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other the night

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other the night

  • Every other night - US5
    "Hey Shes got that flavour that I like Refrain: Every other night in the club when she comes at the party Every Get into the groove gonna start it Party to the breaking-down Other Every other night in the"
  • Some other night - Nits
    "The evening has come to an end Although we were very close friends Somehow it ends I met you a long time ago I don't think that you'll ever know I miss you so I hope you come see me tonight The last time"
  • The Other Side Of Night - The Rembrandts
    "No spell that I could cast would ever bring you back too soon But still I search for hidden answers, underneath this faded moon The view from here should soothe my soul, even shed some kind of light Because"
  • The other night blues - BB King
    "Well i dream i heard you cryBabe, but i heard you call my nameWell i dream i heard you cry, darlingBabe, but i heard you call my nameWell, it had to be youBaby, to call so lonesome and plainThe other night"
  • The Other Night Blues - B.B. King
    "Well I dream I heard you cry Babe, but I heard you call my name Well I dream I heard you cry, darling Babe, but I heard you call my name Well, it had to be you Baby, to call so lonesome and plain The"
  • Somewhere Other Than The Night - Garth Brooks
    "He could see the storm clouds rollin' across the hill He barely beat the rain in from the field And between the backdoorslammin' she heard him say "Damn this rain and damn this wasted day" But she'd been"
  • Like No Other Night - 38 Special
    "I was feelin like a prisoner inside myself I saw you Lookin like you might be In a mood to try anything that was new Don't be starved for the love and laughter Break through total stranger You only get"
  • Desperation every other night - J Church
    "The lights change to a steady blink, My poisoned mind make me stop and think, It's not a feeling deep inside of me, Just a cover to survive my misery Sad news has taken flight, Desperation every other"
  • An Other...? - Crematory
    "Mistakes, done over and over again Voices, heard over and over again Escape from one's self Escape into salvation One word - one gesture and everything is over Long silence - empty thoughts Escape into"
  • An other - Crematory
    "Mistakes, done over an over again Voices, heard over an over again Escape form ones self - Escape into salavation One word - one Gesture and everything is over long silence - empty thoughts escape into"
  • Other Woman - Loretta Lynn
    "(Betty Sue Perry) I'd like to introduce myself I'm the other woman the other woman in your husband's life The whole town's buzzin' bout us and our stolen moments They're callin' you the true and faithful"
  • No Other - Skye
    "Take my hand come with me See what we can find Can't go wrong garuntee I will ease your mind You can stand or run with me Leave it all behind Just one day, I can make it better All I want. All I need No"
  • Other Hours - Harry Connick Jr.
    "Who are you in the other hours When your hair's undone And your guard's let down When you're all alone in your all nightgown Are you the life of the party then? Sitting by yourself, again Where are you"
  • Other Shoe - eels
    "It's a beautiful morning The sky is black as ink The city's sleeping still And soon they'll wake up To the stink And soon they'll wake up To the stink of life passing them by Wake up and smell the stink"
  • Other Life - Baal
    "You will be able to see the shine of its light approaching the fullness of this moment and without absurd emotions contemplating the infinity of the universe. Clouds moving by like a velvet challenging"
  • Other Worlds - Screaming Trees
    "Action in the ways I see today Hold me back into the world where I can stay Go away so I can see you in my eye The world is a panic lost in time (Chorus) Other worlds for us to find Leaving all these things"
  • Other Countries - Matt Pond PA
    "there's other countries in the world i know there must be some but this state's blocked them all out cold start out so good then you recline there' s been talk of getting out of here but change is not"
  • Other Script - Spooks
    "Spooks Is on some other script That's why you be lovin' It My crew that's the butter clique be glad you discovered It Hip hop originals spook rock we runnin' this Playin' In the club It hits radio"
  • Each other - Katharine McPhee
    "No more lonely nights to hurt meNo more tears left to spareNo more reasons to be unhappyYou threw them all up in the airAnd I don't know how you did it but you made me a believerI never thought that love"
  • Other Arms - Robert Plant
    "Lay down your arms - now baby, let me sleep at night Lay down your arms baby - I'll make everything all right Words you been using, hurting me so Some day your gonna regret Your friends are talking - guess"

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