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onerepublic Stop And Stare

  • Stop and Stare - OneRepublic
    "This town is colder now, I think it's sick of usIt's time to make our move, I'm shakin off the rustI've got my heart set on anywhere but hereI'm staring down myself, counting up the yearsSteady hands,"
  • Bones (feat. OneRepublic) - Galantis
    "you bring an Energy i’ve never felt before some kinfd of killer code that reaches through my core it feels like as far sa you and me I’ve never had a choice you feel like home you like the opposite of"
  • Stranger Things (ft. OneRepublic) - Kygo
    "Stranger things we’re like we’re like a stranger things we’re stranger things dream of place at cause that’s just who we are I used to run around this ghost time always thinking out are we gonna get"
  • Won't Stop - OneRepublic
    "Uh ohh Now i stared at you From across the room Until both my eyes were faded I was in a rush I was out of luck Now I'm so glad that I waited Well you were almost there Almost mine...yeah They say love"
  • Stop - Even Stevens
    "Stop, Don't go, Theres something you got to know Cant you see the hold you have on me? That look, your smile, oh it drives me wild. And I dont know how to escape it. When you walk into the room My hearts"
  • Stare - Prince
    "First things first, we'd like you to stare We used to go on stage in our underwear We changed up, we got a brand new beat Now we got the summers poppin' in the street They all stare, can I help you? Everybody"
  • Stare - Groundswell
    "The lights are bright, They make me sweat They make me swim this Night I won't forget Then people scream, What do they mean And I think they like us, Yes that's what it seems Facing the open door, What"
  • Stars and Shivers - KOVALCZYK
    "The tide is turning And my head is full of stars All Bridges burning And we all know where it starts Keep on running Keep on dreamig All we need is feeling free Keep on looking Kweep on fighting All we"
  • Hundred Mile Stare - Queensryche
    "What ever happened to conviction and faith? People trip from side to side; don't know which way or what side to take. Always known the truth. It's really black and white. I've got no fear of judgment"
  • The Thrill Is Gone (feat. Ryan Tedder of OneRepublic) - Baby Bash
    "I wish it could be like it use to, use to, use to I wish it could be like it use to, use to, use to Baby after all of that I don't think I'm coming back Tell me what would you do, you do, you do? Things"
  • Stop Crying - Embracing
    "Behind this mirrorwall Lurk something evil I've touched it's nakedness And keep seeing creatures of the dark Tempting me rebirth Promising eternal life They call for me every night Give me reasons to"
  • Stop Knockin' - Tommy Shaw
    "Busted and broke And I'm too old to toke I'd pay somebody money If they told me a joke Don't let my dreams Go up in smoke Don't want to stare At the man who wears a cloak 'Cause I'm on the inside Watching"
  • Stop Me - Anvil
    "When you see me you can't resist You want my name on your telephone list In your dreams and on your mind Tonight's the night I could make you mine Later on just me and you I could make your dreams come"
  • Stare And Wonder - Still Remains
    "Through this window, I see my vision is crystall clear. It won't be long now. Never tainted. It won't be long now. Always crystal. The darkest night. I used to feel alive. Could we believe it? Could they"
  • Sit And Stare - Philadelphia
    "i'm tired of hoping and waiting and anticipating to see her there i'll work up the courage to ask her if she's clear of disaster sit and stare what's the worst that she could do or say another chance"
  • Stumble and stare - I Against I
    "I'd rather not see you 'cause i'd like to see you again. i'dRather not see you 'cause you'd see the geek i am. i wish that iKnew you, i don't. i just wanna hold you, i won't. i'm justAfraid you'll say"
  • Sit And Stare - Adelphi
    "I'm tired Of hoping and waiting and anticipating to see her there I work out, the cure is to ask her if she'll clear up disaster Sit and stare Whats the worst that you could do or say? Another chance"
  • Stop - Lincoln
    "You're like sugar to my salt You're innocent to my fault You go ahead, I turn back You retreat, I attack You float where as I tend to sink I'm on the wagon, you like to drink You're half-empty, I'm half-full You"
  • Stop stop stop - The Hollies
    "See the girl with cymbals on her fingers Entering through the door Ruby glistening from her navel Shimmering around the floor Bells on feet go ting-a ling-a linging Going through my head Sweat is falling"
  • Stop! Stop! Stop! - Nu Virgos
    "No I didn't trust him But he rushed me to feel Tried to mesmerize me and was All sex appeal Told me everything That I was longing to hear Shiny and handsome My souvenir And then all of a sudden I"

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