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one hand one heart')

  • One Hand, One Heart - Neil Diamond
    "Make of our hands, one hand Make of our hearts, one heart Make of our vows, one last vow Only death will part us now Make of our lives, one life Day after day, one life Now it begins, now we start One"
  • One Hand, One Heart - West Side Story
    "TONY: (Spoken) I, Anton, take thee, Maria . . . MARIA: (Spoken) I, Maria, take thee, Anton . . . TONY: For richer, for poorer . . . MARIA: In sickness and in health . . . TONY: To love and to honor"
  • One Hand, One Heart. - Debbie Gibson
    "VERSE 1: Come with me, To a place where All is free No one to tell you what to do, How to tell me your feelings Just, pure honesty... VERSE 2: I know that, If we were Given space Baby we'd find our place Together But"
  • One Hand One Heart Reprise - West Side Story
    "I have a love, and it's all that I have Right or wrong, what else can I do? I love him; I'm his, And everything he is, I am too I have a love, and it's all that I need, Right or wrong, and he needs me,"
  • I Have A Love/One Hand, One Heart - Barbra Streisand
    "I have a love and it's all that I have Right or wrong, what else can I do? I love him; I'm his, And ev'rything he is I am too... I am too... I have a love and it's all that I need. Right"
  • I Have A Love/one Hand One Heart - Barbra Streisand
    "Barbra Streisand Back To Broadway I Have A Love/one Hand One Heart Johnny mathis I have a love and it's all that i have Right or wrong, what else can i do? Barbra I love him; i'm his, And ev'rything he"
  • One Hand - Usher
    "Verse 1Me and my baby had the worst kinda fightA lotta dirt slung up when she hung upI could tell somethin' in her voice wasn't rightBooked a red-eye at last minute, 4am and she ain't homeStart dialin'"
  • One man, one heart - Kansas
    "This is my beginning Tomorrow holds my hand Yesterday is dead and gone Buried in the sand The vision stands before me And now there's nothing else So close your eyes and realize The way I see myself One"
  • One - Faith Hill
    "I've tried with all my might But still don't understand why we ever let it get so out of hand My arms are reaching out and holding on tight To what it always felt so right It's hard to figure out the answers"
  • One - Ed Sheeran
    "Tell me that you turned down the man Who asked for your hand Cause you're waiting for me And I know, you're gonna be away a while But I've got no plans at all to leave And would you take away my hopes"
  • One - Heart Evangelista
    "One By Heart Evangelista One Night, One Kiss Only One Feeling Exist One Breath, One Touch But I've Never Felt This Much And I, I Wanna Share My Whole Life With You I Wanna Keep On Dreaming Dreams"
  • Hand on Heart - Olly Murs
    "Come on Come on, I'm Right, I'm Wrong and when I'm Wrong I say. We always had the good and bad And that will never change. This is the closest, I've ever been Oohh yeah. The Give, The Take, The Mend,"
  • Heart in hand - Brenda Lee
    "Here I stand, heart in hand.Looking like a fool, left behind by youThere was I, so starry eyedI couldn't see, that you didn't didn't love meYes, I was the last one,I the very last one to know. AhI was"
  • One Hand Loose - Stray Cats
    "I'm a tip top daddy and I'm gonna have my way Keep away from the corner that's what I gotta say One hand only get ready for a ride Give me one hand loose and I'll be satisfied Give me a free hand baby"
  • One Hand Mona - Gustav
    "mona gave up taking pictures she lost her left arm and married karl 8 hours of sleep 8 hours of work 8 hours of leisure-time, of remedy 3 months of pregnancy - it takes 7 minutes to prepare the coffee and"
  • One Heart - Newsboys
    "One Heart By Newsboys Shipwrecked on the rocks of pride. Shipwrecked on the rocks of fear. My heart is torn apart when you're not here. Life goes by like a dream. When we die, oh will it seem That our"
  • One heart - Kaskade
    "both of us understand at least when we want to knowing what makes us happy is sometimes the hardest thing to lose shallow as we may be as deep as we want to as simple is better rough so leave some time"
  • One Heart - Celine Dion
    "(One heart you are following) You can run and you can begin In a place where you don't fit in Love will find a way yeah When you're down, you can start again Turn around and you think you're in Love will"
  • One heart - Newboys
    "Shipwrecked on the rocks of prideShipwrecked on the rocks of fearMy heart is torn apart when you're not hereLife goes by like a dreamWhen we die will it seemThat our hearts weren't always on the OneChorusOne"
  • One Heart - O-Town
    "One heart, can make a difference One choice, can change it all One voice, can travel the distance and be heard all around the world. Would you make a sacrifice, If you knew that it was right? Well the"

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