixed in the sky Just before twilight Claimed the lights Wind carried voices Over the waters From a whisper Into a scream We got this one night to make it real For tomorrow"
  • Bee Gees One Night
    "I send you down my love tonight On a dream that I can hold you near Will the message in your eyes Take shape and crystalize Or will you disappear That feeling when you sigh I could not want you more Ah"
  • The Game One Night
    "(Chorus) I only f**k with you on two occasions When I'm drunk, when I'm high I will be broke, if I would be with you That is why it's for one night (one one one one...)(Chorus) I'm a muthaf**kin' gang"
  • Fredro Starr One Night
    "(Talking) There's two things in the world I ain't never seen, know what I'm sayin'? A space ship and the bitch I need, ha, ya heard? New shit yo, you know you tell me when you want some half of Miss Shorty,"

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