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  • Company Of Thieves Oscar Wilde
    "Episodes and parallels, Don't you want the invitation? Big bright accent, catty smile, Oscar Wilde confrontation Ah, Live like it's the style Oh, we waltz on your front porch We are all our own devil We"
  • Ramallah Oscar Cotton
    "If I could painlessly murder us all Then there would be no more children crying To our deaf God up above If I could painlessly murder the world Then there would be no more children crying Then there would"
  • Sesame Street Oscar Don't Allow
    "Oscar: I'll give you a song That I think is tops: If you keep up this racket, I'm calling the cops! (music starts) David: Oh, Oscar don't allow no singalong singing here Oscar don't allow no singalong"
  • Spirit Of The West Come Back Oscar
    "Walking off the stage to the gates and off the page I'd be shot out of breath, out of everything Come back Oscar, don't stay at home. Come back Oscar, to the microphone. Speed freak, sexy beast, latin"
  • Randy Travis Oscar the angel
    "Oscar was an angel and he used to walk the streetsShoutin' out some prophesies at everyone he'd meetHe was a local fixture; like a cop out on a beatFolks said he'd been shell-shocked long agoAnd more than"
  • Gotthard The Oscar Goes To
    "Who are you, who are you in this masquerade Is your love, just a part Of a scene that you play I can see, you n' me We live in our seperate worlds Are you for real Or is there something that I shouldn't"
  • Karina Cosas Del Amor ( Con Oscar Belondi )
    "karina: no nooooooo amigo tengo el corazon herido el hombre que yo quiero se me va lo estoy perdiendo, estoy sufriendo llorando de impotencia no puedo retenerlo.. oscar: amiga mientras que de una esperanza tu"
  • La India Hazme El Amor (With Oscar D
    "Todo me doy Saco las riendas de esta loca pasión Que se desbordan sin tener el control Es que de amor estoy muriendo Tengo que hablar Hay muchas cosas que no puedo contar Mis sentimientos yo los voy a"
  • James Darren They Should Have Given You The Oscar
    "I will watch you in the darkness Show you love will see you through When the bad dreams wake you crying I'll show you all love can do All love can do I will watch through the night Hold you in my arms Give"
  • Erasure When A Lover Leaves You (Oscar Salguero Remix)
    "What a situation Senses gone and left me Lies are like confetti on the floor Words are leading nowhere Delicate and tender Tender hooks that drive me to despair Storms are blowing, winds are calling"
  • RuPaul Back to My Roots (Oscar G's Dope Dub)
    "this is a special shot going out to my mama, ms. ernestine charles. mama used to do people hair in the kitchen, press and curl, hot curlers, everything, i love you mama black hair is a revolution cornrows...uh,uh"
  • Brand Oscar A Clean Song
    "Brand Oscar Miscellaneous A Clean Song A CLEAN SONG There was a young sailor Who looked through the glass, And spied a fair mermaid With scales on her island Where seagulls Fly over their nests She"
  • Oscar Over The Wall We Go
    "Over the wall we go All coppers are nanas Over the wall we go Leave 'em a note saying "Happy New Year" I know all the best ways to break out of here I helped a young laddie called Ivan I bundled"
  • Oscar WRIGHT
    "czy chciałeś już czegoś tak bardzo jak myśli o tym, co nie daje mi zasnąć? nie, jak myśli o tym, co nie daje mi zasnąć? daje mi zasnąć daje mi zasnąć daje mi zasnąć daje mi zasnąć daje mi zasnąć daje"
  • Oscar D'Leon La Mazucamba
    "La mazucamba seores Es un baile para el que no tenga amores Sirve de remedio para todo el llore Y de medicina pal que tenga dolores La mazucamba ay! que rumba Tan sobrosa y dulce como aquella matunga Tan"
  • Oscar D'Leon Que Se Sienta
    "Que te pasa hace tiempo duermes a mi espalda como una extraa junto a m o acompaado de la nada hoy te siento como si no estuvieras aqu no me hablas nunca me tocas y los deseos me alocan agótame hoy que"
  • Oscar Benton Bensonhurst Blues
    "Bay Parkway wonder You're such a success Your pretty secretary, ha She say you are the best Your face always smiling say you sure paid your dues But I know inside You've got the Bensonhurst blues Those"
  • Oscar Brand Follow Washington
    "The day is broke; my lads, march on, And follow, follow Washington, He will lead the way, my lads, 'Tis he that leads the way; Where he commands we shall obey, Through rain and snow, by night and day, Determined"
  • Oscar Brand Adams And Liberty
    "Should the Tempests of War overshadow our land, Its bolts could not rend Freedom's temple asunder; For, unmoved, at the portal, would George Washington stand, And repulse, with his Breast, the assaults"
  • Oscar Brand For Jefferson And Liberty
    "The gloomy night before us flies, The reign of terror now is o'er; No gags, inquisitors, and spies, The hordes of harpies are no more. Rejoice, Columbia's sons, rejoice! To tyrants never bend the knee Join"

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