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other pepel

  • An Other...? - Crematory
    "Mistakes, done over and over again Voices, heard over and over again Escape from one's self Escape into salvation One word - one gesture and everything is over Long silence - empty thoughts Escape into"
  • Other side - Armia
    "All I'm doing echoes on the other side All I'm saying matters on the other side All I'm thinking whispers on the other side All I'm nothing something on the other side Your other side Your other side When"
  • Other Side - Beat Happening
    "Let's fly away to the other side... Let's fly away to the other side, Wipe the slate clean for the umpteenth time. Start in again on a life of crime, On the other side, other side. Let's find a place"
  • An other - Crematory
    "Mistakes, done over an over again Voices, heard over an over again Escape form ones self - Escape into salavation One word - one Gesture and everything is over long silence - empty thoughts escape into"
  • Other places - Norton
    "I remember, walking through flowers In a garden of a mem'ry I'm thinkin' of I remember, being in heaven Some other place, some other time, some other love I remember, walking on silver sand With a mid"
  • Other Side - Pink Cream 69
    "See a light not a phonic sound or a soul around Isolation I'm gonna do my time I'm on the other side The other side Block out my anger I tried to push and shove my way above I surrender I found my"
  • Other Side - Turin Brakes
    "Strolling through the garden, I can feel my shadow follow, He's a tragic little fellow, 'cos he's always left behind, Speeding through Australia, I've become time traveller I don't know where I've been,"
  • Other People - LP
    "I never tried to be a hero You took us from the stars to zero We had a love ... without a shred of doubt We never worried about other people You broke the spell and wanted something else Well, go fuck"
  • Each Other - Kem
    "Talking to you, it's your son Father, I can't believe all the things, We have done to each other The problem I find, In all my years the danger is high, Though your love is near So what can be done to"
  • No other - Susan Ashton
    "All the evidence is in, all the truth's been told There's nothing left I need to see 'cause I'm already sold I've seen the healing touch of Your hand bring my broken dreams to life No one can love me any"
  • Other Ways - Trevor Hall
    "As I walk on down I feel like a clown In a circus of my own Oh my cover is blown Feel like I got a heart made of tin I thought of you this morning Well I sleep into a state As I awake Well I start to find That"
  • Other Woman - Nina Simone
    "Jesse Mae Robinson The other woman finds time to manicure her nails The other woman is perfect where her rival fails And she's never seen with pin curls in her hair The other woman enchantes her"
  • Other friends - Rihanna
    "All the boys in tha house won't you come to my party cause there ain't no woman who can't get you started ( started ) : From all the girls you'd ever met you're the first one with no other friends other"
  • Other Side - Anne Murray
    "(Written by: Joie Scott/Richard Wold) Throught each life time - run rivers to cross What if there's no life line and you're sinking or lost Just believe in your direction, let your heart explore 'Cause"
  • Other girls - Lexington Bridge
    "Hey you should knowIve never felt this wayAbout any girl beforeIve made my choiceI do anything to keepYou thats for sureThey can tryTo catch my eyeBut Ill never let you goIll never strayWont look awayNo"
  • Other Voices - The Cure
    "Whisper your name in an empty room You brush past my skin As soft as fur Taking hold I taste your scent Distant noises Other voices Pounding in my broken head Commit the sin Commit yourself And all the"
  • Other woman - Ferlin Husky
    "Don't accuse me of being without feelings if you do you know that you're wrong For it was you who was careless and you drove me into another's arms The other woman isn't prettier than you But the other"
  • Other Girls - Bowling For Soup
    "It only takes a minute yeah a minute or two just like stubbin your toe or slammin the door on your finger pull out the stinger then move on to the next little drama queen and go and get some sleep, dream yeah"
  • Other Woman - Loretta Lynn
    "(Betty Sue Perry) I'd like to introduce myself I'm the other woman the other woman in your husband's life The whole town's buzzin' bout us and our stolen moments They're callin' you the true and faithful"
  • No Other - Skye
    "Take my hand come with me See what we can find Can't go wrong garuntee I will ease your mind You can stand or run with me Leave it all behind Just one day, I can make it better All I want. All I need No"

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