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open, close maple leaf learning

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open, close maple leaf learning

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open, close maple leaf learning
  • LM.C Maple Leaf
    "itsumo egaiteta IMEEJI to sukoshi chigatte tomadotte akirametaku wa nakute aruki tsuzuketeru hodoketa kutsuhimo wo musubi naoshitara mae yori mo takaku toberi ka ga shita n da utagai mo sezu ni sagashi"
  • An Cafe (Antique Cafe) Maple Gunman
    "The coming and going noises in the city attack my head Are you, who is grieving acting like you're lonely? 1.2. go bring out your courage lets stick out our chests And lick that maple syrup you like I"
  • An Cafe Maple Gunman
    "1.2Go S Get Gun Shot away Shot awayShot away Shot away Shot away Shot awayYou go So baby Get Gun Shot away Shoot awayShot away Shot away Shot away Shoot awayYou go BadSTOP Oh! If you really"
  • Candlelight Learning To Live
    "Sadness came to me this morning and woke me up Whispering: "Don't open your eyes"... But I did And I saw myself running away From you When I closed the door I killed some dreams But all my sorrows walked"
  • Dallas Crane Open To Close
    "Alone just a drone I'm sitting The clock seems too slow it's ticking Waiting for you to come The daytime seems to enslave me At night time you always compensate me For what goes wrong Come in swap your"
  • Status Quo Someone's Learning
    "(Lancaster) All around an open fire, no-one's got a name The flame is getting higher and higher, nothing's quite the same But someone's learning, the fire keeps burning Someone's learning, the fire keeps"
  • Jack Penate Learning Lines
    "When things have been said so many times You repeat back as if your learning lines Its so easy to fall into this trap Cos once you get there, you cant get back As I get older I wonder what Ill do When"
  • Modest Mouse Four Leaf Clover
    "Got an open mouth and open sores too. Got an oversized opinion of you. Got a long race and no chance to lose. Got an oversized opinion for two. Got an open mouth and open sores too. Got an indifferent"
  • Mellowdrone Four Leaf Clover
    "I should be your four leaf clover That stays real close in line Your purse or even your holster Needs love from time to time Stop looking over your shoulder The Gods would send a sign I should be your"
  • Rhye Open
    "I'm a fool for that shake in your thighs I'm a fool for that sound in your sighs I'm a fool for your belly I'm a fool for you love I wanna make this plain Oh, I know your faded Mm, but stay, don't close"
  • Telepopmusik Close
    "I dont put a smile upon your face no more I cant make your heart shine like it did before You dont listen to my stories anymore You cant comfort me the way you did before Was I too loud, was I too bad"
  • Kele Close
    "20 second of Loneliness I know what's not being said Fall asleep in my clothes again On your side of the bed Underneath an open window You'll find me biding my time Howling and empty-hearted Cause you're"
  • Brandy Open
    "As long as I have known u I never thought of us as more than friends. You came with your advances, but I resisted every one them. Cuz u was such a playa and I didn't think that u would ever change. And"
  • The Cure Open
    "I really don't know what I'm doing here I really think I should've gone to bed tonight but... "Just one drink And there're some people to meet you I think that you'll like them I have to say we do And"
  • Guided By Voices Learning To Hunt
    "You are a child reaching out brave and true For big things in the next room, and I Couldn't step into such open sky Along the crest of uncertainty you loom I'm learning to hunt for you I'm learning to"
  • Beth Hart Learning To Live
    "I keep my head on straight And my eyes wide open I try to move forward Wishing and hoping I took a hold of myself In the middle of November Dont you look back now Is all I can remember I feel like Im"
  • Waterdeep Learning To Remember
    "written by Don Chaffer on 5/27/98 at 0:51 I'm starting to see just how I get so lost while I'm looking at the book inside the Counselor's door And starting to read I lose track of the time and I forget"
  • Boys Like Girls Learning To Fall
    "Today is the day The worst day of my life You're so content it hurts me I don't know why The cost of misery Is at an all time high I keep it hidden Close to the surface in sight I'm learning to fall I"
  • Notarthomas Jamie Learning To Fly
    "------------------------ A simple voice speaking so clear And after all this time you find the answer was right here If your skies are lifeless and gray Remember the sun will set most brilliant at the"
  • Saga The Learning Tree
    "I'd better be careful with what I say One wrong word & all will change Dialing a number in a darkened room My heart is pounding, 'cause you might be coming soon What makes you think you know what's good"

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