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one summer's day

  • Summer's Gone - Lunik
    "Thoughts running through my head Shivering autumn breeze Outside the window decent and calm Golden sunbeams on my nose Warmth in my heart You used to give it to me Almost A kiss on the neck Bread fresh"
  • Summer's Envy - Woods Of Ypres
    "How dare you subject me To Summer's Envy I will shine brighter than the day you left me You will see traces of you in my revenge Which is in everything I do When summer comes Your spotlight is the"
  • Summer's Comin' - Clint Black
    "Nothin' on Earth that'll get me hummin' Like a heat wave comin' and I'll come runnin' With her makin' that tan in the broad daylight And every night is a Saturday night And everything's right with"
  • Summer's Coming - Clint Black
    "(Clint Black/Hayden Nicholas) Nothin' on earth that'll get me hummin' Like a heat wave comin' and I'll come runnin' With her makin' that tan in the broad daylight And every night is a Saturday night And"
  • Summer's Over - Guttermouth
    "She's a bad girl from Tokyo She's a bad girl she just can't stop I think I'm in love with her Teri Yakimoto she can barely speak my language she's a genius with a mohawk if only we could talk one day I"
  • Midnight Summer's Dream - The Stranglers
    "Woke up on a good day And the world was wonderful A midnight summer dream had me in its spell I dreamt about an old man Sat and watched the rain all night He couldn't sleep a wink as all the drops fell He"
  • Dirty Summer's Day - Thompson Twins
    "I have these secrets I keep to myself But they escape and they run wild Revenge is sweet or so I've been told It just leaves a bitter taste behind Yeah the roof is leaking, I don't give a damn Yeah it's"
  • Cold Summer's Day - Erasure
    "(a. bell / v. clarke) (woah, woah) Don't know what you've got 'til it's gone. A hint of the scents, then it's gone. Look at the state of you, You're all fingers & thumbs. (you're all fingers & thumbs) So"
  • Summer's Over - Rialto
    "Kamikaze seagull planes Fighting over chip shop take-away remains When you're walking on the cliffs You can't help thinking of how far down the sea is And what if it should give... I didn't mean to bring"
  • Summer's Gone - The Kinks
    "Looking in a window on a rainy day. Thinking about good things that I just threw away. Looking in the gutter, watching the trash go flowing by. Thinking it's Summer, but there are only clouds in the"
  • Summer's Here - Frenzal Rhomb
    "Tim and Candy getting sandy down at the beach but he's a leach He's all bleached blonde white teeth, nothing wrong she's got a brain it's causing her pain John's with Kim but she likes Tim she only wants"
  • Summer's Gone - Aberfeldy
    "One two, one two three Well, we get along Yeah we really do And there's nothing wrong With what I feel for you I could go with you, you, you If you want me to I could hang around Till the leaves are brown And"
  • Summer's End - Autumn
    "Gathering the treasures of fields, forbidden fruit With a tangible visions inside Consuming the dreamscapes Burst trough your fragile shields Take you for a ride We came to the woods, to a latent feast Dancing"
  • Summer's End - Foo Fighters
    "Early morning, without warning Woke me with a scare I had that dream again That the Sun was dead Make me warm or take me home It's so cold in here Can't we meet somewhere? Is it winter there? Is it"
  • Summer's End - Amorphis
    "In the morning mist By the waning moon Through the woods she set on foot With a sacred blade Cut the berries down Dug up the dreaded mandrake root Tread my path to summer's end This bequest I leave you,"
  • Summer's End - Dragonforce
    "Sometimes we play Smetimes we lose with pride or with shame Sometimes a dream Turns into dust, but who's there to blame? Try not to forget And to understand and read between the lines Get back on your"
  • Bright Summer's Day '68 - Curved Air
    "On a bright Summer's day in the middle of May With the sun shining down, my baby left town, my brother broke jail. Then my Daddy shot mum, So I've written this song Just to tell all you folks out there"
  • Lazy, long hot summer's day - Hans Theessink
    "Mama's in the kitchen Baking up some ice-cream pie Papa's on the river fishing Fish are so lazy they won't bite I'm lying in the shade Watch a lonely cloud drift by Lazy, long hot summer's day Lazy, just"
  • Fingers & Thumbs (Cold Summer's Day) - Erasure
    "Don't know what you've got 'til it's gone A hint of the scent then it's gone Look at the state of you you're all fingers and thumbs So who's your latest flame Driving ' em wild in the fast lane I"
  • Summer's Stellar Gaze - Silverstein
    "As time passes us by and hurries us with pride, we'll have the past for the rest of our lives. Don't lose touch with reality, compensate for life's stupidity. I wait for it. You know that it's true. You"

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