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one eskimo hometime

  • Eskimo pie - George Jones
    "You can talk about your Frauleins and your pretty Geisha girlsAnd about the one you got in the USABut I found myself a sweetheart in Alaska way up highShe's my Eskimo baby she's my Eskimo pieShe's my Eskimo"
  • Hometime - Alison Moyet
    "Written by Moyet/Glenister Gone is the last stain of ink from the sky Somebody's talking and won't tell you why So you ask them to stay when you want them to fly And you try not to think of tomorrow's"
  • Baby Eskimo Kisses - Trophy Scars
    "The way you'd close your eyes Your lashes against mine The way you used to smile I'd bite my lip and smile The light was baby blue And I'd take care of you And our baby too I would marry you The glacier"
  • Eskimo blue day - Jefferson Airplane
    "Snow cuts loose from the frozenUntil it joins with the African seaIn moving it changes its cold and its nameThe reason I come and go is the sameAnimal game for meYou call it rainBut the human nameDoesn't"
  • Eskimo - Damien Rice
    "Tiredness fuels empty thoughts I find myself disposed Brightness fills empty space In search of inspiration Harder now with higher speed Washing in on top of me So I look to my eskimo friend I look to"
  • Eskimo - Red Hot Chili Peppers
    "In the name of it's for you I Bought it all and it's all untrue I Know, i'm a little slow Desparate and it shows In the name of spending street Burning bush and a busted knee you Stole, all the rain and"
  • I'm The Only Gay Eskimo - Wyclef Jean
    "I'm the only gay eskimo I'm the only one I know I'm the only gay eskimo In my tribe I go out seal hunting with my best friend Tarka But all I wanna do is get into his parka I'm the only gay eskimo In"
  • I'm the only gay eskimo - Tenacious D
    "feat. Wyclef Jean I'm the only gay eskimoI'm the only one I knowI'm the only gay eskimoIn my tribeI go out seal hunting with my best friend TarkaBut all I wanna do is get into his parkaI'm the only gay"
  • Eskimo Ride - Ima Robot
    "whether we are together we weather the party together it's better, better with the lights off maana, we don't know what that means all aboard! we don't care where we're going as long as we don't arrive we're"
  • Eskimo Lament - The Coral
    "Rain rain go away, Leave me here alone again, Where weary eyes and hollis tales, Play heavy on my mind Rain rain don't dismay, Come back on a better day, Where weary eyes and hollis tales, I've"
  • Quinn the eskimo - Bob Dylan
    "Ev'rybody's building the big ships and the boats, Some are building monuments, Others, jotting down notes, Ev'rybody's in despair, Ev'ry girl and boy But when Quinn the Eskimo gets here, Ev'rybody's gonna"
  • Quin the eskimo - Grateful Dead
    "Everybodys building the big ships and the boats.Some are building monuments, others jotting down notes.Everybodys in despair, every girl and boy,But when Quinn the Eskimo gets here everybodys gonna jump"
  • Mighty Quinn (Quinn The Eskimo) - Gotthard
    "Ev'rybody's Building The Big Ships And Boats Some Are Building Monuments Others Jotting Down Notes Ev'rybody's In Despair Ev'ry Girl And Boy But When Quinn The Eskimo Gets Here Ev'rybody's Gonna Jump"
  • The Mighty Quinn (Quinn The Eskimo) - Manfred Mann
    "Come all without Come all within You'll not see nothing like the Mighty Quinn Come all without Come all within You'll not see nothing like the Mighty Quinn Everybody's building ships and boats Some are"
  • Driver - Eskimo Joe
    "Hold me tight, don't let me go, oh I'm the one who takes you home tonight Whisperin' Whiskey and Gin I'm the one who takes you home tonight oh Yeah, yeah, yeah, oh Yeah, yeah, yeah, Talk to me quietly I'm"
  • Older Than You - Eskimo Joe
    "Oh inner city streets Where I sleep I watched her take this romance Home to me Chorus: I believe in something more I watched her heart Through bedroom doors It's true Eyes that are older than you Oh"
  • Monkeys - Eskimo Joe
    "Leave the Monkeys at home Get out of their face Leave them alone Cute as Monkeys may be Weren't meant to be kept In captivity :CHORUS: I like the zoo but it's time to give something back to Monkeys and"
  • Why Are All The Cars Outside Real? - Eskimo Joe
    "There is a place where we can go To hide away from this world we know Step inside my box of Sony, the one and only But why are all of the cars outside real? Had a sony gone and given to me How could I"
  • Wake Up - Eskimo Joe
    "Hey there young girl Throw it up here And I'll catch it in my tree Throw it higher If you bring a ladder Then we can be near That's no secret I'll tell you all about it on your next birthday You won't"
  • Sydney Song - Eskimo Joe
    "See me come and see me go In my fancy resturant All the time you never know No, I can't pay for any of it Don't like the way you use your tongue To get one up on me Oh man, can't you see. How do you think"

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