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otchlan namietnosci online

  • Online - VBS
    "twoje ziomy online online masz ziomów tylko online online, online masz ziomów tylko online online, online masz ziomów tylko online online, online masz ziomów tylko online online, online masz ziomów tylko"
  • Online - De-Phazz
    "(Well.) Guided by the senses With a licence to provide Bits of low-life to the senseless (You) can be Jakyll and you can be Hyde. Enjoy the secret service And the messages you'll get (Eehhh,) I hope"
  • Online - Bambee
    "Bambee Miscellaneous Online Are you online? Are you online? Are you online I've been waiting for a sign Are you online I've been waiting all the time I'm in the chatroom so come and meet me soon I've"
  • Online - Brad Paisley
    "I work down at the pizza pit And I drive and old Hundai I still live with my mom and dad I 5'3 and overweight I'm a Sci-fi fantatic Mild athsmatic Never been to 2nd base But there's a whole nother me"
  • Online - Guova
    "w miejscu jak to w miejscu jak to w miejscu jak to jak to wszyscy wiedzą co będzie najlepsze z buta włażą nic nie wnoszą wypad nara wypierd* nigdy nie uwierzę nie pomylę miłości z wódką nie bede szukac"
  • "online" - BrainStorm
    "BrainstormMiscellaneous"online"onlineIm reading your lettersI hope you are mineYou say that youre always fine,But if you feel sad you can reach me onlineI hope you are better,Ill meet you at nineYou will"
  • Online - Gnarls Barkley
    "(You) Yeah, yeah I'm on the line I'm on the line Once I clean my mirror I'm a be feeling fine Trying to get there Is all that's on my mind When they're on the line (You) Yeah Now even when though"
  • Twoja Otchlan - Artrosis
    "Skamieniale slowa Wciaz powtarzasz myslac o niej Dookola cisza Nie pomaga ci zapomniec Slepy los rzuca w milosci otchlan to co masz Tracisz sens, bo wiesz , ze to ona z toba gra Nowa mysl rozpala plomien Niewolnikiem"
  • Jesus Online - Bush
    "Whatever she wants from me Whatever device Whether in kindness Whether in spite What can I say What can I do I can't help myself I let the monster through Wherever she sends me Wherever the plane Perfect"
  • Love Online - Guy
    "Welcome, you've got mail Love online, do or die Time to see, email me Saturday nite, you and I Oh oh I'm feeling you, but you're not standing in front of me How did we make this connection thru my"

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