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open, closemaple leaf learning

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open, closemaple leaf learning

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open, closemaple leaf learning
  • Status Quo Someone's Learning
    "(Lancaster) All around an open fire, no-one's got a name The flame is getting higher and higher, nothing's quite the same But someone's learning, the fire keeps burning Someone's learning, the fire keeps"
  • Jack Penate Learning Lines
    "When things have been said so many times You repeat back as if your learning lines Its so easy to fall into this trap Cos once you get there, you cant get back As I get older I wonder what Ill do When"
  • Modest Mouse Four Leaf Clover
    "Got an open mouth and open sores too. Got an oversized opinion of you. Got a long race and no chance to lose. Got an oversized opinion for two. Got an open mouth and open sores too. Got an indifferent"
  • Guided By Voices Learning To Hunt
    "You are a child reaching out brave and true For big things in the next room, and I Couldn't step into such open sky Along the crest of uncertainty you loom I'm learning to hunt for you I'm learning to"
  • Candlelight Learning To Live
    "Sadness came to me this morning and woke me up Whispering: "Don't open your eyes"... But I did And I saw myself running away From you When I closed the door I killed some dreams But all my sorrows walked"
  • Beth Hart Learning To Live
    "I keep my head on straight And my eyes wide open I try to move forward Wishing and hoping I took a hold of myself In the middle of November Dont you look back now Is all I can remember I feel like Im"
  • Waterdeep Learning To Remember
    "written by Don Chaffer on 5/27/98 at 0:51 I'm starting to see just how I get so lost while I'm looking at the book inside the Counselor's door And starting to read I lose track of the time and I forget"
  • Notarthomas Jamie Learning To Fly
    "------------------------ A simple voice speaking so clear And after all this time you find the answer was right here If your skies are lifeless and gray Remember the sun will set most brilliant at the"
  • Polvo Leaf
    "lookin over i can see you for free and i think you could be some kind of four-leaf clover growin undiscovered inside me merry faces in your favorite crowd so now you wanna go while i wished it were the"
  • Me Without You Leaf
    "If you fail to see a problem, (Which I find hard to believe) Or if you're hanging on from branches Licking honey from the leaves you say "The hopelessness of living, and the childishness of suicide" But"
  • Cave Painting Leaf
    "There's no point in holding on to the things we do It will brings us down It will break us down We could take the long way back down the avenue And you feel so cold You feel so calm You are not alone"
  • Gary Allan Learning How To Bend
    "I'm still learning how to pray Trying hard not to stray Try to see things your way I'm still learning how to pray I'm still learning how to trust It's so hard to open up And I'd do anything for us I'm"
  • Ben Harper Learning how to bend
    "I'm still learning how to pray Trying hard not to stray Try to see things your way I'm still learning how to pray I'm still learning how to trust It's so hard to open up And I'd do anything for us I'm"
  • Anita Lipnicka Learning
    "In your world of admirers, lovers, hangers on, Bathroom mirrors, ghosts and fleeting friends Your SOSs, your emotional messes And your daily dramas without end You're victories, wardrobe full of clothes"
  • Corey Crowder Learning To Let Go
    "Am I wasting my breath? Because its still in my mind that its always the wrong place at the wrong time. So lets face the facts, we all make mistakes. But weve got to live life before it passes right by."
  • Rebecca Martin Learning
    "(R. Martin) On her way home she starts to cry This feeling, though fleeting Gets worse each time It can't be blamed For trying A gentle warning Pay no mind All her wanting Was met with silence. She can't"
  • Laika Leaf By Leaf
    "Come fly with me Leaf by leaf a bumblebee If I weren't me who would I be Leaf by leaf rocks and trees All is all is everything Leaf by leaf wedged inbetween A desert rose an ocean breeze Leaf by leaf"
  • Amy Grant Open Arms
    "(Bruce Hibbard, Amy Grant, Gary Chapman) I guess I've got a lot of learning to do About the way that you love Now that I've been left up to me I gave my love a long time ago You got a way of wooing me,"
  • Caedmon's Call Open Letter
    "Well, I'm finding the green cleared from my eyes I am young and I am deep within the woods What I'm discovering is far from the land I've heard tell of But I'm not so vain to think that I'm the first The"
  • Bad Religion New Leaf
    "When everybody dies around you, from someone else's gun It really makes you stop and think about the years to come Something good had to happen to the human race We all had better stop hoping and set our"

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