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onedirection Through the Dark

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onedirection Through the Dark

  • Through The Dark - The Sundays
    "Oh innocent smiles, how they put you to shame Same televised lines, I've seen the film before Sicilian men, they're going to save their name Leaving their brides in black shawls again See how it's shining"
  • Through The Dark - KT Tunstall
    "As I walk away I look over my shoulder To see what I'm leaving behind Pieces of puzzles And wishes on eyelashes fail Oh, how do I show All the love inside my heart Well this is all new And I'm feeling"
  • Through the dark - Alexi Murdoch
    "Someone reaching for me now Through the dark, reaching for me now You need someone to hear you when you sigh Someone to wipe away those tears you cry Someone to hold you 'neath the darkened sky Someone"
  • Stumbling Through The Dark - The Jayhawks
    "You're so in love little girl So much in love little girl Running around in circles, why? You know it's a crime No less no more than a rose No less no more than a rose Try to attach a meaning To words"
  • Down Through The Dark Streets - The Waterboys
    "Down by old house over the bridge down through the dark streets where we used to live Out by the cornfield and the sycamore trees down to the water will you come, Lassie please ? Snow in the town square December"
  • Journey Through The Dark - Blind Guardian
    "Many songs I've written About the things I saw My inner soul's a wasteland I can't run away from here Try to find them All the lost thoughts in my mind I woke up on a hill So many times before Yesterday"
  • Down Through The Dark Streets - Mike Scott
    "Down by old house over the bridge down through the dark streets where we used to live Out by the cornfield and the sycamore trees down to the water will you come, Lassie please ? Snow in the town square December"
  • Dark - Ray Wilson
    "Where were you when I needed you? The fear that I would call out to despite You Lying staring at my feelings across some sacred crowd An endless search for anger This silence is too loud Do I have no strength?"
  • Dark - Terminal
    "you'll be the first flight out of dallas you leave but never get away from the color you swear that your life takes in this town because scenery is just a shade you live in regret it hurts to know how"
  • The Dark I Walk You Through - Evergrey
    "He walked her down the street And stopped where he always left her He kissed her on the cheek and said -Honey I'll see you later... And little did he know That the words he said would never happen ever He"
  • Dark God - Wizard
    "There'll be blood on his hands there is hate in his eyes an innocent boy like the prophecy told the enforcer of the gods Why did the gods want the dark god to die it was Lokis fault that Baldur was dead but"
  • Dark are the path's to eternity - Dark Funeral
    "In the cold twilight I standWatching the rise of the moonIn my deep dreaming eyesThe reflection shines so clearWith the burning eyes of a wolfThe moonscape I beholdI can hear the souls astrayWhisper from"
  • Dark Star - The Grateful Dead
    "Dark star, crashes Pouring its light into ashes Reason tatters, the forces tear loose from the axis Searchlight casting, for faults in the clouds of delusion Shall we go, you and I while we can Through,"
  • in the dark - Bring Me The Horizon
    "i’ve done it again dug a little deep and it’s all caved in now I free fall n a black hole I know I am getting warm cos I feel so cold but I am looking om the bright side now trying to figure out somehow non"
  • Dark Wings - Wizard
    "Hear the wings of destiny preaching pain The pain to live forever in the night The bite will give you life, a life of a black demon A demon straight from hell, his hell will be your home White fangs,"
  • After dark - Angel City
    "She walks down the line, no sense of time Eternity She talks of the years, blinded by tears Her majestyFantasy The mirror just confused her She pleaded guilty to a charge of Perverse delight Trying to"
  • Dark World - Saint Vitus
    "I just took a trip into a bottomless well face to face with the madness that's been cracking my shell all around me, decay burning in my eyes I can see no way to save our lives I hear little children begging"
  • Dark Shadows - Seventh Angel
    "Never will I leave you nor will I forsake you This is what you promised Even though I wander running all the time You have always loved me DARK SHADOWS Never thought I'd see the day, these dark shadows"
  • After Dark - Tito & Tarantula
    "watching her strolling in the night so white wondering why it's only after dark In her eyes a distant fire light burns bright wondering why it's only after dark I find myself in her room feel the fever"
  • Endless Dark - H.I.M.
    "Endless Dark Softly the light shines in through gates of grace on me and you deceiving our restless hearts A flickering Flame so Serene Devours the Night so we could see The Fear we hold on to so strong But"

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