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only you can be you

  • Only you can see - Humble Pie
    "Tell me what to say and I'll write a book today About our love dear, oh People try to talk to me and they tell me who I ought to be Today dear, ooh, ooh Only you can see That I love you That I love you,"
  • I can only be me - Eva Cassidy
    "Butterflies begin from having been another as a child is born from beeing in a mother's hood but how many times have you wished to be some other someone than who you are yet who's to say that if all the"
  • Only Tongue Can Tell - Trash Can Sinatras
    "Once upon a sign I read a warning and it said 'When in Rome don't feed the lions' What is meant I can't hazard a guess But now I've learnt my lesson I'm a better person I'm filled up with high hopes and"
  • Only You - Jody Watley
    "It's hard to say the way I feel Sometimes the words don't seem enough All I know is that the days go by The thoughts of you stay on my mind Guess you could say I'm a sentimental girl But for me, there's"
  • You Only - Tree63
    "Those who live up in the Heavens And those who live down in the deepest place on earth Will hear Your name Will know Your fame All creation will look up and know that CHORUS: You, Only You Can lead us"
  • Only You - Ellie Goulding
    "Only you can be the aching in my heart My enemy, the only animal I couldn't fight You hold me in the dark when storms arrive Only you Only you can see the emptiness I feel When you're with me When everything"
  • Only you - Ashanti
    "I just want you to know..that.. throughout it all..its only u..that stuck by me.. and for that-i thank you..i love you..ashanti VERSE 1 oooooh i cant wait to get next to you oooh i just cant leave"
  • Only You - Fragma
    "I always wanted to be understood I needed some advice You gave me strenght you were the truth within those lies I never loved this way I never could but now I eralize Here is where I wanna be Nobody ever"
  • Only you - Eddy
    "Who was I dreaming of this morning Who has that sweet and gentle touch Who is the boy I can't get off my mind Who am I wanting so much I ask myself could this be true Could it be love that's breaking through"
  • Only You - Cannons
    "Sometimes I feel dizzy Sometimes I'm a mess Sometimes I feel stupid Sometimes I forget Sometimes I feel amazing But never too often Unless I'm with you It could only be you And when I'm with you Nothing"
  • You Only - Rachel Ries
    "Come to me Come tonight Come to me with both hands You can be quiet But don't be shy I'll leave the kitchen light on Summer's here Kick off your shoes And slip across my back yard You can be quiet But"
  • Only You - Cheat Codes, Little Mix
    "dancing with your silhouette in the places that we met tryna find you in the moon paris never feels the same when the treets all call your name so I hide in crowded rooms and I’ll follow right down the"
  • Only You - Captain Jack
    "This is radio station CJ Boogie, with a brand new, world premiere fromCaptain Jack: Only You.Only you-ooh, can make me feel so trueI'll never ever be so blueAs long as I have youOnly you-ooh, can make"
  • Only You - Trey Songz
    "(feat. Jay-Z) [(Trey Talking) {Trey singingad-libbing}:] In the valley of my world (Shawty when I tell u I love u I dont be bullshittin) You'd be my only girl In the valley of my world (Dont you get"
  • Only You - Jill Scott
    "Ain't go'n be no eyes To make me turn away Ain't go'n be no kiss To make me contemplate Walking out the door And never coming back no more (Ain't go'n,ain't go'n,ain't go'n,ain't go'n,g-g-go'n) Ain't"
  • Only You - Natalie Grant
    "Only You could string a strand of stars. Like dewdrops in the sand. Only You could bring my Heart to life, With just a touch of Your hand! Only You could be the flame that puts, The lovelight in my"
  • Only You - Tesla
    "In a world far from perfect It's not always easy to connect Where everything can be so complicated I know that "simply, you're the best" I don't want nobody else, I only want you Wanna keep you for myself,"
  • Only You - Elly Tess
    "Only You I’ve been staring at my phone In the kitchen all alone Waiting for tonight to come My friends singing in the streets Champagne on the balcony No one’s dancing next to me You only show up"
  • Only You - Ayo
    "Chorus: Only you can have my soul Oh oh oh you can have it all Everything you want, my heart, my love To you baby love forever Let me explain how I feel about you First it's to easy to say I need, I love"
  • Only You - Big Pokey
    "Feel this, uh what Come on, uh... I can't lie, you the one for me I'm your roof when it rain, be up under me I'm the one that you come and see, on the late night Leave when it daylight, see we gon stay"

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