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one ditection she not afraid

  • Afraid - Hagen
    "Kenny was afraid to die just like many a troubled kid Kenny was afraid to die even more afraid to live Kenny was afraid to cry so he stayed away from love Kenny was afraid to fly he burned the feathers"
  • She's Not Afraid - One Direction
    "Louis: Yeah! One, two, three, four! Harry: She sneaks out in the middle of the night, yeah Tight dress with the top cut low She’s addicted to the feeling never letting go Liam: Let it go Louis: She"
  • She aint afraid - ICP
    "So whats up man this shit ain't goin downTrust me, trust meI know her man itt's gonna go down just be cool, be coolShe's never gonna buy that shitTrust meAlright look, Then I'ma go in thereAnd I'm just"
  • She Aint Afraid - Insane Clown Posse
    "So whats up man this shit ain't goin down Trust me, trust me I know her man itt's gonna go down just be cool, be cool She's never gonna buy that shit Trust me Alright look, Then I'ma go in there And I'm"
  • She ain't afraid - Twiztid
    "Let's get high and just fuck. I hit ya till ya bleed. And we can just blame it on the weed. Little freak. Sucking me off makin my knees weak. Rubbin my nuts when I cum makin my face tweak. She makes me"
  • Afraid - Loraine McFarland
    "Verse 1 I don't know Why I can't let someone in Tell me Is it you or is it me Am I scared or to afraid to put my trust in anyone nowadays. Don't lie Tell me im a bitch, I know it Go on spill it"
  • Not Afraid - Bizzy Bone
    "Yeah Studio rap productions (this is how we ride) Uh (and this is how we ride, seventh sign) My seventh sign niggaz still in that thang a dang Knelt down come around my way That's how we monster"
  • Not afraid - Eminem
    "(Hook) I'm not afraid (x2) to take a stand (x2) Everybody (x2) come take my hand (x2) We'll walk this road together, through the storm Whatever of weather, cold or warm Just let you know that, you're"
  • I'm Not Afraid - Black
    "The cotton is high The field is still full It?s dust is drifting everywhere A harvest moon comes up in the sky The blues to shake me, wake me It's a long way down to the birth of the blues I haven't very"
  • I'm Not Afraid - Jill Scott
    "I'm not afraid to be your lady I'm not afraid to be your whore I'm not afraid to be your future I'm not afraid to be your soil In which you plant your seed Flowers, they sprout for me My fragrance in the"
  • Im Not Afraid - Lacuna Coil
    "watch your back because i am coming closer shivers down your spine you were not expecting me how does it feel to be faced in your territory are you afraid to see me here im not afraid (to take me"
  • I'm Not Afraid - Remy Zero
    "Tonight we can no longer fight we can never return to it once we begin to see through the eyes up over heaven would you ever return to me in the end? i'm not afraid of you at all if you turned away"
  • I'm Not Afraid - Frank Sinatra
    "(R.McKuen, J.Brel, G.Jouannest) One afternoon I came to hear You sing a soft song into my ear Who would have thought quite by chance We might engage in a loving dance? Coming together, coming apart Lost"
  • Be Not Afraid - Scott Weiland
    "Be Not Afraid (Catholic Hymn) You shall cross the barren desert, but you shall not die of thirst. You shall wander far in safety, though you do not know the way. You shall speak your words in foreign"
  • I'm Not Afraid - Howling Bells
    "I've been where the sun don't shine I've been where the trees have all died I've been where there's no pathway or door And I'm not afraid anymore Been in a place where no one believes The things"
  • Afraid Not Scared - Ryan Adams
    "Look at this ocean with everyone drowning Idiots screaming and everyone sinking in slowly We're surrounded In the yellow lights of the city wasted as bodies In bed with somebody a touch away with nothing"
  • I Am Afraid - Pete Townshend
    "'''RUTH:''' ''Um, I'll see you tomorrow. I might be a bit late, but I will be there this time. Uh, so, call me back tonight. Anyway... okay?'' I stand beside you I face the future I'll admit to you I"
  • She - Zoe Girl
    "She grew up without very much She didn't know who her father was She met a boy and her heart he stole So she gave him all her body and her soul She's not ready to face The outcome of their mistake It's"
  • Afraid Of Crushes - Kind Of Like Spitting
    "The way your hair fell across your eyes spoiled my plans to never fall again. And when in vain I said so plain, that I could love, love that face hold those hands, love that place make big plans. She"
  • I am not afraid - Ayo
    "Who knows what it will be, I don't so why should i worry? If you think you know more than me, Keep it for yourself, cause i don't wanna know. You can think what you want, I know you're not the only one, Who"

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