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oooh don

  • Don - Gabriela Cilmi
    "I Know Youll Think Its Right, If You See Inside My Mind Its Summer Everyday And Its Music Through The Night I Know Youd Think Its Fine, If You Free Your State Of Mind Some Might Say Its Strange But The"
  • Don - Akon
    "Akon Miscellaneous Don "don't matter" Konvict Konvict Oh Ohoohwooe Oooh Ooohhwooe Nobody wanna see us together But it don't matter no Cause I got you babe Nobody wanna see us together But it don't matter"
  • Don - Ashanti
    "Whats up Ashanti? Hey! Mmm mmmmmm Dont leave me alone (x3) Boy wont you just lay with me stay with me I would love it if you had your way with me Cause I just Cant get enough of your touch You"
  • Don - Mike Jones
    "(*talking*) Mike Jones (Who), Mike Jones (Who) Mike Jones, Ballin Underground From H-Town, to Funky Town Dick, don't fail me now I gotta turn shorty out She don't want, nobody else But me, and only"
  • Don - Backstreet Boys
    "Oh yeah .. whooaaa oooh Yeaaaah .. oh no .. It's another night, another day It's another street, with another name Just another storm, just another rain But now nothing feels the same Yesterday I thought,"
  • Oooh! - De La Soul
    "* - doing run-d.m.c.'s "together forever (live at hollis park '84)"] * Party people, your dreams have now been fulfilled Get your ass up, and let's get ill That's right y'all, we more than"
  • Oooh - Shawn Desman
    "Yo, what up girl How you doin I was thinkin We'd go back to my place or sumthin' Uh One kiss and I had you hooked Got you callin' me every day and night One touch and I had you shook Now your tellin'"
  • Oooh - Cherish
    "Looking at my watch its almost two. Called me and said to get ready. You comin' through. Want your girl to spend a little time wit you. Boy you must be buggin', cause now you got me rushin'. You roll up"
  • I Don - Lani Hall
    "Here I am Alone and I don't understand Exactly how it all began The dream just walked away I'm holding on When all but the passion's gone And from the start Maybe I was tryin' too hard It's crazy 'cause"
  • Oooh Ahhh - Ashanti
    "Ooh ahhh oooh It was in the way you grabbed my waist Looked into my face and told you I was only yours Already knew dat I had felt for you givin' myself to you I kinda want a little more See I don't what"
  • Oooh Wee - Teena Marie
    "Oooh If your feeling what you see now Oooh and you'd like to talk to me now Oooh Play your post oh baby please now Oooh Got me saying ooh wee now I never thought I'd find my love supreme or someone"
  • Oooh ooh - Melanie Thornton
    "No oneCan live without loveDont you wanna be with meSetting you freeSomeoneWill be the right oneWho can give you love and trustAnd maybe its meBridgeI know what I wanna doSomeday I will be with youIll"
  • Oooh Girl - Northern State
    "Oooh, Girl Winner's never quit- quitters never win I'm lanky and go by the name of Hesta Prynn I haven't seen you since we were in West Berlin Now ya'll be looking like my Siamese twin Knock knock. Who's"
  • Oooh Fashion - Bratz
    "You see a sparkle, you spot a twinkle, When you see glimmer, it's my diamonds and pearls, (ka-ching) I like it flashy, I like it classy, I like my shimmering to dazzle the world Fashion, You gotta turn"
  • Uh oooh - Lumidee feat Busta Rhymes,Fabolous
    "(whoo) (yeah) hey yo techs move where ya black it's gonna be one of them hot summers (yeah) Busta bust down (Uh oh, Uh oh, Uh oh, Uh oh) here we go (Uh oh, Uh oh, Uh oh, Uh oh) flip mo (Uh oh, Uh oh, Uh"
  • Oooh Oooh (Talking About Love) - Melanie Thornton
    "No one Can live without love Don't you wanna be with me Setting you free Someone Will be the right one Who can give you love and trust And maybe it's me I know what I wanna do Someday I will be with you I'll"
    "czego się dowiem z twojego numeru jak piszesz tak tylko o ziłach i składzie mam wielu ziomakli ale pierd* i nikim nie strasze wglądasz jak pizda ubrany jak pizda stylówa wyglądasz jak dresik se bucik bo"
  • Don - Bitch Alert
    "Get down little scene mistreater You love but ya can`t believe her Breeding the atomic freedom Burnt out like a dead reign There`s no time for heaven You got everything ya wanted Now you`re just a past"
  • Don - Libido
    "No quiero ser un don Con esos aires repugnantes Ni esclavo de un seor Que me transforme en un tunante Yo puedo pretender Me gustan tus excitaciones Pdeme por favor Complacer tus tentaciones Yo quiero"
  • Don - Miranda
    "Quiero saber que me pasaTe pregunto que me pasa y no sabesQue contestarme, porque claro, de seguro te mareCon mis idas y vueltasTe cans con mi camara lentaY aunque trato nunca puedoApurar mi decision.En"

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