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only sing me a song from empty now

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only sing me a song from empty now

  • Come Sing Me A Song - Sing-Sing
    "Come, sing me a song And I will do anything you ask me to, Oh yeah, oh yeah Come give us a smile, a million eyes shining down won't see you frown Oh yeah, oh yeah Break my bones just to talk to you Just"
  • Empty Now - Brent White
    "I lost everything that's good, When I walked away from you Did I go and do the wrong thing this time, Tryin' hard just to bite my tongue, So I'm gonna turn and run, I'm Gonna go out the door, won't"
  • Empty - Terri Clark
    "Maybe it's been a little too long Holding it in, trying to be strong Funny the things we bottle up Come streaming out when you feel enough There is a trust the cautious will lack Now that we've touched,"
  • Sing A Song Now Now - A.C. One
    "A.C. One Miscellaneous Sing A Song Now Now Nothing is goin' right A new way of life It's only a strife It's just another day Find time to pray Looking to the ground A new better way What have you found When"
  • Sing Me A Song - The Go Set
    "If you sing me a song, you know I'll come running Whistle me that tune that brings a tear to my eye The past is now behind us, sing songs about the future Share a drink, smile a bit, my darling don't you"
  • Sing - Mickey Thomas
    "There's a wind comin' off the river Blowin' out the lights The city's being swallowed by the night As I walk the streets and shiver I've got a choice I could be swallowed too And lose my way as millions"
  • Sing You A Love You Song - Of Montreal
    "Before the laughter and the cheer disolves into his memory, taste of vodka on his lips, and thoughts of murder and doom, her eyes appeared to bloom, he wanted to touch them but was afraid she taken aback"
  • Sing now - Scatman John
    "This is the dawning of a new dayThe wars are overThis is the time, the perfect time for perfect harmony(chorus)Sing now... whoo-o-o the time isRight now for everyone to be happySing now... whoo-o-o the"
  • Now I Sing - Out of Eden
    "can u just give me a second please I would like to give my testimony how the Lord has met my every need how he saved me, made he holy if you wanna know the reason why I gave it all this lifes's no longer"
  • Empty - Jessica Mauboy
    "You're just walking through the door and you're home late again, There you're acting strange and you won't tell me where you've been, You can look me in the eye, imagine every alibi, Think you gotta"
  • Empty - Enter Shikari
    "A blank sheet of paper just begging to be filled But tonight I cannot pour my heart out Because you escaped with it in your back pocket Television remote controls cannot save me From destroying myself"
  • Empty - Melissa Dori Dye
    "i could cut right inside everybody look back all in time how can you look me in the eyes i used to believe you and now i'm just empty like you everybody get up off those knees how does it feel to be me you"
  • Empty - Pulley
    "Like a fuse I'm ready for fire Spark me up and I mean Simple seems to just a few I trust what I am saying Every day I can't believe what's going on around me Down the halls I see it everywhere I have to"
  • Empty - Focused
    "I will accept this, these different ways, this change thats taking place, and the knowledge that I know now, and I am a part of this, and I will do all that I can, the free gift that is given to me, for"
  • Empty - Letdown
    "You dont know the hell ive been through you dont know the price ive paid you cant see the walls im bracing time im facing all my days every bit of man i once was every bit of love that i could have living"
  • Empty - Letdown.
    "You don't know the hell I've been through You don't know the price I've paid You can't see the walls I'm bracing, time I'm facing, all my days Every bit of man I once was Every bit of love that I could"
  • Empty - Chief Keef
    "I'm so motherfuckin' true like I'm 2 Chainz Ridin' in that Mayweather with your boo thing Every summer I pop up with some new chains In these Balmains feel with them blue things And these hoes on my back"
  • Song To Sing - Susan Raye
    "And now I'll always have a song to sing Loneliness to me was just an everyday affair Morning noon and night that mist hung heavy in the air Then you came into my life and filled my every need Now I know"
  • Sing Song - Art Of Fighting
    "someone, somewhere has my pictures of us but it's ok because it's hard to make out details in those faded photographs a picture of us sunny and true faded to irrelevant blue so you've found new ways of"
  • Sing Me A Song - Marc Bolan
    "Hey, Hey... Sing me a song that the world can sing along And I'll show you a song that stands for living Sing me a song that the world can sing along And I'll show you a song from the heart White,"

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