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only hear to much

  • If Only To Hear You Say - Feeling Left Out
    "Wish I knew what I could do To make you stay. But I don't know what I could say. Cuz in my mind I could erase steady lines. And in my head I could extend my bed... To 23rd, Lexington. And in my mind I"
  • Much better - Caroline's Spine
    "I'll let you in on a little secret I think you should know When I let you go, I knew my friends would turn to foes They said, "don't give up, she's good people. Stood by your side, nothin' to hide, And"
  • Don't Want To Hear It - Rhodes Happy
    "Ooh close your mouth Know I don't want to hear it No I don't want to hear it anymore You know I'm not your psychiatrist And although I care very much Know I don't want to hear it anymore Don't call me"
  • Hear The Wind - Gene Clark
    "Look around little darlin' do you know who I am I'm as much your reflection as I am my own man You need not to defend love life's the house where we live We cannot see tomorrow only feel what we give Put"
  • Hear Me Calling - Primal Fear
    "Being wesrbound on a carbon eagle While my thoughts are spinning in circles around you There ain’t much i can do Got a new tune from the boys to work on On m headphone – finding melodies and words While"
  • Hear Me Now - Framing Hanley
    "Well I swear that's you and god we've been down this road before That the guilt's no good and it only shames us more And the truths that we all tried to hide Are so much clearer when it's not our lives,"
  • Not Too Much To Ask - Mary Chapin Carpenter
    "(Mary Chapin Carpenter/Don Schlitz) To hear you say my name, to see you search my eyes To feel you touch my hand, it more than satisfies. If I was not the first, just say I'll be the last It's too much"
  • Much too Much - Dionne Warwick
    "Mhmm, oh I love you baby, too much Uh, uh, uh Love you much too much I love you much too much To ever stop now Love you much too much I love you much too much I wouldn't know how Too late to stop now,"
  • Much Too Much - The Church
    "There's a fire in the eastern perimeter There's an alligator in the stew And everybody who's going to heaven Would they kindly stand in this queue Because there's far too many And there's much too much When"
  • Much too much - Church
    "There's a fire in the eastern perimeterThere's an alligator in the stewAnd everybody who's going to heavenWould they kindly stand in this queueBecause there's far too manyAnd there's much too muchWhen"
  • Hear Me - Doro Pesch
    "So you better wake up Pay attention to me I need to talk And you need to see What I've been feeling Got so much inside You know you've been stealing My peace of mind You never take the time to listen You"
  • I Hear - Medicine
    "A butchers grin from ear to ear No one outside who can hear Don't you think your time has come - I hear - Powders melt inside the cup Don't you think she's drunk too much Touch the lips that blueish cold She's"
  • Hear me - SOiL
    "Sad the eyes Distance is your best friend At night it comes Will they hear? Being alone is what you want It's the only way that you feel safe inside The darkness that is me must try and heal Please hear"
  • Hear Me - Jeannie Ortega
    "Looking at the reflections of myself Without a mirror I see someone else Your laughing at me cuz you don't see my soul You think the smile I wear says I'm happy but you don't really know Everydays a fight Soon"
  • I Hear - Lennon
    "Curtains swaying the windows closed Ghost of the wind kocking at my door Is that you checking on me Bring the fire to set me free (Chorus) Chill my body make it cold Warm me up and let it go I hear voices"
  • Hear This - Kierra Kiki Sheard
    "I know I've said to you over and over I'm going to get it together sooner or later. You told me I had to do something so when I said I'll do better. (oo yeah) And you even said if you do this I'll do that. And"
  • HEAR YOU - Pola Rise
    "Do you wanna play with magic? Foolish you’re gonna lose control tumble deeper, deeper do you wanna drown in silence? heartless you can leave it all become a wisher wisher I try to look upon your heart it’s"
  • Hear Me - Doro
    "There is a statue - out on an island Lady Freedom's got nothing much to do Just stands alone, her face set in stone It reminds me of me... without you And in case you didn't get my letter I ain't been"
  • Come hear - Kelly Clarkson
    "Dark hair, such a sexy smile.. If you only knew how frustrated I am.. For a minute, forgot to catch my breath.. Dont leave me hanging here by myself.. Ohhhhhhhh noooo.. Ohhhhhh.. yeeaaaah.. whoooooaa... Your"
  • Only - Welbilt
    "I've got a problem But nobody knows when I get in over my head I look for the answers, reach out my hand But I end up asking stupid questions instead Chorus I only to get high To complicate my life I"

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