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  • T.R.I.C. - Otep
    "to all u weak mcs.... all u hardcore wannabe'z if u step into the ring be prepared to swing!! ... me be the best to impress with dictation? too far fetched? beyond your imagination? -- enterin your mental"
  • Eet The Children - Otep
    "Hush little baby Dont make a sound Hush little baby Dont make a move This is gonna hurt Me more than you (blood) If Im a danger to myself Just think what I would do to you Twisting & turning My"
  • Wurd Becomes Flesh - Otep
    "Can you hear them out there? Can you hear them out there? The war drums, the battle cries, calling you to dance, calling you to die. Oh, can you hear them OUT THERE!!!? Securing the new religion with mindless,"
  • Andrenochrome Dreams - Otep
    "I had this dream... where I woke up to a grand commotion. And uhm... I just jumped from the blankets And whipped the door from its lock, and rush blindly into the blackness of the hallway. But there, on"
  • God Is A Gun - Otep
    "Eternal salvation suffers from inflation Say what you need to save your soul But don't f**k with me I'm losin' control I'm so tired of this, so sick of you My tongue is battered and bruised From all these"
  • Germ - Otep
    "the enemy of the world our greatest defeat slave warfare our wings are almost dry and free absorbing violence (pain) punishing pain poetry is the perfume of the soul (no fear, no god, alternate staces"
  • Blood Pigs - Otep
    "(used) (blood pigs) (blood pigs) I'm sorry I'm ugly all that I am and I can never live up I'm failing, I'm angry afraid of the ways they pretend to be us it's fucked up, I'm different words remain my"
  • Jonestown Tea - Otep
    "and it sounds like...armageddon sounds like...armageddon sounds like...cum & drink with me .... cum & drink with me and I remember him fucking me. and I remember liking it I didn't know any better,"
  • Hooks And Splinters - Otep
  • Communion - Otep
    "I sold my soulSo long agoNever alonepalace of madnessAnd sadnessshe saidTo the gates overheadAnd I will find meIn force my fingers inI will sinFrom thisI will helpYou to I will helpYouRape againKill the"
  • Confrontation - Otep
    "Don't be silentFightHere's your introduction to destructionAnd the hate sustaining meAre we safer or in danger?Drowning in atrocities?Riot gear, the slaves are herePiling corpses highIts the rich man's"
  • Crooked spoons - Otep
    "Take me downTo where the baptized drownSo they say(growly thing)Let's lick my woundSo they say I killed a manSo they say I took his headSo they say he was a scourgeIn all the world are his childrenThe"
  • Emtee - Otep
    "Eye remember suffering eye remember ... feeling the sting of childhood & injections holy bruises sweet infections soaked in a stew like drowning cockroaches whose only .. crime was the greed of inherent"
  • Possession - Otep
    "Sing to me my museslost in the hot cyclops anarchypossessioninventionblood, bloodspirits, spiritssprits, spiritscome, comewhere will these visions lead?how far dare i go?where will this song take me?into"
  • Requiem - Otep
    "O'great fanged mother i call upon theearise .. with vengeance& a voice of blasphemy touch, taste, feel ...NO, DON'T DO IT. STOP. that's impossible. THAT'S IMPOSSIBLE. STOP LISTENING!"as long as you're"
  • Sacrilege - Otep
    "sinner!I. say whut u need to save your soul but don't fuck with me - eye'm losing control eye'm so tired of this - so sick of u my tongue is battered & bruised from all these attitudes so teach me the"
  • Fillthee - Otep
    "Lying naked aloneon the bathroom floori keep waiting?pain, fearno moreand i can't get his sins off meShe wants to be a messiahwithout the crucifixionshe wants to fuck delilahwithout samson's interventionshe"
  • Ghostflowers - Otep
    "& she's a killer& she's a keeper ...V1.Am i blurryIn your visionWas i justA poor decisionCut me openWith precision& we'll fingerThe incisionTell me what have i done(quid pro quo)To watch you loseControl(tunnel)I"
  • Home grown - Otep
    "He hurts me 'cause he caresHe hurts me and it's all my fault!Roaches and cigarettes,A sink of hungry dishes.Flies in the afterbirth,I miss you when you're timid.Loving you is nothing new,It's self mutilation.I"
  • Self-made - Otep
    "..no..find the defectthe reason, the source of all this misery-- and extract it ... forever.what heals me - kills me! i'm a natural assassina massacre in actioni've never known remorseor felt any compassionthis"

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