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one way nuty na keyboard

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one way nuty na keyboard
  • Xiu Xiu Black Keyboard
    "Why would mother say such things? Why add tongue to a kiss goodnight? Force me to know The Want. No one needs to know. Be free. Laugh at your son. A child is nothing without hate. Be certain he feels his"
  • 1TYM One Way
    "eoreo joogeul nome Welcome Back yeongeen nae jeep ee jeebe yeolshweneun my pen and my rap sheet knock-knock chakgageun keuman jom jakjak paksooreul jjakjjak for you and ya wack beats majeemak seungreereul"
  • Air One way
    "Sakurairo no sora nanika tarinai you naOmoi itsumo onajiBukiyou demo mata horaHey haru kaze ni wa kinou to kyou toHey ashitakara noYume no tsuzuki ga kaoruTsumuji kaze no you niHakanai toki no omomiWakakusa"
  • My Chemical Romance Na Na Na
    "(Na Na Na...) Drugs, gimme drugs, gimme drugs I don't need it, but I'll sell what you got Take the cash and I'll keep it Eight legs to the wall Hit the gas, kill them all And we crawl, and we crawl, and"
  • Nasri Na na na na
    "Yeah, sometimes you so in love but you cant find the right words to say So say this. na nanana nana nanana na nananana See my girls been number one since the day that we met And I just couldn't resist"
  • Lloyd Na Na Na
    "Yeh Sometimes you are so in love and don't have the right words to say, say this Nanana, Nananana yeaaaaaaaaaahyooooeu Nanana, Nananana U see my girlfriend number one since the first day that we met,"
  • Baby Bash Na Na
    "ahh who got it who got it huh young bash jim johnson uh oh she's so yummy yummy yummy ohh she's sweet as honey ohh I gotta get some na na, na na she's so yummy and delicious ohh with tender"
  • Pretty Willie Na Na
    "Intro] you ready, don't you know dawg? J.L., Big Al, come on and roll wit me Suella (laughing) This is for all y'all, look Just cause I call myself Pretty they think I'm arrogant or somethin' Dawg I'm"
  • One Way System One Way System
    "we ain't going nowhere we're not going far still got to walk 'cos we're not the stars passing on, taking life in our stride same thing everywhere at least we tried pushed to the edge by an unknown strength an"
  • An Cafe One way love
    "Shiroi toiki majiru yokaze hitoke no nai kousaten de narihibiite yamanu denwa iya na yokan ga hashiru garasu wo yubi de nazotte iku youna tsugerareteru itai jijitsu mune no oku wo kaki mawashite ore wo"
  • Akon Right Now (Na Na Na)
    "It's been so long That I haven't seen your face I'm tryna be strong But the strength I have is washing away It wont be long Before I get you by my side And just hold you, tease you, squeeze you Tell you"
  • One Direction Na na na
    "Liam : We've got a bit of love hate You take me to the edge then you hit the brakes I say it's over one day But then I'm crawling back begging you to stay We make up then we break up all the time Liam"
  • 2cztery7 Na plecach
    "Jeżeli ten joint nie zamknie nam powiek, wypalmy ich kilka nie dbam o zdrowie Nie ważne ile mam kobiet, ile mieć będę teraz z Tobą chce tak leżeć a com prende Odłóż bagaż doświadczeń, smutków plecak,"
  • Baby Bash Feat. Jean Na Na (The Yummy Song)
    "Ah, who got it, who got it? Huh, young Bash, Jim Johnson Uh, oh She's so yummy, yummy, yummy Ooh, she's sweet as honey Ooh, I gotta get some na na, na na She's so yummy and delicious Ooh, with tender kisses Ooh,"
  • Baby Bash Na na (The yummy song)
    "AhhWho got itWho got itHuhYoung bashJim johnsonUh ohShe's so yummy yummy yummyOhh she's sweet as honeyOhh i gotta get some na na, na naShe's so yummy and deliciousOhh with tender kissesOhh i gotta get"
  • Caffeine One Way
    "I wanna live my way, dont say its the wrong way, but its mine. just to become something, to become someone this time. (chorus) now theres one way to say we never wanted anything but now there's one"
  • Hillsong United One Way
    "I lay my life down at your feet You're the only one I need I turn to you and you are always there In troubled times it's you I seek I put you first that's all I need I humble all I am, All to you One"
  • Hillsong Kids One way
    "I lay my life down at your feet,cause you're the only one I needI turn to you and you were always there.In troubled times it's You i seek,I put you first thats all I need, I humble all i am all to You!"
  • Sector Seven One Way
    "Here's a guy with open eyes, that used his mask to see inside Who kept his ear to the ground, and used himself to find his way To find his way, to find his way, to find his way Through a time of life"
  • Hillsong One way
    "I lay my life down at Your feet Youre the only one I need I turn to You and You are always there In troubled times its You I seek I put you first thats all I need I humble all I am, all to You One way,"

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