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one more time Laura pasini

  • Laura - Scissor Sisters
    "Laura, can't you give me some time, I got to give myself one more chance. To be the man that I know I am. To be the man that I know I am. Won't you just tell Cincinnati, I'm Gonna need your love. Don't"
  • Laura - Gowan
    "The dull parade, domestic scenne She makes a meal of toast and beans today The soaps play on her t.v. screen A mundane way to wash her dreams away And so she looks ahead another year Terrified to see that"
  • Laura - Billy Joel
    "Laura Calls me In the middle of the night Passes on her Painful information Then these careless fingers They get caught in her vice Til they're bleeding On my coffee table Living alone isn't all that It's"
  • One More Time - Laura Pausini
    "Nothing I must do Nowhere I should be No one in my life To answer to but me No more candlelight No more purple skies No one to be near As my heart slowly dies If I could hold you one more time like"
  • Laura Lee - The Sweet
    "'Off The Record' Version I believe the dreams she weaves Turnin' a wheel 'till nothing is real At her call the mighty fall Echo insane, her laughter remains Shaded tear for souvenirs Sharing your past,"
  • Laura - Jimmy Nail
    "I can hear the ocean pushing t the bay if I close my eyes then maybe it'll go away everywhere ther'e sunlight and children play for time thought I heard a sign then I realised it was mine the sky's a perfect"
  • Laura - Flogging Molly
    "Feel the words from my lips, see your hearts fingertip, and you know were I come from, cause I know, yes i know, everything there is to know, cause I've lost everything I've had... See I, I could have"
  • Laura - Fields Of The Nephilim
    "Tempted white eyes Blinded by the night Hollow like the towers On the inside Laura's a machine She's burning insane Laura's a machine For a menace in disguise Behold this night The four walls are furnished Now"
  • Laura - Bat For Lashes
    "You say that the evil left you behind Your heart broken, A part of you died Keep your arms around me and softly say: "Can we dance upon the tables again?" When you smile so wide Your heels are so high You"
  • Laura - Natalia Nykiel
    "You say that the evil left you behind Your heart broken, A part of you died Keep your arms around me and softly say: "Can we dance upon the tables again?" When you smile so wide Your heels are so high You"
  • Laura - Darin Zanyar
    "OohhBaby your beauty is just somethingaway from this timeI never knew that your perfectioncould exist aroundI gotta get to know and show youwhat I'm all abouttomorrow's never promisedgot to let my feelings"
  • Laura - Waltham
    "I thought about you early this morning When I was sleeping, cuz I was dreaming We were together baby, all night And when I say you, I couldn't hold in That I believe in, that you and me and Love go together"
  • One More Time - Roy Orbison
    "C Trevis Tell me one more time, with your hand in mine, that you love me like you used to do Tell me one more time, that you want me one more time, break my heart in two Tell me one more time, with"
  • One More Time - Joe Jackson
    "Tell me one more time as I hold your hand, that you don't love me Tell me one more time as teardrops start to fall Shout it to me and I'll shout it to the skies above me That there was nothing after"
  • One More Time - Brenda Lee
    "Got on my make up, I got on my brand new dress Drivin' down the highway, lookin' at my best I can see the motel sigh Up ahead, where I will find another night of lovin' you One more time One more time,"
  • One More Time - Fractured
    "Don't look back just go away, save your threats for another day. I gave it all for a glimmer of hope, I showed you love now I'm your joke. Just fucking choke. One more time I'm left broken, one more time"
  • One More Time - Mike Ness
    "the sky looks so dark looks like it might rain my baby's gone on the south bound train come back baby let's try it over one more time just one more time she left me here did not tell me why i only know"
  • Laura - Paweł Izdebski
    "na skos ustawiam si edo ciebie żebyś miała mnie n a oku i głupie miny robię swoje sie na bal i tańczę w głowie coraz więcej ludzi wraca do swych lodowatych posłań i znowu przed tobą nagi stoję i chyba"
  • One More Time - Kelly Willis
    "One more time before you break my heart dear Won't you hold me in your arms oh how I need to hear you tell me One more time that I'm your one and only And I'll believe you because I need to one more time I"
  • One More Time - The Clash
    "Must I get a witness? for all this misery There's no need to, brothers everybody can see That its one more time in the ghetto you know One more time if you please now One more time to the dying man They"

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