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our spund

  • Our Time Is Fading - Our Lady Peace
    "played live during Gravity tour Cut my wings, I'm growing them back today Tomorrow's uptight, tomorrow's a bribe, tomorrow's not today So I don't want to feel alive I don't want to touch the sky"
  • Innocent Our Lady Peace - Our Lady Peace
    "Oh, Johnny wishes he was famous Spends his time alone in the basement With Lennon and Cobain and A guitar and a stereo while he wishes he could escape this but it all seems so contagious Not to be yourself"
  • Our world our times - Alannah Myles
    "Little tramp comin' up the strip with a hundred dollar smile Sparks flyin' off her fingertips, drive the young cop wild Some nights are wound so tight like a storm about to break Better stand in your doorway"
  • Our Revenger - Paula Cole
    "Walking the mountain is easy for the medicine Man who follows makes sure the indian Never returns His revenge, his revenge Rising His revenge, his revenge Rising White is the man with the pen who's"
  • Our World - Maire Brennan
    "Our world searching our heart The miricles of life remembers your name The beauty of Your face Whispers the same A treasure of love Sent from above Stay close to me Our world searching our heart Our world"
  • Our Hands - Bjork
    "Look no further Look no further Look no further Cruelest almost Always to ourselves It mustn't get any better off It's in our hands it always was it's in our hands In our hands it's all there In our"
  • Our House - Madness
    "Father wears his Sunday best Mother's tired she needs a rest The kids are playing up downstairs Sister's sighing in her sleep Brother's got a date to keep He can't hang around Our house, in the middle"
  • Our House - Talking Heads
    "Our house, in the middle of our street Our house, in the middle of our Our house, in the middle of our street Our house, in the middle of our Father wears his Sunday best Mother's tired she needs a rest The"
  • Our Love - Rhett Miller
    "Richard Wagner's letters to his lover Mathilde were a mess He should have quit before he had written the address They made love on the mezzanine her husband was his friend Vienna in a fugue-state working"
  • Our Place - Rebecca Lavelle
    "Our Home, Our Place, Here in this Valley, this is our family, Here in this Town One Home, One Place This is our Sanctuary, This is our Life Here on the land My hearts in this land, and this lands"
  • Our Time - Kris Ros
    "Love Work Rest Repeat Every Day Is The Same But I Know Now Better Days Will Come The Days, When The Sunrise Gets You High Two Lovers Living In July This is Our Time Baby, Take Me Home This is Our Time,"
  • Our Generation - Yothu Yindi
    "Someone in the city Gets a piece of paper Someone in the bush Holds the law in their hands Last chance for freedom In our generation We're not the only people In our generation Cultures fuse in a global"
  • Our Addictions - Art In Manila
    "Silhouette in a smoke filled room I see no evil and I speak none too I know it's hard to say No, it was a long long time ago But now as a whole woman You have to understand Our addictions breakin' it hard Our"
  • Our Class - Randy Meisner
    "our class in the middle of 'B' block our class in the middle of college our class near town in watford our class north of london our class in the south east of england our class in the north west of europe our"
  • Our Vinland - Prussian Blue
    "The scent of an new mown meadow wafts gently through the bars. The sound of summer harvesting can be heard from afar. The beauty of our Vinland is a beauty hard to beat. But the heart has been corrupted"
  • Our Eyes - Lucy Rose
    "I'm alive I feel it now I never knew I'll find it on you Out of line we got ourselves In a look, wait we are not fine Wait, you are not mine! We find our eyes stuck looking at Our eyes are making out We're"
  • Our Love - Amy Grant
    "(Amy Grant, Tom Hemby) I don't know what to say to you Tears are on your face You don't know how we'll make it through Such a lonely place But if you could read my mind Then you'd understand Even in times"
  • Our Love - Sophie Zelmani
    "To leave somebody like you made me crazy Sometimes you don't wanna know what hearts can do To leave you was the way to get happy To leave your love was what I had to do I know that some places some moments"
  • Our dreams - Anything Box
    "When we were growing up We wanted to become, The special people In this lonely, broken place And after all the years have gone Only a few of us Ever reached our goals Some of us are still trying hard..."
  • Our Today - Vega 4
    "There's no tomorrow just this moment in our lives we packed a suitcase full of dreams so catch a comet tail sometimes we're all afraid to cry but i know we'll be alright this is our today it's so beautiful i"

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