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only a human 13 reasons why tribute

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only a human 13 reasons why tribute

  • Tribute - No Motiv
    "I feel so far away And so unclose to you He feels just as I Just the same as I do too Born into a world where consequences take their toll on us why me? what for? what did we ever do to deserve such cruelty"
  • Reasons Why - Brand New Immortals
    "Sweet talk will work til he finds out How bad it rots out your teeth Until he takes a bite of your cake All plastic and fake, and spoiled underneath Stick figure: "Man With No Backbone" Your brand new"
  • Reasons - Chris Rea
    "Set my sails out on a sunny day Pretty soon I was on my way Though what for sure it was I could not say Two thousand reasons Maybe more Eight hundred chances on faraway shores Searching for something Searching"
  • 13 - Capewalk
    "my wet hands in my pockets i can hardly bear the sight see her cross the schoolyard in early morning light yes they call me crazy but i only lost my mind everyday i'm waiting here to see her passing by i'd"
  • Only human - Eddy
    "She's one in a million, I've heard that a million times The odds were less than even she'd be mine How many times does a dream come true, come into your life I can't believe the way she makes me feel I"
  • Only Human - At Vance
    "On and on you keep telling me lies But what does it take to make your more wise Take a look at the things we've done Together we were strong when it all began When we trought that we could conquer it all No"
  • Only human - Jonas Brothers
    "i don’t want his night to end it’s closing time so leave with me again you got all my love to spend let’s find a place where happiness begins we gon’ dance in my living room slave to the way you move hurts"
  • Tribute - Raised Fist
    "To this point in life we've had no experience And it feels like we're smashed beyond recognition Bleak sections of thoughts a contrast to my hope This is a form of tribute to the world you're digging"
  • Tribute - Nashawn
    "(Intro: Nashawn) Yea, Money Machine, Money Machine, Yea C'mon (Verse 1) This goes for dudes confused we over rule Disrespectful views of the King of NY Fuck that, why try? though lie in his eye Now we"
  • Tribute - Guano Apes
    "This is a grave day People wanna hear it People wanna smell it They give you their cigarette The way you look Don't ever change in the mirror You have promised yourself To be straight Straight up into"
  • Tribute - Dogwood
    "Three years ago, you left that day And I knew I would never be the same You left for a brand new life No more tears, no more sorrow No more of that disease Oh God why did you take her from me? My sweet"
  • Tribute - RxBandits
    "("Leaving Babylon" by Bad Brains) leaving this babylon leaving this babyon it will not be too long, it will not be too long cause the children are starving and your money is runnin' cause the children"
  • Reasons Why - Nickel Creek
    "Where am I today? I wish that I knew 'Cause lookin' around there's no sign of you I don't remember one jump or one leap Just quiet steps away from your lead I'm holding my heart out but clutching it"
  • Reasons Why - Merril Bainbridge
    "I finally found the reasons why Everything I feel inside Feeling that I cannot hide Tell me that it's you Got me acting kinda strange Like I'm on a different plane Never thought I could explain But"
  • Reasons Why - Bainbridge Merril
    "Bainbridge Merril The Garden Reasons Why I finally found the reason why Everything I feel inside Feelings that I cannot hide Tell me that its you Got me acting kinda strange Like I'm on a different plane Never"
  • Reasons why - The Cure
    "I won't try to bring you down about my suicide Got no need to understand about my big surprise Oh I am falling through the sky You remember this ? I am falling in their eyes You remember the kiss? I won't"
  • Reasons Why - Figure Four
    "My world was crashing down and I had lost all reason. I turned from side to side looking for excuses to blame you. I questioned all this. Though out my reasons. Are you right or am I wrong. I want it all"
  • 13 Reasons - A Kiss Could Be Deadly
    "Wrong again Let me go before you break my heart again Wrong again You're wrong again You hold it over me And the day is wasted now I'll be there soon enough And it'd time you faced it now So focused on"
  • Human - Cheetah Girls
    "I'm only human I'm only human There comes a time When you have to look back At your life All the things you know that You have done All the things that you've become It's hard to say All the reasons that"
  • Human - Blake Lewis
    "I'm just human, pure emotion Meant to love you, say you want to I'm just human, pure devotion If I can't have you, what will I do What I did The writing is evident These walls are closing in Don't wanna"

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