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one moment in timu

  • One Moment - Kirsty Hawkshaw
    "Your vowels And you consonents Self opinions Spin round my head Like the rings around Saturn When I'm asleep in bed I remember one time 30 seconds before you closed your eyes You said it I believed it Sent"
  • Moment - Aiden
    "I will wait for this moment when our lips collide and almost stop the earth you're in my arms tonight so I've come to complicate the dead are you with me? I've rewritten all my vows again we're almost"
  • Moment - Vivian Or Kazuma
    "{{ruby||}} {{ruby||}} {{ruby||}} {{ruby||}}? {{ruby||}} {{ruby||}}{{ruby||}} {{ruby||}} {{Translation|Japanese}} ==Romanized Japanese== dare mo mina samayoi nagara kotae wo sagashite futari"
  • One moment in time - Edyta Górniak
    "Each day I liveI want to beA day to giveThe best of meI'm only oneBut not aloneMy finest dayIs yet unknownI broke my heartFor every gainTo taste the sweetI faced the painI rise and fallYet through it allThis"
  • One Moment In Time - Whitney Houston
    "Each day I live I want to be A day to give The best of me I'm only one But not alone My finest day Is yet unknown I broke my heart Fought every gain To taste the sweet I face the pain I rise and fall Yet"
  • One moment in time - Judith Lefeber
    "Each day i livei wont to bea day to givethe best of meim only onebut not alonemy find use dayis yet alonei wasone moment in timewhen i more then i thought i cut bewhen all of my dreamssere heart be the"
  • One Shining Moment - Lil' Kim
    "The ball is tipped and there you are! Youre running for your life youre a shooting star! And all the years no one knows Just how hard youve worked But know it shows! Chorus: In one shining moment its"
  • One shining moment - Lil Kim
    "The ball is tipped and there you are!Youre running for your life youre a shooting star!And all the years no one knowsJust how hard youve workedBut know it shows!Chorus:In one shining moment its all on"
  • One Shining Moment - David Barrett
    "The ball is tipped and there you are you're running for your life you're a shooting star And all the years no one knows just how hard you worked but now it shows... (in) One Shining Moment, it's all on"
  • One More Moment - Ronin
    "Don't take too long to say "I love you" to the ones you love, cause time has a habit of slipping away Out on a clear blue sky, when lighting strikes on a sunny day, just take me in and keep me from"
  • One Shining Moment - Diana Ross
    "(Vaneese Thomas) Tell me who, what, when, Where did it start? Tell me when, where How did you get in my heart? I feel your love washing over me In waves of emotion so strong I want to say while I've got"
  • Just One Moment - Badlees, The
    "Badlees, The Diamonds In The Coal Just One Moment Hypocrisy as it oughta be, that's called good business Sometimes it really bothers me how i got in this Took this job a-thinkin' i'd be movin' up some"
  • Just One Moment - Badless, The
    "Badless, The Diamonds In The Coal Just One Moment (alexander) Hypocrisy as it oughta be, that's called good business Sometimes it really bothers me how i got in this Took this job a-thinkin' i'd be movin'"
  • Just One Moment - Badlees
    "Badlees Miscellaneous Just One Moment badlees/just_one_moment Written by Alexander Quote: A man is rich in proportion to the things he can afford to let alone (Henry David Thoreau) SONG LYRICS: Hypocrisy"
  • One Brief Moment - Natacha Atlas
    "I miss him that man I almost met how can it be that we shared a secret in one brief moment our eyes were windows and in those moments I hope for him again his gentle spirit whispering words whispering"
  • One tender moment - Ken Hensley
    "Well you can do what you wanna do And you can say what you wanna say And you can be what you wanna be On any given day You can see what you choose to see And you can be who you wanna be But I?m gonna be"
  • One Perfect Moment - Bad Examples
    "Bad Examples Bad Is Beautiful One Perfect Moment Maybe we don't belong together I won't tell if you won't worry There's time enough for time to tell What's going on - i'm in no hurry Don't look now, the"
  • Just one moment - Habegale
    "Hypocrisy As It Oughta Be, That's Called Good BusinessSometimes It Really Bothers Me How I Got in ThisTook This Job A-thinkin' I'd Be Movin' Up Some DayBeen Too Busy Drinkin' to Be Carin' Either WayThe"
  • One moment ago - Jasmine Guy
    "One minute ago i was in a bad moodBut then i thought happy and then it changedWhat is going on in my mind today i seem to beGoing crazy i just want to get out of this dark placeAnd move to where the sun"
  • One shining moment - Marc Anthony
    "River of daysOcean of nightWe drift awayAll of our livesYears I sailedMany miles from shoreUntil I lookedAnd saw your lightChorus:One shining momentThe instant I looked at your faceOne shining momentNo"

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