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ooo liten to the
  • Trey Songz Ooo
    "Yeah, they call me Trey Songz Lets go, lets go, lets go lets go lets go ('Cause when they hit you like Ooo) Babeez in the building cat Thats right he in the building (Ooo) I got a one didn't take long"
  • Dolly Parton Ooo-Eee
    "(Annie McLoone) I just came by to let you know I'll never ever let you go, oh my Ooo-eee my love And if you ever, ever stray I know that that will be the day That I die, oh my Ooo-eee my love Ooo-eee,"
  • Smokey Robinson Ooo Baby Baby
    "Oooh La La La La I did you wrong my heart went out to play & in the game I lost you what a price to pay I'm cryin' Oooh Baby, Baby Oooh Baby, Baby Mistakes I know I've made a few But I'm only human You've"
  • Janet Jackson When we ooo
    "Hellomy love Wish you were here So many things in my heart I'd like to share A few warm thoughts A subtle smile Our conversation through silence Could last all night At ease my mind To see your face Those"
  • Teena Marie Ooo La La La
    "Every time you come around I feel my world starts turning topsy-turvy And I just can't fight the spin Baby, won't you listen to this love Whose hearts been missing and don't hurt me 'Cause I'm falling"
  • Primitive Radio Gods The Rise And Fall Of Ooo Mau
    "Future star, red guitar, you're gonna go far If you find a right producer The world's your toy, super boy The girls all faint And you start a new religion Four-star media whore Backdoor encounters with"
  • Primitive Radio Gods Rise And Fall Of Ooo Man
    "Future star, red guitar, you're gonna go far If you find a right producer The world's your toy, super boy The girls all faint And you start a new religion Four-star media whore Backdoor encounters with"
  • Folk Och Rackare Liten Kersti Stalldr
    "Dr bodde en bonde p stervalla he', - Och den lilla, - Dttrar, de hade han, och rara voro de. - I vnn stall har hon tjnt uti lndom. - Han hade fella fyra, han hade fella fm, Liten Kersti, hon var allra"
  • Bjelleklang En Liten Meisemelodi
    "Jeg har astma, kusma, pest og plage, kolera og brokk, jeg har krampe, krupp og kviser, og som ikke det er nok; s har legen sagt at jeg er bde sinnsyk og senil nr jeg gurgler hyt i vodka og dispril: Bare"
  • Asta Kask Lasse Lasse Liten
    "Lasse var en kille p sexton r Sexton lnga, svra r Lasse hade finnar och stripigt hr Den stackars fan var ful som f Alla andra sp och raggade brudar p sta'n Men stackars Lasse, inte han Han var mobbad av"
  • Gåte Knut Liten Og Sylvelin
    "Kongjen og Knut Liten dei sat ivi bord, - Iselilja Dei tala s mange dei skjemtande ord. - S sre syrgjer Sylvelinn fyr lisle Knut i Lyndom "Hyrer du Knut liten, hot eg spr`e deg: lyster du skifte dei folar"
  • DeLillos Livet Er En Liten Dings
    "du trenger ikke ta med deg sovepose det er massevis av sengety og senger her nede. du trenger ikke ta med deg fiskestang det str en rd og en orange i skapet. du trenger ikke ta med deg noe. livet er"
  • Arne And The Boys From Back Home Det Var En G?ng En Liten Anka
    "Tjolahej sa lilla ankan som satt p en sten Nsta morgon s hade den inga ben.. va kan det vara sa ankan d,att jag inte lngre kan g ? Jo det ska jag tala om lilla anka,ben mste man ha s,annars gr det inte"
  • Ahead To The Sea Ahead To The Sea
    "On our way to the bar I asked her would you come with me We could leave this town behind us and our aim could be the sea At once I scold myself a fool, but she said why not? And smiled Let us go to where"
  • Fly To The Sky Fly To The Sky
    "To me who believed that I can't have everything in this world-Even though I have nothing, Tell me I have nothing to loose again- At one moment when I was looking all over for only you Out of the thousands"
  • Slave To The System Slave To The System (2006)
    "{{Album| |fLetter = S |Artist = Slave_To_The_System |Album = Slave to the System |Released = 2006 |Genre = |Cover = |Length = |star=Green }} # '''[ ]''' # '''[ ]''' #"
  • To My Surprise The Worlds To Small
    "(I guess we dont care about much anymore) lost taking myself away straight on out of here and im gone theres nothing left to say the worlds too small i havent got the nerve so i say hello can you see"
  • Kelly Clarkson Up To The Mountains
    "I went up to the mountains Because you asked me to Up over the clouds To were the sky was blue I can see all 'round me Everywere I could see around me Everywere Sometimes I feel like I'v been nothing"
  • Zero To Hero The Last Trip To Mars
    "Sweet seventeen, never been kissed He had never known what he had missed Laying in the grass, playing in the stars Our hero makes his final trip to mars Thoughts seems to change, now what's on his"
  • School Of Rock Long Way To The Top
    "ridin on the highway, goin to a show, stoppin on the byway, playin rock and roll, gettin robbed, (gettin robbed) gettin stole, (gettin stole) gettin beat up, (gettin beat up) broken bones, (broken bones) gettin"

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