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or from milion peace

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or from milion peace

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or from milion peace
  • Audio Bullys 100 milion
    "It was early I woke up Still had a joint, so I puffed Shouldn`t of, coz it got me stoned and my mum just moaned `Simon its time to get a job, you`re 20 years old and you`re living like a slob` but there`s"
  • Orange Blue A milion years of rain
    "Friday morning Im still drunk from the memory of our greed crucified and blessed by a girl who is the same way unrestrained it only happens once or twice you meet someone you realy feel halfway in love"
  • Spragga Benz Peace
    "Intro: Can imagine bad man gun a run under discipline, Man from TIvoli, Matches Lane, Dunkirk, SOuthside, Man from Grants Pen all bout dun with war, Is all about peace and love and unity. Verse1:"
  • The Roots Peace
    "Peaceful minds.. in a land of war Seek peace of mind, through mental peacefulness Peacefulness, peacefulness, peace-ful-ness is in the mind of the beholder Behold, my mental piece could shatter your peace,"
  • Current 93 Or
    "hear thou the things which must come to pass in the last times there shall be famine and war and earthquakes in diverse places snow and ice and great drought shall there be and many dissentions amongst"
  • Athlete One milion
    "There was just one at the top of a pile of one million And she hasn't got a clue that she's become A good samaritan I missed her name before i blink from the scene she'd run away If i got the chance to"
  • Boogie Down Productions World Peace
    "World peace.. or world TALK?! Yeah.. One, two, three, four! If we really want world peace and we want it right now We must make up our minds to take.. it.. Right now! If we really want world peace and"
  • Ryuichi Sakamoto War & Peace
    "Is war as old as gravity? If I love peace do I have to love trees? Are there animals that like peace and animals that like war? Is peace quiet? Is making war an instinct we inherited from hunting or"
  • Art Bears (Armed) Peace
    "An angel, leashed Was loosed, and chaos Reigned, In England. War! Hunger and plague Pursued their trades, The sower strewed His seeds Abroad In England War! Twin pillars rose From pits as Broad as"
  • Bamboo Peace Man
    "I have words to say to you my friend Is it hard to know what's right from wrong Have you ever felt your life so self assured You don't know the things that you've done wrong And then we'll say We'll rip"
  • Onslaught Killing Peace
    "Spitting blood in the face of God Suicide or homicide Violent retribution is the aim Atomizing Cyanide Administer direct into the brain Inhalation - vaccination Orchestrated genocide Sedation from the"
  • Ice Cube War & peace
    "Ice Cube the great!! "He has indicated to us that he has sufficient.. firepower.. to.. blow up the Bradley vehicle.. and in fact his words were, 'We are ready for war.. let's get it on'" War.. "War,"
  • Witness All Peace
    "You're the suffocating, big brother of entertainment Engaging with others claiming to be intimidating Intoxicating the collective crowd with your amazing command of complicated cadence and structure, making"
  • Nappy Roots War & Peace
    "Welcome War/Peace, c'mon Nappy Love/Lust, now say it, Roots I got a telegram from a pelican Said in the clouds last night she got higher then she's ever been Seen shuttles and huddles, hard rocks"
  • Depeche Mode Peace
    "Peace will come to me Peace will come to me I'm leaving bitterness behind This time I'm cleaning up my mind There is no space for the regrets I will remember to forget Just look at me I am walking of"
  • Rich Mullins Peace
    "Though we're strangers, still I love you I love you more than your mask And you know you have to trust this to be true And I know that's much to ask But lay down your fears, come and join this feast"
  • Prince Peace
    "Artist - somebody didn't hear me (What'd he say?) Artist - formerly known as Prince You gotta get your peace on Peace, whoa oh Peace That's what we're here for And not to war When the war upon"
  • Chalee Tennison Peace
    "I heard about these kids Walkin' on a train track Forty tons of steel bearing down on them And they just turned their backs Channel five asked the one who survived 'Son, why'd you do such a thing? No reply But"
  • Agnostic Front Peace
    "A choice must be made! In these times of war today A choice must be made that no one wants to make The result is inevitable No one wins but a side must be taken It's them or us, we don't want it this"
  • Isaacs Peace
    "I heard about these kids walkin' on a train track Forty tons of steel bearin' down on them And they just turned their backs Channel 5 asked the one who survived "Son, why'd you do such a thing?" No reply"

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