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one life kase wrethov

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one life kase wrethov
  • KASE and WRETHOV One Life
    ""What if god told you To write a masterpiece? Would you tell 'I'm you couldn't read?" There's only one life It's right here, it's right now What is pain Do you really wanna live this way? Do you"
  • Gromee Live Forever (feat. Wrethov)
    "Standing on the edge of time Waiting for something to happen now Why if we could rewind? We said the sun is not over again So take me up now And let us go Is tomorrow let us show We’ve got the fire We’ve"
  • Queensryche One Life
    "One life, is like one prayer, one love to share. One thought, one dream. One world, one meaning. A man that's lost everything holds his faith in his heart. Speaks to god of broken dreams, never wondering"
  • James Morrison One Life
    "When I was a young boy I was living for the moment The world was wide open I had every choice But with so many choices I just didn’t know what to do now All I say is just forget it If you tell me I’ll"
  • Cathy Dennis One Life
    "One life, we got it Right here just you and me One life, divided Till you can get to me When I look into your eyes I see the man I need, yes I do When I think of fantasies, I only think of you, only you You"
  • Justin Bieber One Life
    "Girl, where you going? Only have one life I only wanna live it with you I wanna sleep where you sleep"
  • Plazma One Life
    "Your magic injection Caused my rebirth or resurrection There is no deception Now I can see my own reflection I'm not even afraid of sunshine And I quietly sleep in moonlight Keep my windows and doors wide"
  • Alabama One Life
    "A man and wife had prayed for years for children Were losing faith and close to giving up Then a young girl with no way to keep her baby Laid in their arms a tiny gift of love It only takes one life to"
  • Michelle McManus One Life
    "One life with you So you're leaving There must be something I can try Saying sorry As big as it seemed were words just lost on you and I Is there something I've been missing Cos I still need to know"
  • Mai Kuraki One Life
    "Hey boy! Listen to my heart motometeru no wa FEA ja nai manzoku no ato ni wa mata fuman wo tsurete kuru kara ima no mama ja risou no mizu agezu kareteku hana no you unmei kaeru dake no Soul motte tsuranuku makenaideOne"
  • Esthero One Life
    "( Last Emporer feat Poetic and Esthero ) 1993, shortly before Thanksgivin' I got the call she say Jamal, Derek is no longer livin Softly she spoke Is this a joke? Man, you gotta be kiddin As my question"
  • The Pillows One Life
    "Aoi karashi no hanabira ga kaze mo naku yurete tala boku no tameiki no sei de oboite nai kedo kitto s sa Nichij no yamini kurumari jij ni shibarete kimi to yume wo mita mabushisa de jibun no kao matomo"
  • Sean Paul One life
    "Yow yow yow yow! Some bwoy don't never learnNever learnSkin a burn... skin a burn!Yow yow!Wah me tell demSome bwoy don't never learn...Tell dem put dung di gun cah nuff man skin a burnBut dem still pick"
  • Lennie Moreno One Life
    "Jump to the left now jump to the right, that's right, We gonna make yo body dance all night, close yo eyes, Shake yourself from all the drama that's in yo life, Step right front, now step right back, hands"
  • Alyson Avenue One Life One Show
    "White tigers on a silver stage. Noone sees the reality. You can feel the glamour. Famous for eternity. Lonely gamblers in a silver cage. Thats how they like to play their game. An awesome thrill for them"
  • Gotthard One Life One Soul
    "I' Ve Been Waiting, All My Life For The Sun To Make It Mine Callin ' , Callin, Whispering Your Name N' Right Now You're On My Trail Falling, Falling, Wishing You Near But Somehow You Slipped Away Like"
  • H2O One Life, One Chance
    "What if I said, I was an accident waiting to happen Woudl I trip and fall, fall on my words And would you say, say that I was wrong My words were out of place, went where I didn't belong This to me is"
  • Chuckie Akenz One life, one love
    "Lookin Back On My Life As I Sit At My Desk I Would Never Imagine Myself To Be So Blessed With An Angel From Heaven A Gift From God,Some One That I Could Love Forever Be On The First Side You're The"
  • FlipBoy One Life, One Love
    "( Intro ) Girl, I can say "I Love You" as much as I want, but I need to show it in other ways too, you know what I'm sayin'? ( Verse 1 ) I wake up every morning beside the girl of my dreams, It seems"
  • Plazma One Life (RMX)
    "Your magic injection Caused my rebirth or resurrection There is no deception Now I can see my own reflection I'm not even afraid of sunshine And I quietly sleep in moonlight Keep my windows and doors wide"

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