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only yoy

  • Say what yoy want - 50 Cent
    "Yo, niggas be askin me "yo 50 who you got beef wit?" I'm a tell yall niggas who I got beef wit I got beef wit any nigga I can't make no money wit If I can't make no money wit you, fuck you nigga G-Unit"
  • Yoy moon - Norton
    "Thought we had a good thing baby You pulled the wool over my eyes I should've seen it comin' baby Now all I see is a cool love dying Honey I don't want to hold you down Why you gotta own the lock and the"
  • Me yoy a convertir en un ave - Man
    "Aqu estoy injustamente preso en una celda la polica me est acusando no entiendo de que dicen que los derechos humanos me van ayudar pero aqu yo no veo humanos solo puros hijos de su perra Me estn pateando"
  • Only - Scaterd Few
    "He's the only facination capturing my heart He's the only transformation taken from the start He's the only motivation rooted in my mind He's the only revelation shining through my eyes Jesus - Jesus"
  • Only - Sunrise Avenue
    "You say the ride is over You want to leave the road behind Till the day you walked away You made the world be all mine I'll be cool 'though it gets colder and colder I'll be fine cause it's not over Cause"
  • Only - Welbilt
    "I've got a problem But nobody knows when I get in over my head I look for the answers, reach out my hand But I end up asking stupid questions instead Chorus I only to get high To complicate my life I"
  • Only - Ass Ponys
    "i can be your supersize you can be my only onion rings or curly fries quarter pounder skip the salad bar please don't kick my busted heart too far i can be your oppenheim you can be my only trying to"
  • Only - Anthrax
    "Everything is perfect Everything is sick, that's it You can't tell me to stop it You can't tell me not to quit, that's it Revolve around yourself It's you and no one else Hard for me to stay Swinging"
  • Only - Ra
    "And as the sun goes down, I cry myself to sleep I watch the bugs crawling Across my skin Now that you are gone I can let things crumble And though it seems As this was meant to be It's so hard to see And"
  • Only - Ra Ra
    "Only And as the sun goes down, I cry myself to sleep I watch the bugs crawling across my skin Now that you're gone I can let things crumble And though it seems that this was meant to be It's so hard to"
  • Only - Imagine Dragons
    "Oh, pretty baby, you're my motivator Got me changing my words and my behavior Pretty lady, you're my operator Got me dialing your number just to hear ya Tell me the things that you want I give you all"
  • Only - Nine Inch Nails
    "I'm becoming less defined as days go by Fading away And well you might say I'm losing focus Kinda drifting into the abstract in terms of how I see myself Sometimes I think I can see right through myself"
  • Only - Okay
    "I'm gonna give this a shot...here we go... I want you to know that you're my only I want you to know that you're my life I want you to know you don't got to be lonely I want you to know it's alright And"
  • Members Only Cypher - Members Only (Kosior, Bary, Asster, Yung Adisz, Rusina)
    "Członkowie na hotelu, suko, ty poczekaj w lobby Głupie gierki mnie nie bawią, biorę obie koleżanki Shake it na pokoju, a nie jestem w Abu Dhabi Dzisiaj z niego robię burdel i zamykam drzwi za nami Mówi,"
  • Y.O.Y - Claw Boys Claw
    "No-one in the universe can take back what I have learned, living backwards in reveres, Y.O.Y Still I make the same mistake waking up when it's too late but I know I'll do it again, Y.O.Y This world's"
  • Only one, only you - Valensia
    "Only one, only youSilent the breeze; Free, WiseDolphin the wave we mesmerize(Only one forever; Only one and only you)Scent of your rose true blueIt's only one; it's only you(Only one forever; forever only"
  • Only One And Only - Gillian Welch
    "10. ONLY ONE AND ONLY Capo III Intro: (C)(F)(G)(C) (C)There's a hundred bluebirds (F)Up above the clouds (G)Putting all the color in the (C)sky And twice as many tear drops (F)there to wash it down"
  • Only You - Sting
    "Only you Only you Only you, you, you, only you Only you Only you Only you, you, you, only you Only you Only you Only you, you, you, only you Only you Only you Only you, you, you, only you We"
  • Only Sometimes - Skeletal Family
    "Crying Wanting Breathing, still Bleeding Bruising Battered, shell Only sometimes can I tell you Only sometimes can I feel Only sometimes, never ending Only sometimes, never now Only sometimes can I tell"
  • Only You - John Lennon
    "Only you can make this world seem right Only you can make the darkness bright Only you and you alone can thrill me like you do and fill my heart with love for only you Only you can make this change in"

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