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one the diction

  • Still the One - One Direction
    "Liam: Hello, hello, I know it’s been a while but baby I got something that I really wanna let you know, yeah Something that I wanna let you know Louis: You say, you say that everybody that you hate me Couldn’t"
  • The Only One - KRS-One
    "In case you aint know, check it Let me tell you right not and the whole world You are the only one I saw them guys you were with I don't flash platinum watches and drop-top whips But you can rest assure"
  • The Last One - Number One Fan
    "I know I change my mind all the time, but this one's gonna stick for awhile. You wanted everything right, I wanted everything wrong, That way I could walk away from the mess, 'Cause you don't impress"
  • The One - The Like
    "I'm not shouting I'm just talking You're not listening You're just looking Take one in to Get another In one ear and Out the other I'll stop here I'll stay there I'll never be The one you love"
  • The One - The Calling
    "Well I'm, I'm Mr. Lonely I'm Mr. Caught up in between Well you, my only sunshine My good and bad times It isn't fair Yeah, I'm in love And I'm at war Inside my head I'm Just not quite sure I'm"
  • The One - The Chainsmokers
    "You know I’m sorry I won’t make it to your party Got caught up it my own selfishness It won’t let me be a part of this And I know I’ve started drifting off every second I can’t wait to leave as soon as"
  • One Word - Conjure One
    "With only one word You took the ice out of the air again And put the heat back in the sun again With only one word With only one word You put the weapons of the world away It's funny how one single thing"
  • One Thing - One Direction
    "I've tried playing it cool But when I'm looking at you I can’t ever be brave 'Cause you make my heart race Shot me out of the sky You're my kryptonite You keep making me weak Yeah, frozen and can't breathe Something’s"
  • Only One - And One
    "Nothing would be better When you turn away Give me a second chance So let me stay The smile in your face Tells it for sure I want to be with you No matter rich or poor No matter rich or poor Whats the"
  • One Breath - Plus One
    "life is hard, but it's been a little harder than usual lately I wish I new why I am struggling through this what makes it harder is the lack of understanding on my part could I have changed this, why am"
  • One Chance - One Chance
    "(Pre-Verse:) I can't understand what I'm going through It's like every morning when I wake up I think of you I got you on my mind all the time You're a dime And I got to have you right by my side so Listen"
  • One METALHAMMER - And One
    "Take this deadly tool And feel the daily routine You go to work for money and for me Metalhammer here,metalhammer there Metalhammer lovely tool Youll take it everywhere Metalhammer lovely"
  • One LOSER - And One
    "If you got a message please send me a postcard now and if you show your feelings babe my tape machine will get it somehow if you got a problem dont't beg the world for help and if you need"
  • One CREATURES - And One
    "We're back to creature Very hard to understand I can't imagine how it happened Impossible to comprehend I feel the danger What are things coming to They shut their eyes go into hiding "
  • The One - The Moody Blues
    "No surprise Hey that you wanna be the one again No surprise You wanna be the one Heard you had a story to tell Sold your soul in a kiss and tell Sliding down on a helter skelter ride Into yesterday No"
  • The One - The Prom Kings
    "So i been thinkin about what i need to do should i stay here baby or hide it all from you? Im scared of changing all those things we've made so pelase tell me if you want me to say That i want to be"
  • Not The Only One - And One
    "Living a life of kings and queens Building a castle out of dreams You still remember all their names Before the world went up in flames And it's too late you'll find To satisfy a restless mind Time claims"
  • One - Gaia Riva
    "One the skin I kissed One the man I missed One is what I've lost One who pays the cost One the day I die One will to survive One the hand I use One the word confused One the breath I take One that day"
  • One - Alanis Morissette
    "I am the biggest hypocrite I've been undeniably jealous I have been loud and pretentious I have been utterly threatened I've gotten candy for my self-interest the sexy treadmill capitalist heaven forbid"
  • One - Harry Nilsson
    "One is the loneliest number that you'll ever do Two can be as bad as one It's the loneliest number since the number one No is the saddest experience you'll ever know Yes, it's the saddest experience you'll"

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