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onerepublic something end need

  • Something I Need - OneRepublic
    "I had a dream the other night About how we only get one life Woke me up right after two Stayed awake and stared at you So I wouldn't lose my mind And I had the week that came from hell And yes I know"
  • Say (All I Need) - OneRepublic
    "Do you know where your heart is Do you think you can find it Did you trade it for something, somewhere Better just to have it Do you know where your love is Do you think that you lost it You felt it so"
  • Stranger Things (ft. OneRepublic) - Kygo
    "Stranger things we’re like we’re like a stranger things we’re stranger things dream of place at cause that’s just who we are I used to run around this ghost time always thinking out are we gonna get"
  • Something - Seventh Day Slumber
    "Well, I've seen the winds of change now Why'd they have to change today? My eyes are drowning in this sea of pain The world is closing in on me My soul is sinking in my insides My soul is sinking inside"
  • Say (All I Need) - OneRepublic
    "Do you know where your heart is?Do you think you can find it?Or did you trade it for somethingSomewhere better just to have it?Do you know where your love is?Do you think that you lost it?You felt it so"
  • Something You Need - The Adicts
    "Black holes in your space Need a shining star in your repertoire You seek the mirror You know that I've got something Something you need Solid gold in a void The actions easy When you're devoid Ther's"
  • End Of Something - Rollins Band
    "I don't step on witches When they crawl across my floor And if I saw your body Burning in the street I'd put you out with gasoline And when the garbage Piles up past my knees And the rats are running"
  • I Need Something - Newton Faulkner
    "I need something to believe in 'Cause I don't believe in myself And I'm sick and tired of getting nowhere Guess it'll all work out And I don't mind anymore And I don't mind anymore And I need someone"
  • Something I Need - 38 Special
    "(Don Barnes-Jim Peterik) Like the hammer of love the moment that it hits ya Like the hair of a dog the mornin after it bit ya Like the rough edge of love when it cuts to the heart You just gotta let it"
  • Something More - Mpress
    "dont know what your tryin to do playin with my heart dont know if your words are true where the lies end, where they start well im not gonna be your fool baby, im to smart i dont need someone i cant feel"
  • Always Something - Cindy Vouge
    "Sometimes when you're lying beside me In your eyes I see I don't know, but it's something it's something And it's tripping me up again It's like you're here, but you're not here I need to know where But"
  • Something Sweet - After Midnight Project
    "I'm sick of searching I'm sick of wanting I'm sick of dreaming I'm sick of being. I wish that love would find its own way I'm sick of searching everyday A touch a smell, a butterflies wing It?s all I feel"
  • Something Good - Jeffries Fan Club
    "Well I don't think I wanna be placed so high above And I don't think I need to be filled with all your empty love Everything I need I have that and so much more And I don't ever wanna be with you like"
  • Something wrong - Mesh
    "Do you think I'd say anything Do you think I'd just come out and say what I feel We've had some sticky moments We've talked ourselves out now and everything's real And each passing day Is one day to much"
  • Always Something - Lucy Woodward
    "Sometimes when you're lying beside me In your eyes I see I don't know but it's something it's something And it's trippin' me up again It's like you're here but you're not here I need to know where But"
  • Something Stupid - Jonas Blue, AWA
    "Look at me I am a mess See what you started Need to hit the brake Take myslef away Wasn’t I Done with it One touch and my heart Don;t articulate You know me You know what i get like When i get lobnely Wild"
  • Something Missing - ForDireLifeSake
    "I can see my reflection glaring in your eye. As if the tears were trying to tell me, what they try to tell me all the time. I never thought I'd get this far. You'll never understand, these actions keep"
  • Childhood's End - Kiss
    "I lived a life of illusion and you had your kicks So what, there's nothing left to do And you and your obsessions and your crucifix As if what I thought mattered much to you (chorus) And you were always"
  • The End - McFly
    "Kicking off is the hardest part Nothings certain at the start Letting go, so something can begin Figure out how to get our life Leave tomorrow, live tonight Gotta throw, throw your heart right in Cause"
  • Deep End - Swollen Members
    "(Prevail) What begins with an 'a' and ends with "asphyxia"? Me, Prev One, the microphone cripple A life on the edge of the walking dead You either talk in black or you speak in red I can't help you if"

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