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one night in prais

  • Peniche Praia - Malibu Stacy
    "Almost every night my dear, and almost, almost every day There's a little thought of mine, and it's heading your way It's passed the witching hour, and now it's knocking on your door Come away with me"
  • One Night - Ronnie Milsap
    "Call me a fool, send me away I've got to say it's you I adore Alone and in love, fallin' apart I followed my heart straight to your door. Face to face, with all honesty I would be grateful if you'd give"
  • One summer night - All 4 One
    "One summer night we fell in love one summer night I held you tight you and I under the moon of love (moon of love) one summer night I kissed your lips one summer night I held you close you and I under"
  • One Summer Night - All-4-One
    "One summer night, we fell in love One summer night, I held you tight You and I, under the moon of love (Moon of love) One summer night, I kissed your lips One summer night, I held you close You and I,"
  • One Night - Travis
    "I wake up to find you lying awake with your hands in your head You cannot run can't escape from the things that you said And you can tell anybody Anybody who comes You can tell anybody But the damage is"
  • One Night - Rod Stewart
    "Released on cd single have I told you lately, 1993 Mike reid, troy seals Call me a fool Send me away I've got to say It's you I adore Alone and in love Falling apart I followed my heart Straight to your"
  • One Night - Accessory
    "Hey hey girl my eyes cross your shining way My mouth will kiss find the way to your secret lips Hey hey girl I'll put my hands on your ebm body Your feeds your head your neak your breast In trance with"
  • One Night - Mya
    "He came up and approached me Gentle and very sexy Had a little conversation Just enough to impress me He looked so delicious But i could tell what was on his mind I know he wants to taste the Honey that's"
  • One Night - Jinks feat. Beautiful
    "Baby Baby its official hey, Baby Baby its official, im feeling the vibe and every thing is fine man i feel like im flying And now i cant believe this girl infront of me is telling me that she maybe"
  • One night - Linkin Park
    "We stood upon the edge Eyes fixed in the sky Just before twilight Claimed the lights Wind carried voices Over the waters From a whisper Into a scream We got this one night to make it real For tomorrow"
  • One Night - After 7
    "Babyface and L.A. Reid You've got that look in your eyes And I've got plans for 2 though you're the kinda girl Who likes to take her time with love I'd gladly wait forever for you But in the middle of"
  • One Night - Bee Gees
    "I send you down my love tonight On a dream that I can hold you near Will the message in your eyes Take shape and crystalize Or will you disappear That feeling when you sigh I could not want you more Ah"
  • One Night - Bad Company
    "Bad Company Dangerous Age One Night I ain't got no money, but I sure got style And if you got the time, girl, I'll show you how to smile Come on make your mind up, ooh baby take a chance Before this night"
  • One Night - The Game
    "(Chorus) I only f**k with you on two occasions When I'm drunk, when I'm high I will be broke, if I would be with you That is why it's for one night (one one one one...)(Chorus) I'm a muthaf**kin' gang"
  • One Night - Barclay James Harvest, The
    "Barclay James Harvest, The Time Honoured Ghosts One Night You took all my money I gave you no name My love and my money Did you think i would chase it in the rain? My eyes are now open But what do i see? One"
  • One Night - Z-RO
    ""Ay-aiyyyy, if only for one Nah, niiight, niiight, niiight, niiiiiight Ahh one night, if only for one... niiiiiiiiight" + I wish I could have my loved ones back Cause I'd love to have my loved"
  • One Night - Fredro Starr
    "(Talking) There's two things in the world I ain't never seen, know what I'm sayin'? A space ship and the bitch I need, ha, ya heard? New shit yo, you know you tell me when you want some half of Miss Shorty,"
  • One night - Musiq Soulchild
    "All, all this time we've been wasting babyYou've been playing babySending me all, all these signs But never, never saying a wordSee now I, I'm not trying to figure out, so how bout you.Tell me what you"
  • One Night - Barclay James Harvest
    "You took all my money I gave you no name My love and my money Did you think I would chase it in the rain? My eyes are now open But what do I see? One ride after midnight Had I thought it would mean that"
  • Night One - The Panic Channel
    "We want to reach you Uncle Elijah we wish to welcome you back home we of the open mind beseech you, appear through this board make yourself known pointer says yes ask me what u wil Elijah has"

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