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one for you

  • For One - Tears Of Mankind
    "The wind caress a voice of trees They sing for you, for one Green leaves - shadows of a wood Are turned in dance for you, for one In dark I go to you In my labyrinth I go through Pain and sufferings"
  • You Are The One - Double You
    "Chorus I There's a feeling that you can't go on there was love and you were strong all day you just look around baby here's my life Chorus II You know you can't just run away just stick around for just"
  • The One For You - Saybia
    "I hold a picture in my hand, and though I understand I'm drifting into space, your eyes are covered by a cloud Containing all your doubts, you held your lies with grace I'm not the one for you, I'm not"
  • One More For Love - Five for Fighting
    "Baby there's something on my mind tonight There's a reason to believe we almost got it right There's a fire burning in the firelight As we roll on tonight There's paper promises and alibis There"
  • One Song For You - Sleater Kinney
    "If you want it and you're going out of your mind If you want me in your bed we better do it on the sly, And you know why. One song for you We wrote a little tune It takes off for you Hold on, hold on it's"
  • One Song For You - Sleater-Kinney
    "If you want it and you're going out of your mind If you want me in your bed We better do it on the sly One Song for you ''(And you know why)'' We wrote a little tune ''(Do it on the sly)'' It takes off"
  • One For The Road - Funeral For A Friend
    "There are miles left to walk And this desert never lies Broken bottles on the floor Cigarette kisses on the walls Did you forget to call To find your way back home? Out for another drink You find yourself"
  • One More Song For You - Andy Kaufman
    "ANDY: ... and, and, and ... (clears throat) I hope to see you again soon, and I love you, and thank you very much! Now, till we meet again ... Well, it's time to say goodbye It's been good having you"
  • For One Day - Evermore
    "Draw the world in shades of grey Cut me out and walk away Pick me up then put me down 'Cause it feels so cold in the rain Could I hold you for one day Could I hold you for one day Could I hold you for"
  • All For One - Diana Ross
    "(Nickolas Ashford/Valerie Simpson) All for one and one for all You live, you give, you have a ball There's no need to live on an island Cause everyone here respects your opinion It all adds up to It's"
  • All for one - Uriah Heep
    "You think I'm crazy for wanting youBut you just hide awayBehind your untold truthsAnd so I sit andListen to your lonely wordsAnother reason for you to be yourselfI can't be wrong for believing youThis"
  • One For All - Krokus
    "One is a child in the ghetto One is a beggar in rags One is a victim of circumstance One is a queen dressed in black All working hard for the dollar Money to keep 'em alive It's one big fight for survival And"
  • All For One - Primal Fear
    "Hold back the night my darkest dreams I'm standing right beside you - enemy I'll take your fate into this world And I will follow you into the dawn I will unbind your chains - release you to reality"
  • Pancakes For One - Of Montreal
    "Pancakes for one are always depressing because having breakfast with you was such fun Pancakes for one are no fun Cocktails for one are never enchanting because having drinks with you was such fun Cocktails"
  • One For Me - Planetshakers
    "There Take my praise to You, Cause Your love brought me to this place And I, just can I That there Jesus You are the one for me I And tell of all the things you Jesus You are the one for me There That"
  • For This One - Trembling Blue Stars
    "I got your letter It put a stop To my waiting For you to call me up I can't go back I can't return To the world I knew To a world that's gone And you've let me know I can't have who I want So where to"
  • One For Me - Macy Gray
    "Ooooh baby I'm my own pedigree I hang out sometimes, butit's only me with me It's cool but lately I was wondering Is this forever and how long will tha be you see One night is all it took One dance"
  • All For One - Stryper
    "Verse 1 Take a look around, won't ya tell me what you see Is there love to be found in this world's pain and misery? Tell me, will it ever change? Chorus All for one and one for all Isn't that the"
  • For one day - Dido
    "If I had the chance for just one day with youOne day release from here and all that you go throughWell I'd get you dressed and I'd get you outAnd I know you'd be fine as soon as we broke outSo please just"
  • For One Kiss - Maggie Reilly
    "For a moment I saw you More than anything I know With the warmest embrace in your hands I only feel colder now Colder than I should Ah but something inside my heart let go I found that all my words have"

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