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  • He Likes - Cha Cha
    "Uh, uh, yeah, uh, yeah, uh, yo Where the payback? Throw the clothes on the counter Like pay for that I know these broads hate me now That's cause you okay with that Them payments, kind of late with that Baby"
  • No One Likes Us - The Business
    "Been banned from the Whiskey A Go Go Been banned from a club in Soho Been banned From Red Lion Square Been banned from every where No one likes us No one likes We're the Business and we don't care Your"
  • No One Likes You - Loraine McFarland
    "Verse 1 You screwed me over for the last time Saying that I backstabbed you Why must you be so So into you You get on my nerves You use to be a good friend Thought we'd be till the end Well I guess"
  • She likes saturdays - Oblivion
    "It all happened on a Saturday. He had to be a man an leave her smile such a sad way, such a sad way. It goes back a long time ago. Wide-eyed, Big Apple treated you such a bad way, such a bad way. You know"
  • She Likes Me - August Premier
    "hey you, i'm getting pretty sick of all the crazy things you do somewhere out there, there's another one that treats me better than you she likes me for who i am and that's fine by me she likes me for"
  • No-One Likes To Be Upstaged - The Thrills
    "Well sure has been a while Well I was just here killing some time Watching people go by Left my sins down by the sea Don't you know that no-one likes to be upstaged Well I don't buy that I don't believe"
  • Lisa Likes Rock'n' Roll - Ian Hunter
    "(Ian Hunter) There's a wango-tango at the peppermint inn I'm gonna be there Shakin' my thing be bop a lula little Peggy Sue we both got company don't know what to do but that's alright yeah that's OK In"
  • Not Everybody Likes Us - Hank Williams Sr.
    "Well, hello there folks, how the hell are you doin': It's good to be in your local bar again. So let's get loud, we'll get stoned an' get proud, Have a damn good time until the show's at an' end. Sometimes"
  • Song that jane likes - Dave Matthews Band
    "And in plays to write the wire in I'll come back again Torching time talking rhymes in I'll come back again Would you like to play With the thought of a friend In a distant passing stage While you lie"
  • The Likes Of Me - Break The Silence
    "All that is mourned through the death of agony. Through a secret that is well kept, and locked inside of me. There's a pattern to the cause: something goes to waste. Always out of time, and always out"
  • Nobody Likes Sad Songs - Ronnie Milsap
    "You've seen the way I entertain a crowd. I use to pack 'em in for miles around. And I play the happy songs that made 'em smile. Why'd she want to go and change my style? Nobody like sad songs, ones about"
  • I Think She Likes Me - The Moffatts
    "I think she likes me And I know I like her It's kind of frightening Cause it's too soon to be sure I think she likes me Maybe even might be love Should I be patient Or should I ask her straight out That"
  • She Likes To Move It - Why Store
    "She's been known to wander off into imaginary places She's been known to roam She's been known to wander off into this darker stretch They don't like to see She likes to move it She likes to groove it It"
  • I Think She Likes Me - morphine
    "I walked into a strange cafe no one there's ever heard my name I go to the bar, have a seat talk to that woman sittin next to me she'll ask me in a voice so low she ask me if I come in here alone she ask"
  • Lisa likes rock n roll - Ian Hunter
    "There's a wango-tango at the peppermint inn I'm gonna be there Shakin' my thing be bop a lula little Peggy Sue we both got company don't know what to do but that's alright yeah that's OK In the middle"
  • Somebody Up There Likes Me - David Bowie
    "He's everybody's token, on everybody's wall Blessing all the papers, thanking one and all Hugging all the babies, kissing all the ladies Knowing all that you think about from writing on the wall He's so"
  • She likes me for me - Blink 182
    "She don't care about my car, And she don't care about my money, And thats real good cuz i don't got a lot to spend, But if i did it would mean nothing. She likes me for me, Not because i look like tyson"
  • She likes me for me - Third Eye Blind
    "She dont care about my car,and she dont care about my money,and thats real good cuz i dont got a lot to spend,but if i did it would mean nothing.She likes me for me,not because i look like tyson bedford,with"
  • She Likes It On Top - Lillian Axe
    "Ow! C'mon! (I bet you like lookin' down on me) So you feel a little lonely girl Well you know you're used to that one Now the taste of sweet success Is on your lips, you always want some Picture"
  • Hey Leonardo (She Likes Me For Me) - Blessid Union of Souls
    "She don't care About my car And she don't care About my money And that's real good 'cause I don't got A lot to spend But if I did It wouldn't mean nothin' She likes me for me Not because I Look like Tyson"

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