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oooooooooooo counting down

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oooooooooooo counting down

  • Counting - Lucie Silvas
    "I've had a plan, i'm starting today I won't let these obstacles get in my way When I am down and I'm feeling alone I know what I've got to do When I see blocks in the road up ahead I won't get frustrated"
  • Counting - Christina Grimmie
    "I can't fall asleep tonight I'm not the same without you Since I've been gone, since I've been gone When I lay down at night Nobody's here to catch the tears I cry Can't wait to be home, wait to be home A"
  • Counting - Korn
    "I can't bare to face what's growing in my head. Please get away from me. Take advantage of what I still guess you do. One day you'll pay for me. So I'm saying nothing. Each day taking that much more. As"
  • Counting - Mel C
    "Pieces in my bed Go over things that I have readNow I don't let things get me down With this new peace I've found All this timeIt took to ease my mindThere's still a little way for me to go And I know"
  • Counting - Bob Lind
    "Now is the glimmering spinning beginning Of something I've prayed for and counted the minutes To be in the shadows of sheltering meadows Of night here with you in my arms Nothing is breathing as sunset"
  • Counting - Marianne Faithfull
    "Now is the glimmering spinning beginning Of something I've prayed for and counted the minutes To be in the shadows of sheltering meadows Of night, here with you in my arms. This is the moment that pauses"
  • Counting Down - Human Nature
    "Tell me why I'm so blue Why I'm losing myself inside Tel me what can I do Never thought I'd have tears to hide I know I'm missing you I know it's true Now I'm just counting down the hours Now I'm just"
  • Counting Down - Anggun
    "I'm counting down from hundred, trying to avoid All of my unlucky number's hiding in the row While the tap is dripping, predicting what will be And even numbers scare me, they even set me free Chorus :It's"
  • Counting Down - Bigwig
    "You said you've got your shit together you said this time you'd do it right. Small craft advisory bad weather up ahead it's time you thought about your life. I'm preaching to the choir all the shit you've"
  • Counting Upside Down - Fur Patrol
    "daddy won't like this discussion think he might find it too much when he sees what you want to be something you won't tell your sister what she don't know she won't miss when they see what you want to"
  • Counting Stars - Sugarcult
    "Hey, I wanna crawl out of my skin Apologize for all my sins All the things I should have said to you Hey, I can't make it go away Over and over in my brain again All the things I should have said"
  • Counting Star - OneRepublic
    "Lately I been, I been losing sleep Dreaming about the things that we could be But baby I been, I been prayin' hard Said no more counting dollars We'll be counting stars Yeah, we'll be counting stars I"
  • Miami Counting - Sneaker Pimps
    "So I wake up on my way east I'm ironing out this crease that sleeps underneath me 1 for sorrow and 2 for killjoy , 3 the girl who gets to the boy freeing the girl who gets to remote-control me 10 stops"
  • Counting Headlights - Liam Titcomb
    "Lying on the floor and I cant sleep The burning in my heart is the only light I see Doing time inside my own mind waiting for you to call So what happens next? The message has been checked Are you coming"
  • Counting Sheep - Amy Jo Johnson
    "Hello I think I'm now awake Sorry I made a mistake Dreaming it was you Goodbye To that castle in the sky To my prince our lives gone by Guess it was just a lie The time, the time, the time, the time Yeah,"
  • Counting Airplanes - Train
    "I put ketchup on my scrambled eggs And everybody thinks it's funny I don't get mad I don't laugh cause you don't shave your legs But everybody thinks it's funny No need to get mad I don't spend my time"
  • Counting Trees - Sandra Nasic
    "When the sun rises up I can hear my people singing around To the fields of my heart they push the button turning me up With my friends on the floor I'm burning up all your cables down So if you really"
  • Counting feedcaps - Greg Brown
    "Don't wanna live in the city,City is way too full.I just wanna be where I can sleepwith both of my eyes closed.Don't wanna live in the country,I can't afford no farm.So I'm in this little town, and I look"
  • Counting Blessings - ApologetiX
    "It must have been miraculous, Paul was jailed, But how come his smile wasn't snuffed out? He talked with the churches. In his letters, He would preach, We have many blessings, So fill your thoughts with"
  • Counting Down to Zero - Kinky Machine
    "Sitting around waiting for the sky to fall down The day is gonna come There's no need to worry The years go by they're getting quicker every time There must be something wrong Too late to be sorry Under"

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